Freighter Power Supply Issues

I just realised there is an issue with some of the freighter parts not having their ‘power bubble’ located in the center of the square space they occupy. Below you will see some images showing how a L-shaped Corridor is not even passing on power to a room that is connected. The power “ConnectionDistance” is 4.1u, but the bubble is located towards one end of this corridor. The attached room will remain unpowered. Placed some lights near the edges to show where power is ‘failing’

I guess that explains even more? @sheralmyst


Yes. This is consistent with my experiment. This may be the issue. All power stops in my s-shaped corridors which are formed by placing 2 curved corridors together.


Based on your images, this also explains why my right curving corridor (which is on the left going into the cargo area) has power at the entry to it but loses power at the end of it and therefore does not transmit power to the connected left-curving corridor.
My corridor on the right side, heading into the cargo area, begins with a left-curving corridor. It has no power at all.
Hope that makes sense.
Based on your blender pic above, does the power bubble only exists at the front of the right-curving corridor? In other words, if you rotate the corridor to make it left-curving, does the power bubble remain on the same end of the corridor?
Hope you can understand what I am asking. :sweat_smile:


Yes, I totally understand what you are asking and I would ‘think’ that rotating it, will rotate the bubble with it. However, it could possibly make a difference based on where it ‘snaps’ to (doubtful). The only way to find out, would be to test this in-game and see the result. I had thought of this when I checked, but not tested it myself (yet), so can’t confirm.


2020 And we still have patches of electricity missing on the freighters.


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And yes it seems this issue still exists. @DevilinPixy did some research into the issue during Beyond and it seems this still applies so I have moved all of this info to the new Origin topics.
Hopefully, they will address the issue but please, remember to continue to report it to HG through


Thank you, I’ve reported it on the HG feedback website and will subscribe to the other topic.
I wrote here because a google search indexed this topic for me :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile: I am new and not English speaking Space Wanderer, so bare with me please :slight_smile:

I am also a new player to NMS so my building will be flawed to what I am supposed to do to be a pro :stuck_out_tongue:

I reply a possible solution because I did not read what I tried in this forum…

I got the same problem as mentioned above, after I left the game 24hrs ago, I started it today and both corridors are not open to access the cargo area anymore.
There is a floor elevation in last two segments of the corridor facing the cargo area (both corridors).
I can jump on the invisible elevation but at the door to the cargo area I can not crouch to get in. Also corridor has grayed walls.

With some building and fiddling (delete and rebuild corridor) I manged to get in to the cargo area again ! But as stated above no more power to the cargo area :frowning:

My possible solution to get power to the cargo area was to delete the corridor, place a room as corridor and all is fine now.

It is to hard for me to understand the explanation of DevilinPixy… My english and brain is to small :smiley:
Can it be the hole we are supposed to walk through has shifted up taking the bubble with it and then the spheres do not touch anymore ?

But maybe de sphere of the corridor is changing in save file or just to small and one of a room is bigger ?

Hope this helps


Hey @SpaceWanderer! Welcome to the forum. I moved you to the Origins topic.
Thank you for your help.

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This came with the 3.05 Halloween update patch notes. Hopefully this finally fixes the power issues on freighters many of us have been experiencing?


Will check it out as soon as I can get to my PC

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I just looked at some of the issues I had setup on my freighter in a test save. Some of the issues appear fixed, but certainly not all of them.

Here is what appears to be fixed after a quick look:

Green Coloured Light now powered by default, where it would previously remain unpowered.

Large Hydroponic Tray now appears to be powered when placed right in the middle of 4 large freighter rooms.

Below shows some of the remaining issues that do not appear to have been fixed:

Fleet Command Room still has several edge cases where power does not reach.

Curved Corridor still has power issues towards the end where connecting to other rooms/halls

Still seeing lack of power between two connected large rooms

Once the MBINCompiler has updated I will investigate to see if I can find what has actually changed to fix the large trays and green light. I will likely still be able to reproduce the other remaining issues as I did before, which would disappoint me.

I know we are not able to use logic on a freighter without mods or tools, but I truly hope they will not ruin that as well, by making everything powered.


After having checked changes made to the source files, I can conclude the following:

The Green light was fixed with an earlier update already. The missing ‘LINKSOCKET_’ locator was included to match the other coloured lights.

As for changes made to power distribution on the Freighter, they decided to just up the radius a bit for some of the parts when looking for power connections (ConnectionDistance). The following building part IDs have had their value changed from 4.1 to 4.5:


This explains the fixed issues as well as the remaining issues…


My left curving hallway is fixed

The right curving hallway…half fixed

Power in the cargo area :smiley:

Power in the Storage Rooms but not in the Exocraft Control Room