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I read this 16h after it was posted ;0;


Yes. That is Arthur Morgan inviting you to put down roots.

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yes but… does it have VR? :sweat_smile:

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This constitutes game related right?

I certainly felt like I was back in Revachol, I dunno about you guys :slight_smile:


Finally catching up with the latest free update for Vampire Survivors and the new Achievements that come with it.

One popped instantly for me as my previous play progress was counted towards it.

8389128 EXTRA: Pako Battiliar
Defeat a total of 161616 bats.

Has to be a NMS reference right? I know the game has a 16bit vibe but the three repetitions seems a bit too coincidental. I also thought maybe it’s some italian/religion nod due to the naming schemes for a lot of the things in the game.

I googled “significance of 161616 bats” and sure enough this was the first result so I’m definitely going with a nod to NMS


Now I’m picturing the grind of killing this many bats, and I don’t want to play the game! :laughing:


Bats are my most hated of all enemies. :bat: :bat: :gun: :bat:
Oh dear lord…I hope the NMS update doesn’t turn any of the flying fauna hostile :face_with_spiral_eyes:


For about twenty years then wooden shed down the back garden had been delapidated and well beyond use but my folks still shoved whatever old clutter they could in to it.

Last summer I cleared it out and cut the last remaining supports down.

This year I’m doing some major landscaping and remodelling to the garden and I uncovered this from beneath the dirt where the shed once lay.

An ancient artifact, the mythical PS2 Dual Shock Clear Controller

The cable is still buried deep XD