[ETARC HUB]: Finding a Capital- Poll Closed

I think this hub has taken a long time to get started because of not having a leader (even a democratically voted and rotating one).


When discovering a location does the ‘time’ it gets discovered influence the final naming privilege or is it simply the first person to upload.
My reason for asking is on my wife’s offline game; I visited her planet from my game and uploaded the planet, yet once her game was online she gained the discovery and I lost it.
Doesn’t that indicate the timestamp is the deciding factor. If thats the case, one of the ETARC HUB pioneers probably holds the keys to the capital in their non-uploaded discoveries list…

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If I had to guess, the effect you noticed was a result of her “offline” status. It sounds like her prior time stamp trumped your later stamp. But the event occurred when she came back online.

It may be possible to use that affect in the Hub. Again, just guessing, once you go “online” the game automatically updates discovery data. The problem as I see it: This would require someone to have been there first, offline, and still be offline now.

Did she name the discovery before or after she went back online?


I’m tempted tp experiment once I can access my game in a few days time, but I’ll need to be carefull as I don’t want to claim/upload a planet that could be our capital.
By rights any unclaimed/non-uploaded systems should still be in my discoveries list iconed by a hollow indicator.
Are we still going with ETARCIA/EDISON as our system/planet name? I can’t remember what we chose…

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Here are the naming convention poll results.


OK. So I’m home from holidays and I’ve powered up NMS (PS4) & it looks as if I hold ‘first finder’ to the 2 systems listed below:

Itokin Xoka (directly below PENTHOUSE ECSD)
Akyotar (3 systems below PENTHOUSE ECSD)

Are we interested in trying to see if one of these would suit becoming the system of ETARCIA PRIME ECSD for our capital planet of EDISON ECSD?

By using @Xion4012’s listing (link below) are there any potential candidates I should go back to & re-evaluate?
Obviously I could be wrong but it’s worth a shot. As you can see below, they appear in my discoveries list as not uploaded but as yet unclaimed…

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Upon review I noticed this previously noted one in AKYOTAR I neglected to bring up in our polls due to regular hot rain. I noted it due to its unusual spire mountains & real beauty in between bad weather.
I believe I might have left a comm on a spire top near the portal…

Planet: Almermonderh
Weather: Persistent Hot Rain
Sentinels: Limited
Flora: Ample
Fauna: Barren
Resources: Star Bulb, Gold, Nickle, Heridium
Notes: Unusual spire mountains on blue grassy plains. Possible candidate for capital due to open, exocraft- friendly plains. Portal located 20 minutes walk from habitable base. Interesting misty blue with golden sunrises.

Should we have a better look???
Turns out the planet of Almermonderh wasn’t even officially in my discoveries list but it is now. Not sure why… it had a pair of my beacons and my comm there but hadn’t registered properly.

I’m in the system now, looking to make sure there are no residents. I’ll save here for a bit for easy access. Will need to test the portal also.

Blue grass green trees stormy/rainy. Colour hues range from blues to golden depending on weather and time of day.
To whoever tests the portal.
Do not hard save or upload after testing/visiting. Please just reload previous to avoid claiming.


Almermonderh (cool sounding name without edit) meets all of the expectations that I had in mind for the capitol but one. I figured the chosen capitol would have interesting (not necessarily large) fauna.

Searching for all of the different animals is an inherent activity for the planet that players can do while they visit (and somewhat do together).


Is this a serious suggestion? Or are you testing your offline theory? Because that system, and planet, have been uploaded.


I was search for a candidate yesterday , and left the chain just a little, found a really cool dust planet. Took a bunch of pictures, found the portal, found closes bases. Left went to galactic map, realized I wasn’t in the Hub. :sob: It was a neighbor region, Something “Mass”. It would be nice if we could filter the galactic map by regions.

Anyway, It had huge mountains and spaghetti structures like that Black Mirror episode.



On my discoveries menu it is discovered by me and NOT uploaded. Perhaps I could try a different planet in the same system and see what happens…

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Akyotor has not been uploaded, you are correct there. I was referring to the first system, Itokin-Xoka.

The systems in the chain are being claimed and uploaded. We are running out of possible options. I suggest everyone take a good look at whats left and make any suggestions for possible capitals ASAP. If we are going to have a capital in the chain, we need to move quickly before it’s too late.

Prior suggestions:
Almermonderh, Akyotor
Wichukchiinic, Othrys XVI (system uploaded)
Hoanagii Brovsk, Lefirdi-Ikoma
Hereidenttiet, Lefirdi-Ikoma

Also, the systems Nadirin-Magar, Adomag-Feue, Liinak, Kedatoriu, and Imodaw-Uun were suggested, but none of their planets.


Also appears in my listing as my discovery but not uploaded…

I’ll await further discussion on the capital before I do more.

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Lordy Lordy, folks, we’re being paralysed by discussion here.

I’m ready to move in and claim the PC Capital within minutes of the system and planet being announced. I have a sacrificial game I can use to establish the base. But we need to move.

Just as @Xion4012 said of the PS4 universe, on PC the nearby systems are being nibbled away by people I don’t recognise. Anybody can read this forum, not just ETARC members.

It would be nice to have a system on which everyone’s absolutely agreed. But the way things are now, it’s more important that we choose something - anything. Otherwise we could lose the lot.

I propose we agree that @Mad-Hatter can make the choice. The chain was his discovery. And I propose that we do this by default - i.e. if nobody’s come up with a serious objection within, say, 2 hours, we call that carried.

Oh, and I’m perfectly fine wit ETARCIA and EDISON.


Agreed! @Polyphemus makes an excellent point. How much more discussion do we really need? Our oportunity is slipping away with further delay!

Also agree that @Mad-Hatter make the final choice. The chain is his discovery!


That’s a very kind suggestion @Polyphemus but others have actually investigated more of the chain than I have & I don’t wont to become the dictator. I donated my find to the community for all ETARCIANS.
If it was my call exclusively I’d have chosen the location listed in the posts above simply to ensure aquisition but it IS very stormy…almost extreme.
Still, in a universe of possibilities getting something perfect will be a real challenge…and locations are getting scarce. Can someone check the portal please. EDIT>HAS BEEN CHECKED.OK.
I have to go offline for a bit but I’ll be back in a couple of hours.


Just checked the portal at Almermonderh in Akyotar system … it works! After confirmation, I reloaded my previous save to make sure to leave it as I found it.

I jumped back in the portal just as one of those boiling storms was breaking out … whew!


Excellent that the portal works. I find so many duds.

I AM concerned about the storms but perhaps our capital building could reflect this?
Architecturally design it as a hostile environment CSD Research Station with pilots lounge and details encompassing research and studies.
Still away from my PS4 but paying attention to developments/discussion points.
I’d suggest a creative save competition/think-tank to design our capital base.


I am currently there in the PC universe. The weather is certainly er… challenging? Visibility is pretty much zero a lot of the time.

The nearest base I can find is 25 minutes from the portal.


So that is about a 8-10ish min drive. I like storm planets, not a deal breaker for me.