Help a fellow Traveller


Yeah 50k for any flora


If it can help you, here is the best result I had when playing with a simulator for fauna/flora


Just a quick question relating to PS4 and USB keyboards.

Do the keys work in tandem with the controller buttons? For example the key to access Photo-mode on PC, could I just press this on a keyboard PS4 keyboard and it will bring it up instantly without having to press down and then left as you do on the controller?

I guess so it would function like an extra controller?


I have a keyboard I can try on PS4 if you like.


That would be great thank you!


Not sure how that works on PS4, but on PC, using keyboard, accessing Photo-mode is not a single keystroke. You still have to bring up the selection screen, then select the camera, to then activate. On PC you can of course add all the required actions to a macro if need be. Having a single access key for Photo-mode has been on my wish list for quite some time though. Very useful when a situation requires quick action to not miss the shot you are looking for.


Ok. My son has his learner’s permit and is driving atm…pothole!..deer! if I make it home alive I will do that ASAP :scream:


@DevilinPixy Yeah it’s frustrating as when you’re flying you virtually stop before the Photo-mode activates. If I could do it on a Keyboard at least I could still fly and get that angle before the ship rights itself when entering the menu!

@sheralmyst I’m now seeing that old image of the alien-fauna being dragged around by a Roamer.

Thank you both!


Ok. Bad news. It seems NMS does not support keyboard on PS4. I see no way to change it in the options and esc is not responding…


Oh well, thanks for trying anyway. I guess a keyboard still works for the bits that you can type/enter text in.

That’s a shame


You should be able to snap a pic with f12 on PC. I capture action shots, like Snappies snapping, that way.
I actually play with an Xbox controller on PC but still use certain functions on my keyboard. It is a nice combo for me.


I’m a PS4 player I’m afraid :disappointed_relieved:


By default, without any adapter taking over control, a PS4 keyboard will only work for text input, if I understood correctly. So without any adapter, it would be impossible to use for NMS. However, I believe there are adapters out there that might make it possible on PS4. For example a XIM adapter linked below, but don’t take my word for it. Best to ask PS4 users who have first hand knowledge on this.


Thanks for that, that’s certainly given me something to think about. PS4 controller for vehicles, Keyboard and mouse combo for on-foot, (if that’s even possible) I’ll give it a more in depth read later but thank you for sharing that.


You’re welcome and although I am not 100% sure, I can imagine an adapter to work, as it likely re-routes controls to the device you wish to use. If being able to switch devices easily while in-game, is something else though. I would indeed suggest to get well informed first.


I used to be a Red Mage elf in FFXI and I used my keyboard all the time. I have not tried keyboard on PS4 before. I am thinking that this may be dependent upon the developer. Most games do not support keyboard. I guess you could give a shout to HG and ask nicely. Would be a nice feature to have in NEXT.


Dont know if this occurs for everyone but i found a crashed freighter called misahama and i found something kind of cool might not have any relevance to waking titan but i found a circle machine and after talking to it for awhile it says “Distress signal neaby -kzzkt- broadcasting “sixteen” on repeat” which i believe was apart of waking titan the phrase “Loop16”


How do you move your base on console?


Do you mean relocate from one base to another base?

The easy way to relocate is to simply walk into another inhabitable base and claim it. This however deletes your old base and you lose a fair bit of the materials used to build it.

The better way to relocate is to dismantle your base first (or mostly dismantle your base) putting your materials into storage. Once it is dismantled you simply claim a new base.

Leftover materials can be found in the base inventory next to the base blueprint merchant.

Finding a new base involves using the Signal Booster. Scan for a Habitable Base and you’ll get one show up in the HUD. Often it is far away so repeat scanning can find a closer one.
Finding one within 5 minutes or so of a portal is a large bonus.

I hope this helps and answers your question.


Thanks i ended up figuring out what to do, just started this artemis story line and its in my new homes solar system which is nice.