Great sci-fi movies to keep us busy while waiting for 2nd Mercury Subroutine

I’ve been a sci-fi movies fan for a while (a long one :wink:). I’ve watched most of them, but recently started having problems with finding something new, worth my time.

I would like to recommend some of them to you, but I wonder what’s yours.

Here’s my ultimate top 12 sci-fi movies list (random order):

  1. Event Horizon
  2. Minority Report
  3. A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Twelve Monkeys
  6. Blade Runner
  7. Children of Men
  8. Contact
  9. Moon
  10. Butterfly Effect
  11. Matrix (only the 1st one)
  12. Stargate

Why 12 - I couldn’t fit into 10 :slight_smile:

Oh, and you may ask why there is no Star Wars, Alien… I’ve seen them all, but those 12 truly impressed me, and help me to remember what a great sci-fi move should be like.

So, is there any other sci-fi movies fan here? (I’m not asking about books, because I believe there was a thread about it already.)


These are nice


Can’t forget the 5th Element. Multipass?


and one which can never be overstated


Not a movie (yet) but the book series Wool by Hugh Howie is amazing… apparently the will be doing a movie at some stage.

OK, so not strictly sci fi but I think it’s pertinent. There’s a zombie movie called Pontypool that focuses on the staff of a local community radio station in Canada. It’s excellent.



I wish I could like this more then once! Haha

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Can’t believe nobody mentioned Triangle so far:

Enemy was also a good movie featuring Jake Gyllenhaal:

Anyways, many good movies, prolly have a few more recommendations on my list somewhere, even the old La Jetée is not bad at all:

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I have really fond memories of sphere. And when I say fond I mean nightmare inducing. Haha

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Enemy mine :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I love me some dystopian sci fi, the odd cheesy one, not so much military sci fi but the odd one grabs my attention.

Logans Run
Soylent Green
Ex Machina (Favourite screenwriter Alex Garlands Directorial Debut)
12 Monkeys
The 5th Element
Circle (saw this one randomly on Netflix, was kinda cool)
The Lobster
Turbo Kid (great cheesy 80s apocolyptic fun with a GREAT soundtrack)
Donnie Darko
Edge Of Tomorrow (I nearly missed this because ugh, Tom Cruise. But, so worth it!)
Battle Royale (They made a sesame street version called Hunger Games I believe :stuck_out_tongue: )
Sunshine (theres alex garland again, with his boy Danny Boyle!!)
Beyond The Black Rainbow (an homage to 70s sci fi tropes, can be a difficult watch though)
A Scanner Darkly (Also check out Waking Life)
Attack The Block
Okja (on netflix now, from my favourite korean director, brand new!)
Eternal Sunshine
FAQ About Time Travel (sci fi comedy with Chris O’Dowd, much good!)
Safety Not Guaranteed (a sci fi rom com thats actually good, or I’m just bewitched by Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplas [DUPLES!!! xD ] )

Sorry I actually couldnt stop and theres a lot more that I cant recall that are probably better than anything on the list but this was what came to mind.


Wow! Some of them I didn’t know about :slight_smile:

Keep them coming, will be a great post to come back to it!

Edge of Tomorrow - after seeing this movie I actually bought the book it was based on (same title) :slight_smile:

If you liked it, check out the Oblivion - you won’t regret watching it too!

Oh I forgot about that one, another good sci fi movie with tom cruise of all people in it!

How could I forget, there are some INCREDIBLE sci fi tv shows being made lately.

Utopia, a british TV show, has an incredible cast, fantastic cinematography and my god that soundtrack. Sadly the second season was not as good due to key players no longer being involved with the show and executives hamfisting in love stories that didnt make sense for the characters arcs.

Humans is another good one, a british adaptation of a swedish TV show of the same name. It’s about AI :slight_smile:

Humans - seen it too, it’s a good tv show. I’m waiting for another season :slight_smile:

I will check Utopia, though. Thank you :slight_smile:

Charlie Brookers Black Mirror and Dead Set are also a lot of fun, how could I forget him!

So we are into Sci-Fi TV series now? Then you propably don’t want to miss:



I guess we are :slight_smile:

The Expanse - the best sci-fi TV show ever made (I mean it!). And the other one - I actually haven’t heard about it… Thank you :smiley:

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You’re welcome! The Expanse is indeed awesome!

Dark Matter is definitely worth a try. Good Quality with a focus on Character Development and surprising plot turns. The Themes are Past, Memories, Free Will and what makes a persons decisions either “good or evil”.

Sounds awesome!