Help a fellow Traveller


That’s what I thought! thanks @DarthTrethon. I wondered where that planet was, and it’s good to know that it is close to the center!
Tonight I’ll visit this one:
That’s the glyph planet, and I really have to do it before Next arrives, because I am too afraid that this funny trick will disapear after the game expansion.
Anyways, for the most motivated of you guys I have another newbie question!:sweat_smile:
I finally completed my first vehicle! Man… it was soo satisfactory to see it pop in front of me haha :ok_hand:

I installed the gamma ray and the scanner, but my question is, is there any kind of boost you can install further on? And is the Nomad the last vehicle you get?
How much would it take to complete all the glyphs with that vehicle? (I guess forever)!
@kliktrak I guess I won’t be hanging on that planet for any longer! The Sentinels are frenzied!! I think that’s the most annoying parameter a planet can have! Attacked at sight!

Cheers my fellow Citizen’s!


Yes you get a boost tech and a couple of upgrades for it by doing missions for the vy’keen that handles vehicles…once installed in the exocraft you can tap the left shoulder button on your controller for short bursts of speed.

And yes, the nomad is the last one iirc…the small and fast one that hovers and floats on water…

Not sure what you mean by how long to complete the glyphs with that vehicle? If you mean to go collect them on the glyph planet I have no idea…I never went there.


Hmmm. I was toying with starting a new iteration for NEXT…(if only just to ride out the bug period and experience things anew).
Now I’m nervous a full reset might render that cool planet’s glyphy-trickery obselete…
What to do?
What to do???


Will have to send you address to that blimp when you get your glyphs and nomad :slight_smile:

The nomad you get in a mission shortly after the one that gives you the roamer, it’s the second vehicle you receive out of the three exocraft.


@toddumptious Thanks for the infos mate! I can’t wait to get my feet on this planet an experience the glitch myself! As well as the Blim you found, this… totally blew me away! I really want to see it myself! Im up for the adresse! :smile:
@Mad-Hatter I really don’t want to lose my planet… you can’t imagine how long I searched for that home… + I renamed 2 planets being my home /Home1 & Home 2, both are grassy luxurious quiet planets…
I can’t wait for Next and I am trully happy, but if there’s a reset… man… it’s gonna hurt a bit :expressionless:


The single-glyph address will actually randomly send you to one of 9 different systems near the center.


Oh really?? Wow… amazing! There’s only 9 different systems near the center?


EDIT: nevermind, I misread what you said.


Well I’ve never been to the center myself, but I presume there’s a lot more systems there.

If you enter an invalid portal address, it will redirect you to a valid location nearby. Normally that’ll be a single consistent location, but this special case apparently has a bunch it chooses from.


I’m 177 hours into my Euclid game and I’m stuck on the atlas path. I’ve missed a step and somehow bypassed the second atlas station. The space anomalies have stopped appearing and I can find no more atlas stations. Does anyone know if this can be fixed or of a work around so I can complete it?


@dersvr Does the quest still show in Menu (Quests? Logs is it?) Usually selecting the quest will give you something to work with.

Another thing to try would be to go into the Galaxy Map, you should be able to select a waypoint to either the Centre, Anomaly and Atlas Station etc.


Under primary missions The Atlas Path objective says Explore the galaxy and New Beginnings says enjoy the galaxy. Selecting them and doing the usual stuff to activate the next station won’t work.
Its like the game thinks its completed, like my other games. Weirdest thing is the anomalies are just gone from the game.


Are you in a system that the anomaly has appeared in?


I’ve had quite a few hours of normal gameplay and many new systems visited doing missions, exploring etc. The normal pattern of appearance for anomalies isnt there. Ive also tried reloading last save in my own system and other new systems to try to spawn it.


What happened to me was I did the atlas rises additional story line while I was doing the atlas path. Skipped the 7th recipe. I stayed in a system I hadn’t been to yet just exploring and screenshotting - in game time of about 5 hours (total not consecutively) . After I had stopped for the day, the next day when I loaded up the anomaly was waiting for me. Don’t know if anything I did was the solution, but maybe something similar would work for you.

I didn’t leave that system in any way ,if that even matters.

This was after a dozen hours and many warps with no anomaly.

Edit: to be clear I had given up,on the anomaly, and this just happened, wasn’t an intentional try or anything.


Thanks for the advice. So you had the 6th recipe, missed the 7th recipe and had the 8th? If so, did you get the 7th one retrospectively?


Yeah, once I got back on the path, I received the 7th and final for me


Thats great, thanks. I thought for sure my game was broken


I hope not! I don’t know if I got mad lucky, or it just needed some kind of jumpstart. If you try this pick a nice system that has sights to see, stuff to hoard so you don’t have to just sit there


I think maybe I just need to blindly find and atlas station to kick start the process. Ill give that a try anyway :slight_smile: