The Mercury Subroutine alternate soundtrack

Hey there,

Sorry I was absent for so long. Sometimes, life happens. Had to set aside my engagement with the ETARC Hub and the Frontiers Division for a couple of weeks, but now i’m back. Before I get back to work, I still wanted to share something with all of you. It ain’t much, but hopefully some of you will enjoy it.

During my time out and trying to catch up with everyone in this post 1.3 world, I took a couple hours to carefully curate a No Man’s Sky ‘‘alternate soundtrack’’ playlist and just got around to put everything together on Spotify so I can share this with you.

I didn’t want to do something drastically different from the amazing original soundtrack, so I tried to stay within the same parameters and themes. Lush instrumentals, electronic and rock music, experimental soundscapes, bombastic bursts and introspective lulls… It’s all there.

It culls several pieces from movies like The Revenant, Aliens, Interstellar, Blade Runner, It Follows and more

There’s some of my favorite post-rock artists, like Mogwai, C H R I S T, Esmerine, Rachel’s, Carbon Based Lifeforms & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Some of my favourite electronic artists also make an appearance, like Lorn, S U R V I V E, Disasterpeace, Tim Hecker, & others.

Amazing composers like Max Richter, Michael McCann, Howard Shore, Jerry Goldsmith, Cliff MArtinez & Brad Fiedel, amongst others.

Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to hit ‘‘shuffle’’ and let the randomized selection work it’s magic. I will regularly add songs to that playlist, so make sure you check back from time to time if you like what you hear.