Help a fellow Traveller


Yep, if on pc, you need a little app called Nms save editor, once there it’s pretty straight forward… You choose your save-slot, go to the freighter tab and you can input the desired seed. Save and voilá.


@Virakotxa Does it only change the color? I might then… but a part of me also kinda thinks its cheating to make it your color without having to find it. I’m sure I’d forget, but still… I’ll figure it out. Thanks!


The seed results in a specific model with a specific colour. With the save editor you can additionally specify a seed for the crew you wish to have on board.

I have looked into it before, but I have yet to figure out how colours are defined, as my freighter changed colours (known issue) and I wanted to change it back.


Does it change the class or slots tho? I have an s class with 34 slota; all I want us red instead of orange/green


The main seed used comes with the default specifications, but you can then alter additional settings, such as class and slots and whatever else. Below is an image of what you can change using the NMS Save Editor:


Your seed for the current ship you have may actually be different, but like I said, you can’t use that to only change colours. For that reason, you’d have to find a seed that has a similar model with the colours you like. Then basically edit everything else possible to be the same.

Best to make a backup before messing with it. Use at your own risk. Then first check the ship you currently have in the editor. Note down all the values and anything else of importance. Then change seed and match to your liking.

Personally, I prefer to not use it and just search for the one I love and hopefully get lucky to not see it change after a restart. To each their own though, it is a really neat tool.


By the way, I don’t think this was linked, but you can check for seeds here:


Ok. I’ll think on it. Then again, NEXT is just around the corner, and it may well let us repaint the color of our ships/freighters. Along with other new ships to get.


Sounds like a wise choice with NEXT around the corner. Can always decide to use a tool after the update, although it may of course break mods :wink:


Be careful if changing freighter seeds! If you’ve already built a freighter base it can become inaccessible if you change the seed to a different style.


Next will break the tool, and likely make us re-start to enjoy all the new features, (always a good idea to avoid bugs, anyways) I’m of the opposite mindset… I think now it’s the best (and last) opportunity to mess around with the most exotic mods you can get your hands on! (make a backup and go crazy) There are great experiences waiting for you there… And they will all (99.9%) break once Next hits. Many will never be back.


Honestly, imo NEXT will let us continue in our saves with new features added and multiplayer options with toggles. Just seems like a win-win for all. Old players keep their saves, and can choose if they want MP or not. And new players can turn off MP until they’re ready if they want. At least, that’s how I’d do it. But I might just avoid the seeds. I guess if I see a red resurgent, I’ll game it to S class, but otherwise, I’ll just hope NEXT let’s me paint the orange/green one. It looks really light red in the right lighting anyways, since it’s more salmon colored than orange really. Just gonna farm this red orb ship and red squid and go upgrade all my new S ships, and wait till NEXT. Btw, if anyone has the math for how many reloads it would take for a likely spawn (50%ish or higher) of an exotic in a middle class system, I’d like that. I’ve been trying but cant figure out where I’m messing up.


Check that video I posted… In short, class it’s random, but “prosperous/rich” will give you the capitals, fixed seed per system.


I know for the freighters; that’s how I got my S class one in orange/green. Right now I’m just gonna trade in my current one for one I find in red just randomly, if I happen across the perfect one. For now, I just got my second to last ship for my collection, a red orb exotic. I’m gonna trade in my green squid for a red one that I have coords to in a bit. I was just wondering, in a middle class system, the lowest I’ll go for it, how many reloads it would take for the exotic to have around 50% chance of spawning in that amount? Like how there’s 1 exotic per system, the last of the 21 ship models in that system basically, and it has less chance of spawning. I think in middle class its 1%. So I’ve been doing 1÷21, and the product times .01 to see the chances of it, and when I multiply it by multiples of 10 to see how many reloads it would take to make it close to 50% chance I always get around 1000. Yet when I’m searching it’s more like 50. So idk where I’m going wrong with my calculations. Then again, I’m young and easily mess up math. :joy:


“-Never tell me the odds.”
I guess between spamming the reload and picking your seed, has to be a grey line that devides exploit and cheat…


:wink: I just consider cheat to be doing something with the game that the game itself doesn’t include, and exploit and thing you can do in the game but isn’t actually meant to happen. And i only use exploits if there’s no REAL advantage. S class has advantages, yes, but not too much. They’re meant to have them. And I don’t plan on using them against other players when NEXT comes out. That’s what REALLY turns me away from exploits, when they give a competitive advantage.


With NMS for Xbox One coming and Microsoft planning keyboard support for Xbox One, I’d hope that Hello Games would add PS4 keyboard support. One can always hope (though I’m a PC user and can map an Fn-key to a macro. A single key for photo mode would be the ideal.


I’m not sure that there is much of a demand for Keyboard support on consoles which is why I think that Sony and Microsoft have ignored it for five years so far this generation. The thing I most expect to be an issue on Xbox is low sales as not much marketing has been done for it so I’m not sure what sort of a community will form there in terms of hubs…if not enough people stick by the game long term multiplayer may be difficult to make happen there. Hell multiplayer will already likely be somewhat difficult if it depends on use of portals.


I think the audio clip gives us a good idea that multiplayer can be done from startup, not just based on portals. Though I suspect it’s not the only way, and portals will probably be useful for established players to meet and group up.


Even if you start with a friend or two, for the larger communities portals would be needed…the problem with gaming in general(across pretty much all games) is that a large portion of players that start the game never finish games that take 20+ hours to finish…and in any mode other than creative you need more time than that to get all the glyphs to really be able to freely use portals. Looking at PS4 stats only 4.9% of players have warped 60 times…and the PS4 started with over a million players day one.