Freighter Issues

Ok, so new issue today. I can stand here…

but cannot pass thru here…

I finally jetpacked my way through the doorway. This is the door from my Fleet Command room. I am being blocked from both sides of the doorway.
Hmmmm…also being blocked at the doorway to the Hangar.


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So after the update I ended up buying another freighter. 14 mil. It all went great, named it and everything. I summon it, and go to send ships on missions, and my freighter isnt apart of my fleet log. Like its not appart of the ships i own, and none are on missions or anything. Its just gone. I can send every other ship on missions becides my apparent dissapeared freighter. Did i just waist 14 mil? Or did the update change something?
Also im on xbox 1


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I am not sure I understand the problem. Your Freighter has vanished or one of your Frigates? You can own up to 30 Frigates (the smaller ships you send on missions) but you can have only 1 Freighter ( your capital ship that you can decorate and build on and which never goes on missions)


My fraighter use to be on the fleet log were I see all my ships and its not there anymore. My old fraighter was there, but not the new one. I replaced my fraighter. And now I cant look at the states my new fraighter has.


Am I understanding this correct?
You have a FRIGATE gone missing? This is a common issue & sometimes they are destroyed while on a mission. They have been known to disappear if away during an update. An expensive loss.

Your FREIGHTER is your main Command Ship, where you have your smaller Star Ships and your customisable travelling base. This is often surrounded by your fleet of FRIGATES if they are not away on a mission which you control from the main bridge.


Are you able to share a screenshot?
Here is the only screen I know of that allows you to look at your Freighter Stats.

The Manage Fleet console on the bridge of your Freighter only allows access to your Frigates

Are you saying that the picture of your Freighter is missing from the Manage Fleet screen?
If so, that is annoying but not really a problem because you cannot access your Freighter from this list.


@senna541: When you buy a new Freighter, the old freighter is replaced, because you can only have 1 Freighter. This will also delete anything you had built on your previous Freighter, including any Fleet Command Rooms you may have had. You basically start with a completely new default layout of your Freighter base.

Your fleet of Frigates should transfer to your new Freighter, so any Frigates you owned before, should still be there. You may however not be able to access the Fleet Missions again, until you have rebuilt one or more Fleet Command Rooms. The below is the message you will get from the Navigator when trying to access Fleet Missions without any Fleet Command Rooms:

I think, or at least hope, that once you have rebuilt one or more Fleet Command Rooms, your issue will be solved, with full access to your fleet of Frigates to send out on missions again. It may even be possible you still had a fleet on an expedition, which you will then be able to debrief as well.


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