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To get a higher rank atlas pass do you just continue the story through the atlas path story line and not with the anomaly people?


You will probably need this's_Sky_Wiki#
It is currently being updated but, it should provide some answers. The passes are found in different ways and it has changed with the updates. Continuing to explore by following the Atlas path will usually help you obtain blueprints. Become familiar with the different types of buildings, as some of them contain blueprints, and visit the Anomaly when it appears. Speak with Polo. I think this is how you get Atlas Passes 2 and 3. Explore, explore, explore. :smiley:


In buildings, as part of the storyline and in the Anomoly after you get certain milestones.
Wandering and exploring a lot will help with finding buildings which may give tech. Rushing it will not work. Do everything and go everywhere.
Conversations with aliens may also result in tech.
It’s always random so what works for one person may vary a little for someone else.
Happy hunting.


Does anyone know if the GameDet. Wiki is posting the Patient Extraction puzzles? I do not see them. People are coming in wanting the answers.


They are, but you have to go the specific Dreamers’s page.
And I know what GD stands for in this context, but it’s not how I hear it lol


Yeah I thought of that too…later. :sweat_smile:
Could you please link the dreamers page here. For some reason I can’t find it. Thanks!


Well they all have their own page like this

You can get there by clicking their name on that phase 4 page that lists them. I can link them all here, or another topic just say the word.
Edit:You could do a pin or something at the top of each dreamers topic maybe
2nd edit: Alexander’s link for his first code links to my post here! Cool!


Thanks! I just couldn’t find the page. :smile:


I am currently doing missions for the NPCs I’ve recruited so I can build a base. I now need an armourer so I can craft hazmat gauntlets.
I went to a Vy’keen system to recruit one and had a look round the space station. I talked to everyone… nope… no one to recruit.
I left the station and the blue objective marker targeted a ship but nothing happens. If I hit left on the d-pad it switches to another NPC ship.
What do I do?


Make sure in your log you have the current mission to recruit highlighted, bring up the galaxy map and select current mission as your destination. Let us know if this doesn’t work.


I’d turned the PS4 off for the night when I read your reply and thought I’d give that a try. The NPC was there in the space station when I loaded in. Must have been a glitch. Thank you for your advice though. Appreciate it


Hey guys, this is my first time creating a thread. I hope i did it right, but I fully doubt it.

Anyways, i need help finding an red capital freighter, in this design (Resurgent Star Destroyer)



I want a red one because all of my s class ships are red, and my multitool has red on it too. Plus it’s my favorite color. So I’d like to match in all red. My current s class 34 slot resurgent is orange with a green stripe, and isnt too appealing. Not bad, but not good. If anyone has coordinates to a system that has a resurgent in all red, black/red, or red with any color, please send them. Portal or coords, either works. I can get it from there. Thank you!


DISCLAIMER: DO NOT DO THIS NOW!! NMS NEXT arrives in just over two weeks…chances are that freighters will be further improved and will get features the current ones just can’t have, so before you jump into the insane grind I am about to detail just don’t…not until after NEXT launches…at any rate here is how farming for mega-freighters works now(obviously this might change for NEXT too):

The mega freighters are hard to come by…you’ll only spawn one in a long time. The best trick to farm for them is like this: warp constantly until you see one while making sure you save the game after every warp-jump…once you do see one if you like the look of it save it and check its stats, if it’s not S reload the current save and jump again to the same system with the mega-freighter you like until you roll an S…if you don’t like the look of it reload the most current save and jump to other systems…because the game deems you are due to see a mega freighter you will always find one in every system as long as you don’t overwrite the save from right before the game deemed you are due to see a mega-freighter…rinse and repeat until you find a system that spawns one you like the look of and then rinse and repeat until that one spawns as an S…needless to say this can be an insanely long grind and can take A LOT of hours…especially when you are insanely picky about not only the design of the mega-freighter but about the color too.


Lol that’s me… I already have an S class mega, just my organization feeling sometimes kicks in when I see all my red ships. I got it by doing that method. And that was something I was worried about; NEXT might add battle cruises or something just as big with a better purpose or cooler or whatnot, so why waste money on a new big freighter if it will be useless? Granted, the max pay for me would probably be 80 to 100 million because of trade in, which is easy, but still. Waste time to search for it? I was planning on just ignoring it unless someone luckily had coords to one. So far nothing, which is fine. Last time it took about 35 reloads, about an hour and a half. But I reckon I got lucky. Thanks for the tips for it though; even if I already knew them, you put in the time to type it. I hope the only new ships will be separate, and I’ll be able to have all 6 of my current s class ships and my freighter, and then buy whatever that new ship WT is teasing is in the best I can get. Maybe use them together; that’d be cool. And if after the freighters are still viable, I’ll just hunt then. I just hope they dont increase the max slots for capital freighters; I dont really want to search again. Or pay even more. Just let me repaint the current one please NEXT…

Boy, that was a rant. Sorry 'bout that. Thank you!


Frankly I hope they do increase the max slots to 48…I did a grand grind before Atlas Rises to get a 48 slot capital freighter which now can’t even warp at all but I never bothered to even think of replacing it with a 34 slot S class because frankly the writing is on the wall for these freighters…some of the ships we can have can’t even fly in without clipping thought the insanely small docking bay doors and some of the new exotics when docked have about half of the ship’s length stick right into the freighter’s ceiling. That made it clear for me…Hello Games wouldn’t have done that unless a total freighter remake was on the cards. And frankly it’s sad that they don’t have 48 slots…there is absolutely no excuse for the most elite of the elite capital freighters to not have 48 bloody slots. They’re giant flipping star destroyers that realistically would block out the bloody sun when over a planet…don’t tell me they lack storage space.


I got something that will get you what you need…
(slots and class non-dependant)
Or this, that seems smaller but has those blue accents: 0x5debc132d639d156

Or if on PS, or like the “hard way” fallow this wise man’s instructions…


Hey I saw some folk post freighters here recently

Also searching for “freighter” brings up a few other relevant posts and threads on the forum


Interesting, that first ship looks familiar… :wink:


I was wondering when you’d see it! Figured I’d ask here as well, since these guys are generally more helpful.


Are those seeds? Idk how to use those, but they also dont look like coords to me. Sorry, I’m a noob when it comes to things outside of in game features.