Help a fellow Traveller


Perseverance pays off :+1:


That is a beauty! :+1:

Do you have a screenie of the cockpit we could see?


As in a view from inside the ship? I’ll get one for you when I get on next :grinning:


It would be the same as in any hauler no?


Can someone please list the steps needed to try to reverse the effects of someone building a base on your home planet. I know the person has moved but, I am still seeing their base. Did they miss a step or is this my new reality?


I think you need to visit some other bases to allow your memory to refresh.
I’m not sure if you have to rebuild or not.


They need to build another base, somewhere else. That should be when their old one disappears.

Also, because your base has been zapped, you need to encourage the server to see it again. Turn off base sharing, make a minor change to your base, then turn it on again. Make another minor change. Save your game.

Do things that make the server take notice.

If all else fails, claim another base on your planet, then claim your old one back. This will destroy everything you’ve built, but you get most of the materials back.

The monument, though… that may be a problem.


Yeah, the monument…well, it is not too big of a deal. I am willing to hold out til NEXT arrives and see what happens. In the meantime, I will try the suggestions. Thanks guys!


Another thought - when @kliktrak visited your base, he said it was available for claiming - like it’s no longer registered to you. You might go and check it’s still yours. If it’s not, claim it.


Still shows as mine.


When that happened with my partner’s base it still showed as claimed to her but showed as claimable to others.
My method for correcting was to; claim in another system, turn off base-share, then return to the original chosen base & claim it and then rebuild. When done I turned base-share back on and it was all fixed.
Or something like that :grimacing:


@TravelEcho As requested :wink:


Bit of trivial info…
Have not played NMS since the weird server goings on a few weeks back.
Anyway, I jumped on & found my glitchy portal to be working again, my harvesters still kaput and some holes I’d blown near a harvester to be now all gone. Also there seems to be a new but different lagginess in my freighter when I exit a ship and it saves.
Also some wildlife from my home planet that had dissapeared is back again, (snake things in a pond).
Just though I’d share these various probably trivial things I’ve noticed.


Not experienced any of the above, however in the pursuit of my new ship I packed up my base, (yes sadly the rooftop bar is gone… :cry:) moved to a temp base to actually acquire the ship and have now moved back to my original planet, albeit a different base not far from my original one.

Two reasons, I wanted to see what changes befall my current planet following Next as it has vast oceans and if submarines become a thing, I can ‘dive’ straight in…

Secondly, my base had become infested with comm balls which made it very laggy and a very slow final approach was required to load it all up. I am concerned with any graphical improvements made to flora/fauna could tip the game over the edge into a corrupted save file.

Does the freighter thing happen a lot? Have you tried summoning it in a different place/system?


My recent encounter with a monument, built like 2 feet from my old base, left my game too laggy to tolerate. After moving to a new system, everything smoothed back out. I returned to my old system and found my base gone but the other base still there. Everything began to lag really badly. It followed me back to my new base and I started having flashbacks of @Mad-Hatter 's Fissure. Thankfully, a restart dumped the lag and restored my smooth game. Beware of Monuments… :grimacing:


Freighter lagginess seems to occur after each ship-exit-save. If I pause a moment & be patient it comes good.

My base wrecking monument glitch had something to do with a comm & a nearby monument being made with (insert villian’s name here) who was in a different mode.
It was a rare glitch but not unique & it may have had something to do with a max-complexity base too.
When in doubt…“run away, run away” :rofl:


Oh it’s a villain you want? Oh I’ll show you a villain NEXT month…

“Reassure with Boltcaster?”


“Reassure with Mining Tool?”

… Reassures with Boltcaster



:person_fencing: I’ll be waiting. :grin:


Haven’t noticed any of the glitch you wrote either @Mad-Hatter
It’s been a while since my gameplay is pretty smooth…

What I noticed though, and I don’t know if you guys have, but when I am travelling on my spaceship (moving or just floating either goes) and that I zoom on a planet for example, when I release the zoom, my cockpit display doesn’t show anymore… it comes back like I was completely laying on my spaceship floor…

Anyone experienced that?


That sounds like the cockpit offset bug. Should reset properly if you change ships or simply restart.