Help a fellow Traveller


Ah, thanks for the pic. I keep wondering if there are any haulers that have more open space in the cockpit windscreens. Might need to start a thread for ship interiors. :slightly_smiling_face:


Was it @FRANK_CADILLAC who told us that they charge the harvesters before taking out the contents?

I’m still having weird issues with the ones at my base, so yesterday I tried that approach.

Strangely, when I took down those glitched harvs I got back all of my resources! That meant I could put them up again immediately. Maybe because I was standing inside the base perimeter when I took them down?

Two of the three are still glitching, wanting to be fed twice with contents at zero. Once because I logged out and back in, and once (maybe) because I got in my exocraft and drove a short distance away to mine some heridium, then I called my ship and flew back to the base. I didn’t go more than 5 minutes distance from the base, but… :shrug: The third one seems to be ok for now.

Anyway, continuing to monitor the situation. At least I’m getting some stacks of gas from them again --and without having to spend a ton of resources to build them again.


Yes that’s the method I’m imploying after having similar issues, so far has been working fine doing it this way, I’m currently in a 5 planet system with 3 harvesters on 4 of those planets. I’m interested to know what people are making with the gas, me personally I’ve been making stasis devises.


My farm is set up for 4 Fusion Igniters. plus a few living glass.


That’s cool, I’ve made a couple of those but find it easier and quicker to make stasis devises which could be due to the system I’m in and the recourses it offers


@FRANK_CADILLAC. I’m using radon for enriched carbon, for holodoors on the “greenhouses”.


If you could harvest the radon, add a touch of sulphurine, spray on some nitrogen, a sprinkling of frost crystals mixed with a helping of corprite, gamma root and dont forget the carbon! you could craft cryogenic chambers which go for around 4 mil a peice! Please tell me if I missed anything :wink:


Hmmm, that looks right, all 3 gases. Might be able to handle that in my current 5 planet system.


Cool! It does depend on the planet biomes as to which gasses you can harvest but you probably know that


After a couple of weeks break, (to avoid the recent server issues), I logged back in to NMS & noted a few weird things still going on.
Firstly, my discoveries tab was hiding ETARCIA, the Etarc Hub capital system. Odd?
It then took repeat settings fiddling to get my PS4 to stay linked online, the same as it would when the servers were behaving strangely…
So I then warped over to the hub only to find that all my old trace lines in the galactic map had vanished, (possibly due to a huge number of travels across the galaxy since I was last there) & nearly all the discovered systems had returned to default names.
Fortunately, I found the portal address & for once my portal was working so I portaled over. I stepped out onto Edison to find several comms but they stopped highlighting in the HUD after a moment.
Was still online but the normal HUD icons had disappeared. ???
I’d noted the proposed Hub Capital Base’s general location and was able to locate it manually anyway. The comms nearby were visible but again not in the HUD.
I then returned & using the discoveries waypoint I warped back by ship. The HUD icons returned & all was well again. Yay :crazy_face:

Incidentally Edison has some cool floating rocks with Heridium & Gold formations joined to them allowing a traveller to ‘climb’ up. Great place for visitors to leave messages. 2 of these types of formations are enroute between the portal & the proposed base location.

Anyway, just sharing recent oddness.


Tried to visit @toddumptious last night, we met but there was sadly no base visible to me. I was also able to claim the base as if it was uninhabited, very strange.

I have some pictures.

Not sure if the glitchyness with the rocks is a result of building the base or not.


Those glitchy rocks have always been there :slight_smile: I’ve actually added stilts to them with the terrain tool XD

Yeah bases have been very glitchy with the servers lately, I do a lot of portal farming these days just to get my new save up and running before NEXT, and sometimes I have to reload the game several times before I arrive and bases appear. Server connectivity dropping a lot these days, presumably while they prep things on their end for NEXT.

@Mad-Hatter I’ve noticed the hud markers acting funny on comm balls AND travellers, anything stored online really. Also sometimes I spawn at my base my comm balls are not present due to online server connectivity dropping while loading in. A reload usually fixes it, eventually.


Still noticing Lost Server Connection on PC as well. I kept double-checking it while constructing my new base.


Yesterday I could barely play… I got disconnected 4 times in less than 1 hour gameplay…
Icons we going crazy all around the screen, being impossible to approach any of them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Little question: Is gamma root so difficult to find?? I travelled between planets yesterday looking for them, but none. Did I miss something? (Artemis quest)


It can be sometimes, it’s also very hard to spot and rarely do I find it in abundance on a planet. It doesn’t appear like it does when fully grown on a farm either whihh doesn’t help, it takes its recently harvested form, I can never spot it without the scanner.


Aww man bad news lol… I need the outrageous amount of 400 units to continue the recipe!:clap:
Like my dear father would have said: Let’s jump right in the pants! :expressionless:


I have needed to load the system in a few times to get a base to appear with the current server issues.

It helps when the base’s owner has a beacon at their base so you can see that the load-in was successful from the portal or space station teleporter.


Hey @Oshoryu . I was able to see @toddumptious’s base when I tried a second time so it is on the servers and can be seen.
Got a nice harvest and spent some time with Todd jumping Pride Rock in exocrafts and also playing obstacle course on the rock structure around his base. Good fun.
I’m at Etarcia ATM and I’ll stay for a bit before heading home.


I’ll try again tonight, I’ll visit both the Capital and Todd’s base again. I built a save point not far from Todd’s base and just reloaded that way, is this the right way of doing it or do I need to portal in/out/in?

Has anyone scanned a whippy-vine yet on Todd’s planet and checked the name? :wink:


I portaled back and forth and suddenly his coloured beacon was visible. I have to make the most of active portals because they mess up once I leave.