What science fiction are you reading?


Just curious 'cos of us playing NMS and all.

ATM I’m halfway through ‘The Rig’ by Roger Levy, which (so far) is rather good, proper space opera but with a distinctive melancholy tone and setting.


ATM, Dan Worth “Progenitor” series. Dan Worth is a terrible writer. His narrative is awful, he commits every sin ever known to an author.

But he tells great stories. If you can work your way past the unbelievable dialogue, and the ridiculous plot devices, there are really good stories in there.

Dan Worth’s work is like the best science fiction from the 1950s. Badly written, but hugely imaginative. It’s well worth a look.


I haven’t had time to read very much lately but the last one that I really enjoyed was written by Patrick Rothfuss.



I like picking up old paperback sci-fi novels in the flea markets. I have read some good ones. Have not started the Fred Hoyle book here but, sounds interesting as the familiar world of the 1960’s has vanished everywhere except England…go figure.


This was the last sci-fi I read years ago1963257


I would love the 60s coming back to the UK…all that design, art, energy the thought that everything was to be got and it was only a step away if one worked hard at it.
But if the dreaded Brexit occurs and it is then Hey dull old Fifties and unemployment of the thirties is where the UK is heading.
Me…I am reading over and over works by the fab Ian M. Banks. A brilliant mind. He also wrote as Ian Banks for non SF they are as extraordinary as his SF.
David Mitchell as well.
I will add titles later.


That is great… really funny, gosh you must be the perfect Reader…forgive all and carry on…


Oh, I read that Fred Hoyle novel years ago, enjoyed it, perhaps being a musician because of the musical sub-plot. There’s another of his novels, can’t remember the name, where a global heatwave renders everywhere south of Inverness uninhabitable. Another Brexit possibility lol


220px-Princess_of_Mars_large rereading this series


Just Star Wars for me, been working my way through all the new canon novels and comics.


A super good series I’d recommend to everyone is the “Murderbot Diaries”. They’re pretty funny too. It’s basically about an robot (AI) who’s designed for killing stuff, but just simply doesn’t feel like it. I know for sure that you can get it for the Kindle.


I’ve been rereading (trying to) Arthur C. Clarke’s books. Especially The Fountains of Paradise, to prepare for my next base building project.


Kinda of related since it is “spacey”! -)

Reading “Billions and Billions” by Carl Sagan. It is one of those books where you read a bit of it and put it down for a while, contemplate what you just read. I like “exercising my mind” as it were! -)


Funny off-topic story: I’m in a local Denny’s restaurant with the book closed. Some guy in the next table sees the title and asks “Is that book written by Trump?” Of course, I couldn’t resist! “Why yes! It describes how we all can make billions and billions!” “Great!”, he says, “I’ll go get that book tomorrow!” Regardless how the author’s name, Carl Sagan, is larger then the title! -)




I am currently reading this one:

In english it is called:
The Universe in your Hand
and the Editor is Macmillan
Really great book, simplification of the galaxy trough a fantastic journey!


The classic: Frank Herbert’s Dune


That was probably the last sci fi book I’ve read; an excellent read!


Has anyone ever read this one?



Yeah, it’s a pretty good series, and Netflix is supposedly making a movie


That sounds a damn lot like E.C. Tub… :smile: