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Took a pic with Todd posing next to it. :smile:


Well at least that worked then :thinking:

Can’t wait to see the picture of an orb ‘posing for a photo’ :smile:


Was very hard to get that ‘look’.
Orbs just aren’t that expressive. :rofl:



You certainly caught his best side with that photo, his expression looks very resolute and unmoved despite the obvious threat and danger before him.


Yes,but I wanted resolved masculine and he gave me indifferent masculine…its just not the same! Just can’t get good orb models these days.
flounces off somewhat effeminately


Aw man you caught me mid expression, I look drunk


I’ve found that portal travel to use base sharing is tricky at present but have found a way to get it to work.

  1. Activate the portal and enter the address.
  2. Go out to PS4 Network Settings and briefly turn off internet connection and then turn it back on.
  3. Go into Discoveries Menu and wait for connectivity icon to turn green.
  4. Immediately step through portal and cross fingers.


Does anyone know if the prices of things like stasis devices and fusion igniters are affected by the economy? I.e. are there systems that you can sell them for more than the average?


Economy and the actual Trading Post you use will give a different sale amount.
Mrs M.H. recently sold half a hauler each of those things and the difference in the prices from one Trading Post to the next was a very large amount of money. Many millions (I believe). Pays to be a shrewd merchant.
I’ll try and find a pic…


The pics of sale price were taken in the same system at different Trading Posts.
As you can see, when you sell a large batch it really makes a difference to shop around.
Galactic Average does play a role.






Gamma root is about the most obnoxious resource to find in the wild. It’s small to begin with, and there seems to be a glitch that doesn’t let it grow to full size even if it’s ripe for the taking. To add insult to injury, it often blends in with the often yellowish surface of irradiated planets.
When I built my farm, I got enough of it to plant a few, then just continued to plant more of it until I had enough together for the domes. I went to gather the rest or took from storage what I had, but I grew the gamma root myself because it just took too long to gather it.

@Mad-Hatter Has anybody actually ever seen sales prices for any kind of manufactured goods above -4%? Because I haven’t.


Me too. Gather enough for a couple of plants then horde it so you never have to find it again. Method for finding was to pick a direction in the correct biome and keep walking and scanning until I found enough.

I’ve only seen trade goods sell for decent %.
Tried the merchant routes for a while as a reason to pick a particular system over another. Need full hauler shipments to really make money. Not as viable as intensive farming but it adds interest to your travels.


It’s not as profitable as farming, but it doesn’t require the same investment either, and even with just a mid-sized ship it earns significantly more than scanning or missions. I progressed from scanning to trading until eventually I thought a freighter would be nice, which is when I finally decided that the quickest way to get one was building a farm. Though that had also to do with the fact that boosting trade revenue takes a financial investment, while a farm just costs a lot of effort and almost no units. And I didn’t want to spend the money I was storing up for a freighter on a hauler first, that would not have been worth it in terms of time. But if you’re going for a big ship before going for a freighter anyways, you can get there pretty comfortably just by trading.


Once you have a freighter, there is not a lot of reason to keep making money.
Compared to a freighter, ships are pretty cheap.
I stopped making an effort once I hit a billion and now just buy and sell casually, without even paying much attention to the profit margin.
Buy red & sell green & settle on a chosen trade route as a reason to end up in a system. Collect goodies from missions and when they pile up make a few expensive items to sell next time.
I simply wander about exploring mostly.


Apart from saving to buy the new ship in NEXT :wink:


Have you or mrs MH found a trading post that offers more than tha average tho I.e. +10 or more?


No, not for crafted items. Not that I can recall anyway…


Well this gave me a good laugh. @Mad-Hatter you provided the answer without knowing it.

According to the screenshot I just took, the “average price” for a stasis device is 18 million. Yet the first image Mad-Hatter posted clearly shows a value greater than that, despite saying “-5.7%”. So you can get higher than average price, somehow :thinking:



This doesn’t make sense to me, how can it say is x% lower than the average but be selling for more than the average?? Or am I reading it wrong?