Help a fellow Traveller


I was visiting a frost planet, when suddenly… this !
I got 2 glyphs with one grave… is that normal?

Now that I have 2 glyphs, it is enough to go to that very special planet…

But still, I heard that it’s almost impossible to do it without a vehicule… sooo I guess I gotta build it before getting there!


Did you already have one glyph and forgot about it? To me on this picture it only says that this is glyph 2 out of 16…


Yeah… maybe I made the first one during the Artemis Quest and don’t remember it! :sweat_smile:
So it was a double nice surprise! haha


Good luck on visiting that special system. I saw a video that you can enter a portal in your Nomad…


How many hours of gameplay to complete the Nomad? Do you have an idea? Even if it’s not accurate! :grin:


Did you already hire the exocraft technician?
It is only a matter of an hour before you have all three vehicles.
Gather 300 marrow bulb (ice planets have lots of them), buy or gather 600 heridium and buy 3 dynamic generators.
You will have to do some missions for the first exocraft (the Roamer) but they are not that difficult. In the meantime you also get the blueprint for the Colossus and last but not least the Nomad :slight_smile:


woohoo !! Good news! Thanks for that!
I do have my technician ready, but currtently eating pop corn all day…
I do have Marow Bulb and heridium - will have to crea the dynamic generators though!


You can buy them in any space station.
Oh and when you do the missions: scan for depots in your Roamer then hop out and in your spaceship to follow the icon coordinates. Do this with every mission as it goes much quicker than in the exocraft itself.


Since Atlas Rises you can purchase a lot more Dynamic Resonators in one go than before. It’s definitely worth stocking up on them, I have a slot in one of my storage containers constantly topped up to 10.


I marked 3 Travelers in 1 sytem and was able to get most of my glyphs from them. Each time I went back to them, they always sent me to the same graves. It is a nice little trick. Hope it remains after NEXT.


Guys, what is that I have to do here? :no_mouth:

Sorry for the bad quality!


Sounds like it’s telling you to find, buy, or craft an item…if you don’t remember what the mission asked for you can hold R3 over it to reset it iirc.


Aww yeah my bad!



irrc, once you have it selected and get out of that window, you will see a flag/pop-up that will tell you you need n/n number of item.

If it is telling you to deliver it, instead then you already have the item (could be resources you’d already gather or something). I never take those quests. Too confusing.)


I built a second floor in my freighter and sometimes the flooring and my planters disappear. Anyone know why? First floor is fine.


Funny glitch. Truly, I have never built a second floor on a freighter, but this did happen to me with the Atlas Rises update and my 2 story normal mode base.


This happened to me too with second floor on freighter, seems to be a common bug and has put me off building anything too complex in freighters for the mean time.


It’s kind of fun. My plants still grow and can be harvested even though they are floating in mid-air. Someone could probably make something interesting with this glitch. :thinking: :smile:


So when this bug happens, does it reduce the complexity level of the base? Could be used to your advantage if so :slight_smile:


Good question. I will check on that…except I don’t know how…lol