Expedition 8 Polestar

If you have access to the Anomally - look at the drives there.


I don’t think that this answer is much of a spoiler. The reward for the last milestone (superluminal) of phase 5 includes hyperdrive plans. It hides among other hyperdrive upgrades so you can easily miss it or think it is for the freighter like the rest.


Halp :pleading_face:

My freighter is now cursed. (It happened bevor I befriended the tentacly space whale that was cleverly camouflaged between my frigates, so I don’t blame it.

I was walking around on a planet (multiplayer was on, but I didn’t see anybody) and I got several milestone completion messages concerning freighter rooms that I was a few minutes away from unlocking myself ……

When I returned to my freighter, it is now half someone else’s freighter…. :-/

They’re overlapping in ways that are not possible with normal building (two rooms in the same spot). :disappointed: Reminds me of when freighters were newly introduced, similar things happened (outside of expeditions).

I wonder what it looks like to the other person? I guess I have to dismantle all these rooms?


If you call the freighter to a different location, will it separate into just yours?


No, I tried that, it didn’t help. I hadn’t tried quitting. I just dismantled them and rebuilt everything. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Dear diary. I jumped into the next system. Everything is cursed again.” :cold_sweat: Rooms and rooms stacked. :pleading_face: Let’s take a break for today :laughing:


These are the blue rooms that intersected with mine. I can dismantle them and get the resources though.

Other mysterious events: Save points and portable refiners are infinite and multiplying in the hallways. One of the portable refiners can be picked up but it’s always still there… I gave up after I had picked up 5 from the same spot… It’s still there… :grimacing:

Today I came back. There’s suddenly a small potted plant in the freighter hallway. It’s fine. It’s friendly. It has no teeth. Right? :grimacing:

I built the tentacly frigate neighbours an outdoors hut to appease them. :grimacing:


I love it. Brilliant. Worthy of Douglas Adams.


This reminds me of the interloper base that appeared on top of mine in the second to last Expedition. Their base just kept growing into mine and I had to keep moving parts of mine so I could access my stuff.

Fortunately once the Expedition was over, the interloper base disappeared. Good luck to you with your freighter, @AdaRynin .


Hmmm. I won the battle (expedition) but lost the war (freighter base)… The spreading blue cubes are closing in on me… :weary: (Aside: By default "others can build in my base is enabled, but I switched it off half way through this expedition.)

I might have a quest for all you all… How do I remove this evil room?

If I stand close to it I can open the build menu and press X. Then it says “deleted” (it always says that, independent of reality) and then “player is inside” and then it does a whole lot of nothing. Same if I try to replace it with an open-walled cargo room, or if I try to place a door on it, nuthin. I also tried standing one floor above it on the balcony, and I tried pressing B to move the camera, but can’t leave the room.

What else can I try, other than resetting the freighter?

Now that the expedition is over (and singleplayer) I should perhaps move house and commandeer a new freighter. I wonder whether the curse will be transfered as well. :weary:

PS: I checked out some NPC freighters (which can now be bought by just asking the captain?) and … I think their subtlety generators were offline. “It’s not mine officer, I swear! It was… procedurally generated, I swear!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would do that just to find out. :sweat_smile:


I’d expect the problem is possibly transferable.
I once had a game breaker bug that was ‘planet & multiplayer related’ so the location was the cause & my only solution was to pack up offline & never return.
I’m not the only one to have had this happen.

My choice for solving your problem would be:
To go offline & ensure all your multiplayer stuff is set to “no one” & as antisocial as possible.
I’d then, (& only then), reset the freighter.

Stay offline & try a temporary couple of rooms on your freighter & then do a few warps, reloads ect & see if your issue returns.

Also I’d be inclined to remove any bases on busy/shared planets from the expedition & move far away. Multi warps far with a few saves & reloads along the way.
This should hopefully disconnect you & whoever you’ve meshed together with.

Once you have ‘escaped’, then test out returning online.
If that works ok, then try turning on your multiplayer features one at a time until you are hopefully back up & playing the way you want.

I’ll be interested to hear how you go if you decide to do this.


I went offline and bought the most expensive freighter I could afford without shopping around too much (from C to B). It kept the fleet and squadron (as expected), but the interior is just random. Wasn’t there a way to transfer the old base? Oh well. At least no new glitches yet, let’s see.


Transfer of freighter base only happened if you left anything behind in inventory for some silly reason. We used to always get a freighter with the same layout, but this time they finally made use of the ability to have variety. They have created 23 default presets for layouts now.


So for the sake of clarity, that means the game will no longer transfer the layout and the contents of our freighter (except maybe the contents of storage) when we trade for another freighter?


have they ever done that??


At first when freighter bases where new, they could not be saved or transferred.

Was there a time where the layout transferred with you when you switched to a new one - I think it was an option in customisations menu on the bridge…? Not sure (I didn’t switch recently.) I looked for it and didn’t find it anymore.

And now they changed that again? I “wisely” cleaned out the freighter, but had to leave all rooms, because I could not reach them, and nothing transfered. So @DevilinPixy , are you saying if we leave any cargo behind, then the cargo gets transferred - or the layout as well?


added an @ :wink: since I am interested in the answer as well. I remember switching freighters once and nothing transferred. The Base Parts thingy was there and I could reclaim some items through it like you can in a land base but I have kept the same Freighter for a while now. I am interested in what the new freighter layouts look like. If anyone has pics…


A habitation theme with habitation room templates for freighters would be nice… Wouldn’t necessarily need to be any interactable logic connected to it like room assignements and stuff, just a section of your freighter where the crew goes to hang out on off-hours…


In my newest save, I recently changed freighters and when I went into the ‘new’ one it was essentially my freighter with my layout, decor etc.
I thought that was just how it worked now.
I didn’t swap anything or transfer anything, it just swapped over.
Does that only occur if you have stuff in your freghter cargo? I’m not sure.


The freighter bases transfer was part of an update about a year ago (Prisms) but I believe it was bugged.
Maybe it only works if the freighter inventory had stuff in it or something. I’ve only done it once & that was in my ‘Pirate’ save I started when that theme was introduced.

Edit: added pic & context