Help a fellow Traveller

Oh, that is a bugger, well I hope it gets fixed before you gooooo nuts.

Nothing worse then have a wayward ball hanging around and you can’t touch it.


Really? I accidentally left 2 at toddumptious’ place and they were both still there when I went back. I guess I’ll check again.


Not really needing help but looking for verification. I know there was discussion about possible lightning during storms. I am currently on a planet with toxic rain. Not only did I see lots of flashes but several times I hear rolling thunder. It was awesome. Wish I had a recording of it. Has anyone else experienced this? As the rain let up, the flashes and the thunder stopped.


Ok here is another question for the great crew .

Have been changing over my hydroponic tub to bio-domes. Over refilling the buggers.

Now as I’m replanting my stuff I keep getting " limit reached. Talk about pissing me off.

My question is do plants planted outside of the buildings " the native planet plants " do they count towards to limit count, my thinking is if not using building space they should not count.

If I’m right I can free up some space for other plants and plant outside more. ( See picture of of what I mean. )

Thanks in advance Crew.

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Don’t quote me but…
I think each item in a base building area uses a certain amount of ‘points’. Each plant is less points than a complex structure part but still amounts to something.
Its a careful mix of what you need vs what you want.
In one of my bases I hit the limit at about 70 plants outside and had to go and remove decals and windows to allow me to add the few extra plants needed outside to get the correct number for even harvests.
I now underbuild my bases to allow for expansion and changes.
This base was max capacity due to tons of glass and a heap of plants for circuit boards.


Everything you place/build comes at a cost, this includes all plants/crops which count for 5 points. Native crops being outside/inside are no exception. You can check exact cost for everything you can build in the tables I created here.


Yes in my Home System there is a planer called Black Star, as it is permanently clouded and heavy thunderstorms are seen from space, I will make some screenies later!
On the planet you see small lighting sparks and hear thunders.

In Honor


Note to self!

When building and producing around the base, SAVE THE GAME.

Just got back on the ps4 after spending the weekend building and making product, we had a power cut and bugger me I’m back to Friday nights last save.

Well here I go again. Wish me luck.


At least you’ve had some practice now.
Version 2 will be better because it will include a Save Point…right? :grin:

Bumped the controller on my missus game the other night while putting it on charge…and…
She restarted to find her own grave in her front yard. Oops. :skull:


Oh, bugger, no loving after that, lol.

Yeah, I’m getting the glass gear ready first, then the circuit board stuff.

I have found the 5 pearls I sell make me about 90 G at a pop. A nice little earner.

Back to farming and building.


At the edge of the center and the path takes me to a single planet system, vy’keen system.
tis a bubble world.
off to find a good place


Yeah, I’ve heard rolling thunder and occasional booming lightning that briefly brightens up the sky. But wandering around in boiling rains, I have to make sure my heat shield stays charged. :crazy_face: Its about then I start wondering if scanning for another star bramble is worth it.


What an amazing base farm design! Obviously pushes the limits. My current farm is focused on circuit boards. Loads of solar vines and cactus flesh. All my star bramble is growing outside. I’ll attach a pic as soon as I can.

Each of the four circles of star bramble has 15 plants. I used ‘carpet’ under the domes as a guide to plant in a circle. Easy to stand in the middle and harvest as you spin around. Total of 1,500 star bulbs per harvest. Everything else for circuit boards is grown inside. Each morning I harvest everything and craft 10 circuit boards.

Portal Codes

Galactic Codes

Just posted a video on my circuit board farm. If you’re planning a visit, you can get a quick preview.


That base was right on the limit due to the amount of glass and the size. Pumped out 9 circuit boards I think.
Worked really well as you just followed the loop around.
Got laggy though. I prefer smaller now.


That’s a very nice base, I didn’t realise you’d posted your pics.
20 circuit boards a harvest is a good earner. My current base is just 6 C.B. & a lubricant. (I horde the lubricant & then I sometimes stay around the base make some glass. Glass is an easy chore to do when I can’t actually sit to play but I can pop back every 20 minutes to quickly do a harvest.
Thanks for the pics.
Do you have a portal adress and mode for freeloaders to visit?


I’m doing the CB, living glass and explosives, getting a pack together then shoot to a space station and sell up. Should make about 50 mil.

Do this a few times and add aluminium and I may be able to buy a freighter.

Then it’s travel time .

I have been striping my base down to the minimal to get the maximum space for making stuff.

Too bad we can only have 10 vaults / containers, I could use 20.

Oh well back to the salt mines, lol.


lol we could all use more space,
they should make the vaults 48 slots!!!

P.S. some of us are pack rats!


Greetings! Yeah, the farm is quite a producer. Was going to start working on a video tour of my base, then I got blueprints that got me into atmospheric harvesting! Just sold 5 freighter fuels with my daily 20 circuit boards for a very satisfying total.

The portal is less than 15 minutes on foot from my base. So, with a nomad, you can make it pretty quick. I’m still working on navigating the best/quickest route from portal to base. Thinking about setting up a ‘race course’ with markers to guide visitors for ease rather than speed. Of course, you’re welcome to visit. Would like to be there to greet you and set up a monument honoring your visit … before you take off with harvested booty! I’ll post pics and portal address soon.


LNow that would be great, it’s the little thing you put in them, gases, hard to get resources, warp cells, etc.

Who use their vehicles as storage space too.

Yes pack rats has a ring to it.

QQ - if I build another nomad, on another planet, does the one at my home base disappear?

If you build up the terrain so you can put a bio dome on it and access it from a ladder in the middle ( maximum growing spots ) it would look funny but would be functionally best practice right.

Oh so many questions.

Found this website -

Hope it helps someone.

Catch ya later Crew.


How are we crew?

Well after a long 6 hours of walking over a planet, I feel like a kid at Christmas time.

I received the Atlas pass 3 blue print, yeah for that.

Then I had a chat to a Gek and he offered me a multi tool, class A, same spots as my old faithful one, so I updated.

Found some more blueprints to chemicals etc.

Went to another terminal and stuffed up the result, so I thought I would just go back to previous save point,
which was an hour ish from where I was at that moment, what the heck.

Next terminal I do gives me a crashed ship coords, it’s 10 minutes away, so why not, off I go and well I’m in shock
There is a 47 slot hauler there, I’m in a 37 slot atm, so I look at what I have, and decide to dismantle and take the 47 slotter. OMG talk about heaven, it took me to goes to get my stuff over but it was worth it.

So then I head home.

Arrive and everything is ready to harvest, I knock out glass, living glass, circuit boards, explosives.

Today was a good day for a walk.

Well this week end is going to be rework my multi tool and ship.

Also while on planet, during a night cycle, in the area of the local portal, I notice a flash of purple and blue, some one was calling home or turning up.

Catch ya later Crew.