Expedition 11 Voyagers


The Voyagers Expedition has started! I will be adding additional info as I get it.

Countdown Timer :link:

Rendezvous Locations


Sleep well F5, you earned it <3

Look forward to seeing everyones discoveries :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up. Those rewards look cool.


Out of town for the day sitting in waiting rooms. Something told me to bring my steam deck… :wink:
45 days!

Wait…record a creature with a blood pH under 2.5…


Oh dear - bad timing. I think for me, Starfield launches tomorrow.

I’ve read that Starfield doesn’t even get properly started until you’ve completed the first 150 hours.

What a dilemma.


Nice bonus:


2 Months for this expedition, so that put it around November…Really late in the year for any update to follow it…

However still got part 4 coming, Voyager is clearly not it.

However its odd Sean Said “Thank you for playing Voyagers, and we look forward to sharing more news with you soon.”

Soon isn’t something that one would expect to be months down the road??

Something coming during an Expedition…or a special announcement?.. Sean really does know how to peak my curiosity lol


Finally set up on my new PC. I think I will knock out this expedition before jumping to that other space game.


I look at Starfield, but came away with a, Meh." Not for me. Even if it were free, I’d likely play it little.

No Man’s Sky is still my love.


My daughter just found her ship


And that’s a darned good start…


For just a trifle of nanites, I was able to pull this beauty out of mothballs:

Unfortunately, it's seen its best days:

  1. With the hyperdrive and its trio, it can warp a tremendous 132.2. Puts me in mind of the expedition that had me chasing pirates gold.

  2. It looks like it’s in the inceptor class but it can’t come to a complete stop when cruising over the surface of worlds.


Taking my time with this expedition, visiting every planet and discovering every creature.

Finally found a creature nasty enough to meet the viciousness criteria after much searching. I thought this horror deer would be the one when I saw it gore creatures from a distance, but sadly it’s cute face crushed the viciousness ratio.

The most vicious award goes to this big fish here who also has the honour of being my first wonder display creature ever (hadn’t got around to building one in my main yet :D)

A giant sand worm got stuck on its re-entry and just wiggled about with its head stuck in the ground and its sphincter in the air. I wish I got a GIF cos this just looks like a sandworm going in to the ground XD

Found a missing merchant…

… and a Liutenant that wasn’t very good at their job.

The journey has been fun and I’m almost there…

full of calm and chaotic moments.

I just stepped through a blackhole and going to build myself a small outpost on this big ol macintosh apple of a planet before continuing on with phase 4.


So I have not found any of the creatures required for the milestones. I hope someone is taking notes.


I’ve read that at least one aggressive fauna is one a planet in the starting system

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No but I’ve been leaving comm balls '^ _ ^

Actually I have been saving them in my custom wonders page so if someone gets REALLY stuck I can look up the planet/system name and portal address.

Just never put upgrades on your warp drive and stop at every system the expedition route points you to, after many many many hours you’ll be right where I am; finished phase 1,2,4 and 5 and still looking for a planet with 80% hostility rating :smiley:

I think I just havent been to enough red stars to find one, route sent me to mostly yellow stars. I’ll get there.

On my way to Rendezvous 5 now.

Decided to pay some visits to community bases before I departed Rendezvous 4 and well, I just had to check out the Rocket CHair base. Carnivals in town


Anyone else experiencing issues with bases and pirate freighters? The freighters are engaged in battle, but all I can see are the lasers.
As for my bases,
pretty sure I built this one above ground

and this one had walls