What science fiction are you reading?


I thoroughly enjoyed Old Man’s War, but found the followup was not quite as good. That was a long time ago and I just recently found out there’s several more in the series haha


Okay, this is not a book but it is still sci-fi and awesome news!


I just started reading Shambleau by C.L. Moore. It has a very retro sci-fi vibe. It feels like a western with aliens.


Not reading anything atm. In the past, I’ve read Larry Niven’s Ringword, and Asimov’s Foundation.


This is an old favourite of mine, somewhat tarnished by the blatant rip-off of James Cameron’s Avatar movie


And I thought Avatar was a rip off of the Smurfs! :open_mouth:


E.E. Smith’s Gray Lensman


Julian May for Heroic Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Larry Niven for the Ringworld Serie and the Man-Kzin wars, Jack Mc Devitt for real gripping Sci Fi, also loved Nancy Kress and Arthur C. Clarke and of course before that everything that Isaac Asimov has ever written including the Robot series and Foundation …:slight_smile:


Just picked this one up for $1

And these


Well this is stuck in my head now after seeing the last books author


The City and the Stars is, without doubt, not only one of the best science fiction books ever written, but must rank amongst great books in general.

I first read it when I was about fourteen. That was fifty years ago, I last read it two years ago, I still have a copy.

Arthur C Clarke was a true visionary.


Got a book token …nice present so bought the trilogy by Cixin Liu
The Three-Body-Problem
The Dark Forest
Death’s End.

Enjoying them very much…on the 2nd at the mo.