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Will C 3PO sacrifice himself to save everyone?


I wish they wouldn’t make spoiler reels as trailers. :hrunph!:


Well, at least it’s not the generic boring mess that the last trailer was. Hopefully the movie is more than the amusingly confused mess the last jedi was…


I have nearly no interest in seeing this movie. It would take glowing reviews from several trusted reviewers to get me to consider purchasing a ticket…let alone tickets enough for my family.

Sorry for the negativity…but The Last Jedi was a paradigm shift and eye opener for me in a bad way. There was nothing left to grab my interest for the next movie. I wish it was otherwise. Star Wars used to be at the center of my entertainment interests.


And now the disneyfication is complete…

I will watch it, but expect more of jj’s recycled schlock and more incoherence and neat jedi mind tricks to tie up the fragmented and very loose ends.


I agree. The last one was pathetic. There was no story and no explanation to what was happening. They will have to pack a ton of story in here to make it work and be understandable. I have heard some fairly reliable rumors and if true, this movie could wrap it up in a neat understandable bow. There will be a need for some background knowledge though.


I have to admit that Solo restored a bit of hope… Sure wasn’t a great movie, but it remembered to have fun, and so I had fun too.


I loved Solo. It gave story and background.


Haven’t seen the last one yet… >.>

Wait! Solo?

I guess I should say I’ve only seen the first one so far, with Rae in it. I’m falling behind.


No Rae. Han Solo’s back story.

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I find rogue one to be most watchable, followed by solo


Yeah, rogue one is the only really good movie of the entire bunch in my opinion. Force Awakens might qualify if it wasn’t such a darn rehash…


Yes. Rogue One was very good.
Has anyone read the Aftermath book? It would make a very good movie although it is basically a side story.


With Force Awakens, I was entertained. I agree about amount of rehash, but I thought that was Disney playing it safe for the reboot which I understood. Even at the time however, I thought there were too many questions left open for me to formulate a final opinion on the movie at the time. Knowing now that all of those questions went nowhere…and feeling foolish for investing as much time and thought on it as I did, I also rate it below Solo.

Rogue was the best Disney SW by far. It fits well watched before Episode IV.


Hopefully all watched the Clone Wars. It seems they hold info needed for understanding what may happen in Ep 9. This could be a very trippy timey whimey kind of metaphysical experience. This also happens to be along the lines of how George Lucas wanted it to end. It would be cool if Ahsoka shows up. I doubt she was killed in the Clone Wars series.
Anyway, the movie releases on my birthday so, :crossed_fingers:


She wasn’t, she had some appearances on “Rebels”. But wouldn’t she be awfully old by now?
I sure hope they don’t try to make a time travel story… That’s the one bad idea star wars has stayed away from successfully.


She would be about 70…unless the whole portal doorways thing is used, in which case they could pop in and out of different times.
There is also a possibilty these are force visions we see in the trailer.
It also seems Rey has the Dagger of Mortis in her hand when striking down the Vader helmet, cape, whatever it is.
I know of tons of possible spoilers but I will not go there.
I miss the book coming out ahead of the movie. Now they wait until after the movie. I prefer to read it first.


Me after watching last jedi: there cant possibly be a worse SW movie…

Disney: wait, hold my mickey…



Have not watched a trailer for any recent core star wars movie and I’m keepign it that way. I go in with no expectations of where I think things will go because of scenes I saw in a trailer, so theres no hopes to be dashed. I started my trailer embargo about 6-7 years ago, for things coming from creators I enjoy and I know will enjoy and if I don’t then I don’t. What I’ve found is I enjoy what I consume SO much more when I haven’t been hyped to all hell. Theres odd exceptions, I might watch a teaser or concept trailer for something I’m not familiar with, to get an idea of the tone or story, and then I’ll look up what the creatives involved have worked on and let that be the final deciding factor.

Looking forward to seeing this trilogy pan out :smiley: