[ETARC HUB]: Finding a Capital- Poll Closed

Is my suggested candidate.
Blue grassy verdant planet with golden sunrises.
Near constant rain with severe storms. When clear it has some spectacular scenery with unusual weathered spire mountains.
Green plants. No animals.
Proven opperational portal with habitable base 20 minutes walk away.
Currently unclaimed and able to be renamed.
Located a few down from the top of the star-chain.
Has 5 sister planets also currently unnamed.


As I have said before, I think it’s more important now that we choose somewhere, rather than continue with further circular discussion and endless polls. Time is running out, and we’re in danger of suffering Death by Democracy.

I don’t think Almermonderh is ideal. The storms can strip my protection to zero in 10 seconds. Can you imagine trying to host something like Unification Day there? Everyone would die before they could escape through the portal. I suppose it could be a novelty - where Unification Day had comm balls, we could have graves. :grinning:

But think on this - in nominating Akyotar as the ETARCIA Capital system, we get several planets to play with. Even if the Capital base is on Almermonderh, and only really suitable for granite-jawed survival types, the other planets are still available for parties, meetings, exploration etc.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where we choose - it’s still going to be wrong. There will always be someone who disagrees with the decision.

If the choice is Almermonderh, I will get behind it, and support it. It’s far more important now that we stop discussing, and DO something.


Agreed. Its a pretty serious planet most of the time.
It can go in the poll with the rest and soon after a decision will be made.
True…we can hold an event anywhere.
Surviving the capital long enough to post a comm (if Almermonderh is chosen) will take dedication. :grin:


I agree. I can easily accelerate the process. I can get a poll up now, limit the choices, and we can leave it up for a short time. But I do insist we put it to a vote.

I will take a look back through the options and get a poll up momentarily. You will find the poll in the OP for ease of access.

EDIT: The poll is up. We are going to do this rather fast, so get in and vote while you can. It won’t be open for long.


Will the poll have some link to images of the planets or will we just be voting on gobbledegook names that have no meaning to us?


See Hub Star Catalogue (link in OP), replies in this Topic, and/or go planet side (just don’t claim it.) It’s all a bit scattered, but its there.

Othrys XVI

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There is a link to the Star Catalogue just above the poll. Most of the star/planet information is there, including a screenshot. And as Sir_Oops said, you can always visit the location.


Fistly, if you can’t find the poll to vote in (as I couldn’t), it’s right at the beginning of this thread. Doh.

Secondly, we’ve been asked for pictures. Personally, I think if you have any real interest in the hub, you would go there and look. But here we go:

(Note - all taken from PC normal mode.)


On PS4 this system has been claimed and renamed to Othrys XVI. On PC, it retains its original name of Buzent XVIII. There are 2 possible planets:


Viridescent planet, star bulb, aluminium, iridium
Humid weather, passive sentinels, bountiful flora, limited fauna

Ufferdwarz Onyang

Radioactive water world. (Note - hostile sentinels.)

High radio source, gamma root, emetil, copper.
Particulate winds, hostile sentinels, bountiful flora, sparse fauna.


Two possible planets:


Parched planet, cactus flesh, gold, nickel.
Dust-choked winds, limited sentinels, sporadic flora, limited fauna.

Hoanagii Brovsk

Barren planet, cactus flesh, gold, iridium.
Ceaseless drought, typical sentinels, full flora, fauna not present.


Two possible planets:


Verdant planet, star bulb, gold, nickel.
Painfully hot rain, limited sentinels, ample flora, fauna barren.

To be fair, Almermonderh looks like this most of the time. There’s an almost constant, mildly damaging rain, and the visibility’s not great.

However, there are frequent, extremely severe storms. Then it looks like this:

The shot above was taken 2 seconds after I left my ship. You can see how much my suit protection has dropped. The next one was taken 8 seconds later. It really can be quite severe.

Oquiyaks Sipi

I didn’t really intend this as a submission - it was just something I found. But now it’s on the list, I’ll talk about it.

Verdant planet, star bulb, emeril, copper.
Lethal humidity outbreaks, limited sentinel, empty flora (but see picture - it has trees), bountiful fauna.

The main problem with this place is that it’s a water world. The nearest base to the portal is an hour away across the sea. This is what a base looks like:

That’s all I can give you, unfortunately. Get voting!


AKYOTAR: Almermonderh - Portal’s entrance

Marked it with comm ball on PC.
Closest base seems to be in ~25 minutes.


Last night I went planet side to each of the Candidates. I found the nearest base and drove there in the nomad. First off I think these were all great chooses. They are all about 20min walks, which makes them less then 9 min. drives. (excluding Oquiyaks Sipi). I put them in order that I like. I am trying to sway some of you to move your votes.

Lefirdi Ikoma, Hereidenttiet
I believe this was one of the winners tied in the original poll and I didn’t vote for it. I regret calling for a re-vote. This planet has a pleasant drive, mild weather, Soft sunset and mostly clear night sky.

…The portal is up on a large ridge overlooking a valley. Straight ahead is the base, you cannot quit see it. Your in the valley for the whole drive. There is a ridge in the middle, it feels shorter then the portal or bases elevations. Animals frolic here and there. Your favor part is as you approach the base, its up on a ridge line just like the portal, maybe a little lower. There are two ramparts on each side of the circle of the base properties. This looks like a capital court. You climb one side. At the base you get out and experience hot night storm. The winds were mean, but the sounded was pleasant. you tuck into the base and watch the night sky…

Akyotor, Almermonderh
…The drive for this planet has a lot going for it. First you begin In the plains of the Mad Spires, you head south past Mac’s hill, to the starboard is a enormous mound know as Crossid, If you are lucky you will avoid Oops’ potholes. Then you bounce across the Poly dunes and begin your ascent up Mt. Xion. On the other side of this proud hill, you enter the forest of the Tajay. Between two spires you traverses and you nod to in turn, greeting them by name Zef and Zig. To the west is another mound called Todd and south of that Chelo canyon. The forest ends at the Osh downs, and you find yourself at the base. The base over looks the Pixy Dale in the West and the East The cliffs and caves of Mar-Kov.
Of course, you can see none of this because of the raging storm…

Othrys XVI (star has been named), Wichukchiinic
…Upon coming out of the portal you find your self staring off a cliff into a crater, you are high up in a mountains, but before you can look down. A flock of giant flying creatures soar past your face . You watch them play on the winds created in this depression. You wake up and remember your mission. Most of the drive is mountain climbing and large craters. You try to avoid the craters by skirting the walls, but alas some are to large, you drop in. The animal are in the carters and small round spires. The whole trip feels like you are moving upwards. The Base is nestled all around by cliffs, except for one side that overlooks a bowl shaped crater. The flying creatures are there flying in the clear night sky…

LefirdiIkoma, Hoanagii Brovsk
…You don’t recall much from this adventure. You liked the clear Sky with bright stars. The drive was fun lots of Caves and ravines. You recall jumping off a hill and landing in a cave, a sec later your in a ravine, didn’t miss a beat. When you got to the base it was night time. On getting out of the vehicle, you are stunned to find you are know on what looks like a frost planet. The ground is crunchy as you spin scanning. Its cold, but your are still on the dessert like planet, with cacti and dust. The base had a nice view but you cant remember particularly why…

Othrys XVI(star has been named), Ufferdwarz Onyang
…From the portal you head down the little cliff and opt to cross the lake appose to skirt it. You admire the angry lake monster below. You give them a raspberry, laughing because they can’t get you. On the other side you climb a small ridge, you see a sea and crosses it. “By the Shrugging gods bread, water is boring to drive on!” you sigh. On the other side you climb the new island, you dodge holes that lead into caves here and there. you fall in some. Then you come to a the edge of the ridge. You have a choice to the Left and in front of you is a bay, to your far right a land bridge. You opt for the quick route and cross the bay. yawn! Some more rocky land with caves, then there it is the base in front of a similar looking lake. You take a nap…

Akyotor, Oquiyaks Sipi
…You arrive at the portal check for closest base. See that it is a half hour drive a crossed water. No thanks, Maybe, if there was waves or something, but you pass and go home…


Thank you Polyphemus and Sir_Oops for the extra information. It is appreciated.

The poll is in the original post. I thought it would be easier to find than post 105/112. Perhaps that was a mistake.

@Polyphemus The star Othrys XVI has been uploaded already. I believe it was originally called Buzent…XIV? Something like that. It’s about 3/4 of the way up the chain.


Othrys - name on PS4. On PC it has original name.


OK, I’ll update with pictures in an hour or so.

(edit) Done. Pictures added, text updated.


Thanks for that amusing but quite accurate description. I’ve adjusted my vote to a more sensible choice.

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The results are in, and Hereindenttiet in the Lefirdi-Ikoma system is our new Hub capital. The planets have been claimed, named and uploaded.

Our Hub is now complete :grin::+1:

With the capital location chosen, everyone is now free to claim a system in the chain. However, please refrain from claiming/uploading more than one system in the chain. We want to give as many people as possible a home in our new Hub.


Can someone tell me where the Hub is on PC on the Pilgrim Star Path? I am busy running everywhere trying to find glyphs etc…I don’t supposed I could by some fluke of extraordinary luck, fly right into the chain and not know it…


Got it, find one, claim one, and stop. 2 more glyphs and I can be on my way. Now where are those crazy travellers hiding?


This one is right on the chain and could be used for navigation.

I will make step by step instruction later today.


Can you give us the portal address for the capital star system so we can set a waypoint to there and visit it?

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