Entropy ARG


Looks like Discord user mangell03 is streaming the program live on Twitch. Feel free to check it out below:


It just looks static… is thee something supposed to happend? (:blush:


I believe something does happen, usually when our ‘hosted’ Curtis, is available. I do however have to see it myself yet, as I have been too busy with some other things and had no time to really get caught up again. Keeping an eye out now though and plenty of discussion about it on the Discord.


Crazy !!!


I have not been able to keep up with Entropy, but it is still ongoing.
Feel free to check it out on the Game Detectives Wiki, or join the GD Discord #Entropy.


I saw the last video … looks always so complicated for a humble traveller like me!
Unfortunately I couldn’t keep up with our friend entropy! Will check again soon!