Etarc Hub Is Open

Elysium Arcadia is my home system outside the ETARC hub. I just moved there and set up my base yesterday. It produces 5 explosives and a heat capacitor each farm cycle. There will be a race setup once I finish finding antimatter spawn points. You’re welcome to come by! :wink:

The main purpose of my base is to grow antimatter (in those containers) for warp cells.

I’m hoping to start exploring today.



I worked it out later off the discoveries menu.

If you find an extreme heat, orange/red coloured, biome in the hub locale, let me know. I may need to move my base earlier than planned due to a portal address being unreliable and I’m quite taken with those systems.
So those red drums are not just decorations? They produce anti-matter do they? I read something about that but never tested it. Is that consistent or do they produce any of the typical drum finds?
Perhaps my next venture needs to be a fuel station…

I will keep an eye out. The barrel containers grow either nothing, suspension fluid, electron vapor, antimatter or on rare occasions a warp cell at random. The game picks the content when you craft one. It will keep producing the same item as long as you dont move it. If it produces something you dont want, tear it down and craft it in a different spot . Dont put it in freighters as the contents randomize when you move your freighter. Hope that helps. :wink:

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I must say that the systems I’ve surveyed in Morshob have not been very inviting. I’m trying to find a permanent home but I’d say half the worlds I’ve visited have been dead/lifeless, extreme weather, or anomalous.

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Well, if you find a nice orange/red inferno type biome tell me where it is & I’ll be interested.
Name it Dragons-breath or Jalapeno or something and send me some directions. I need a nice toasty warm planet to retire to when I’m finished travelling.

I assume most of this is taking place on PS4 but I’m close to getting all the necessary glyphs to portal into the new ETARC hub on my PC/Survival game, then I’ll set up shop and start the PC-side of the ECSD explorations!


Please do, we seem to have a lack of PC players. And it’s good to see so many people playing survival mode :grin:


This is great to hear Jeepsters! I’m not sure how many we have on the PC end of things, personally I have the game on PS4, I bought it for PC during the early days of the ARG but haven’t touched my PC playthrough since atlas rises launched. I plan to go back soon, maybe over the christmas when I have time off work I can help you map out the PC ETARC hub, shouldnt prove too difficult with instant teleportation and what not, god speed!


I have it on both PS4 and PC too. My original game was on PS4 but the PS4 in my house is also our TV media center so I bought it on PC this past summer so I can play at the same time that my wife’s watching her TV shows. Although I know I could use mods and stuff on PC to do instant teleportation I prefer to play the vanilla game ever since the release of 1.3.


I was the same, only MOD I think I had in play was more variety in ship decals maybe, had great fun using NoMansConnect to chart my progress too :smiley: I moved home recently so my PC and PS4 are now in the same room, rather than seperate, so will make playing/community multitasking much easier for me going forward. I’ll see you out there Jeepsters, feel free to add me on PS4 (ChristianHour) or PC/Steam ( )

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I found a pretty awesome frost planet if any one is looking. Mild weather and passive sentinels. Plus this potentially awesome base location :wink: I did not claim the planet either, if you want to name it yourself.

I’m still on the lookout for a nice hot planet for you @Mad-Hatter, but I’ve only found one so far and the terrain there was pretty rough (lots of deep valleys) :confused:


Just at Neonblush now :slight_smile: Have done the return journey and about to leave to free up the base (though I have base sharing turned off currently so should be okay or do I have that wrong?)

@MacForADay Just to inform you, my survival mode farm is currently closed due to relocation :smiley:

Currently looking for a home in the Unherlant Anomaly… I think I’ve remembered that right.

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Thanks for remembering me @Xion4012!
It doesnt have to be hot but I would like extreme if possible. Found another rich orange/red one while traveling which was actually radioactive so the colours I like are used over different biomes. Check out the pic in my recent pilgramage posts for a hint of the colour scheme I’m hoping for.
Great to see to hub developing.

You have some rather unique tastes. I’ll keep a look out.

I’ve got my new base set up as well. Not much to look at, but it produces 18 living glass every 30 minutes.
No Man's Sky_20171110173638


I’ve had several lush biome bases & after visiting @LordMarkov 's I figured it might be fun to go a bit wild for the next one. If it’s in the hub, then portal proximity is less of an issue.
I’m thinking maybe a warp cell fuel station might be welcome for the intrepid explorers, with a few domes of circuit board makings to top up the wallet.

I’m using it to make quick money. Once I own everything I want I plan to do something fun, like a racetrack.

Is this the color you’re talking about?
No Man's Sky_20171113175210

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Ok, I will unpublish it from the mission list

Extreme with day temps of 214 degrees (574 degrees when stormy). Not quite the colors your looking for though.

Yep. That’s it. Whats that one?