Help a fellow Traveller


Ive never built a second floor on a freighter, Ive got 50 atlas words to collect then I think I’ll try it out


Okay. I think I see how to check that now. Now I just need to wait til my stuff disappears again. :smiley:


I have a base in the Etarc Hub in creative mode. I have finally made it to the same planet in a normal mode game. I can’t see the base in normal mode but I could see the comm balls and a monument. I went back to my creative mode and the base is there but the comm balls and monument were gone.

I know there are issues with more than one base in a single system.

I want to claim the same planet and build a base in my normal mode game. Will this mess up my creative base?


I am not totally sure but I think only one of the bases will be visible. As you have seen for yourself already there are issues. There has been some experimenting with this by the ECSD. The creative mode base was abandoned because it created problems. I do not know the specifics. @Polyphemus should know.


The absolutely definitive and tested answer is - “we’re not sure, but we think there are problems”.

I have dedicated a normal mode game to hosting the capital base in the ETARC hub. I have also dedicated a creative mode game, to hosting the capital in the same location.

The two capital buildings are similar, but not identical. Lots of people have left comm balls.

This is (more or less) what I’ve found:

I can always see the creative mode base when I’m in that particular creative mode game.
I can always see the normal mode base when I’m in that particular normal mode game.
I can’t see either base when I’m in a different normal or creative mode game. I can, however, see the comm balls.

Visitors to the normal mode base can usually see the base, but not always.
Visitors to the creative mode base usually can’t see it, but occasionally they can. I know this, they’ve sent me pictures.

So I can say that there’s definitely a problem - but it’s intermittent, and very difficult to pin down. For the next few weeks, my advice would be to avoid building two bases in the same system, even if they’re in different modes.

However, we believe that NEXT will bring some form of multiple or co-operative extended base building. If this is the case, then the new game must have been altered to remove the problems.

So I suggest you wait until NEXT drops, and then try it.

Good luck.


Thanks Polyphemus. I will wait to build the normal mode version.


When taking pics of the Capital for the Hub submission, I could not see the base nor any comms when I flew there. However, when I jumped through the portal, I could see everything.


Oh Lord. Even more mysterious…:grinning:

Let’s just hope that NEXT sorts it out.


Yes. Especially since I had flown there before and everything was fine. :scream:


If you can’t see a base you know is there, hop back through the portal, make sure your connection is green - and try again. Might take a couple times.


I could see it when I went through the portal, just not when I flew there, even though I had flown there before and everything was fine.


I find the server iffy at the best of times lately. It disconnects from my game sometimes when warping or porting in to a system. leaving and returning can work also just landing a bit away from the base and reloading last save works.

Sometimes the base is there but the comms are gone and the beacon (if theres one built inside the base) does not show up. On bases I rotate round I build my own beacon at the edge, I find that helps a lot


It’s funny how things work in this game. After an Interloper built a base on my planet, I moved. So did he. His base remained though. I return once in a while to see if his is still visible. (Mine old one is not) Every time I return, his base is a little more broken down than before. It is disappearing piece by piece.


I think if the other player had built a beacon outside his base perimeter then gone and built a new base in another system… then visited his old base in your system it should clear it. I did that by accident some time ago when two of my games shared a planet for a while. I remember I was annoyed at the time as I’d lost a free farm :frowning:


The absolute killer appears to be creating a monument. If two players have bases in the same system, then they meet, and create a monument, it seems to create an unrecoverable glitch.

I have theories about why this happens, but they’re not backed up by deep understanding of the code involved.

It seems that when a player claims a base, this creates a temporary (i.e. removable) link between the player and the planetary system. However, the server will only tolerate one link per planetary system. If another player builds in the same system, the first link is broken. So there’s still only one occupier of the system.

A monument, however, creates a permanent link between the planetary system, and two players. It seems likely that it’s this permanent two-player link that renders the server unable to resolve the two bases.


Monuments also seem to be a cause of excessive stuttering. I see many people suggest it’s due to comm balls, and while that can be true when many are present, it generally clears up once you leave the area/planet. A monument on the other hand, appears capable of triggering a constant stuttering to your gameplay which continues even after you leave, and can require a restart to fix.


Yes. I can verify that. A monument was placed at my old base. I have to restart every time I have visited there.


Good morning fellow travellers!
I typed Capture for all the sequence and here is where I landed !
Tons of comballs!
Is there any kind of interest on this planet?
I know it sounds weird, but I can at last use portals, I am sure you are much more informed than me!


Yes…it’s literally the first planet you can possibly go to via portals as soon as you get the first glyph…and most people are impatient and glyphs can be hard and far between to come by…so the very first planet you can go to via portal is that one…also it’s quite close to the center.


Nice. The first portal travel with single glyph is a great experience and sense of achievement i found.

I wonder if anyone claimed a base on that planet or where in the galaxy it is.

If you explore and find anything cool post and share :smiley: