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Nope, that’s what it says. I double checked MH’s post, and the last image shows a fusion igniter for 18.3 million despite being -7.6%.

My only guess is that there are separate multipliers at work. You get a buy/sell value for each system on the galactic map, which is modified by a local value depending on the terminal/alien you are interacting with?


There is a Galactic Average for the actual market and there is a Base Value, which is the value for item. Both these values are involved when it comes to buying/selling on the market. The percentages shown are based on the Galactic Average, which is not necessarily the same as the Base Value when it comes to Trade Goods and is the result of some values at work.

For a more in-depth read on how this system works, I would suggest to check the below Reddit topic:


Yes. I assumed that the overall % was galactic but the actual price was local system.

btw, afaik, just fyi, that reddit thread is optimised for 3.7 1.37 not yet for 3.8 1.38.

(wow tons of acronyms!) lol


I assume you meant 1.37 vs 1.38.
At the top it does however say it has been updated for 1.38 and even though this was December last year, I think it still stands:


Thanks for the correction! (see that’s why I needed the codes for strikethrough. I’m always doing that!) :slightly_smiling_face:


Quick question:

Is that object usefull for farming?

Cheers everyone!


That is a vital component used in making a Stasis Device (worth 18million).


It’s a part of a 18M item (stasis device) so yes, not useless blueprint :wink:
When you have a doubt, take a look at this list:

Arf, too late ^^


Many thanks @Mad-Hatter and @kerdorin !!

Oh wow what a good link !!


Great link @kerdorin.


FInally completed the Mind Arc! Pfiiuu

Now Glyphs!!


Quick question: Is Mordite purchasable? Can’t recall if I’ve ever seen it in a GTT or passing ship.

I’m all about ‘Ethically Sourced’ produce…


Don’t believe mordite is able to be purchased.
Either grow it or ‘aquire’ it from nasty creatures after you ethically ‘tranquilize’ them. :smirk:


No, but if you make a habit of scanning plants you can find it on lots of planets, especially the hot, toxic and even cactus ones.
The plants that look like larger mushrooms, found sometimes in the beginning of and in caves have them… am quite sure.


Thank you both. I have a rather profitable Liquid Explosive farm on my freighter, but the Mordite production has always been Planet-side due to the building limits. One Bio-dome is enough to run my operation which kicks out 24 million every Echinocastus cycle or, two hours.

Maybe not as lucrative as a Stasis Device farm but far far easier to set up.

Since relocating my base to another location on my homeworld, I need to reseed my biodome again.

My new home, right by the sea!

Gone for pure simplicity this time until after the update.

“I’m a simple man, just trying to make my way in the Universe”


Wow what a large farm lol
I never did build one that large but went for comfort with a number of Biodomes with a few plants of each and then slowly build up the financial benefits.
Am the average traveller, with an average freighter and average ships.
Love to explore planets though.
Nice base you have, nice place too :slight_smile:


Quick Question:

I get between a 100k and 130k U for every animal scanned!
Anyone has more than this? I just want to know if there’s still a way to get even more adding another blueprint


Around 300k for rares


300k??? hahah good to know!! Now searching Fauna analyzer!

Edit. Fauna sorry, not flora! :sweat_smile:


I don’t think you get that much for flora. I do know you you get that much for fauna.