Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


Goodnight night owls! I think it is on a loop again. Keep a watchful eye on Mr and Ms Noodles. :slight_smile:


Yeah…this was posted before…


A question: some games get a midnight release. Do we know when NEXT will hit? Will it be a midnight update?


Someone just posted on FB the Xbox site says 9AM EDT July 24


I’m not sure…normally for a proper new release(as was the case with the original NMS launch) there would be preloading and the game would unlock at midnight on the dot…but since we can’t be given a preload without being given the update early it’s up to PSN to have someone unlock the content so it’s kind of hit or miss with patch releases…we may have to wait until the next morning to afternoon.



I’m planning on the update taking a bit too, as everyone that has it will be trying to update at the same time
But at some point on the 24th I vanish for a bit


bummer…I wanted to have a party til midnight…


I’m probably going to end up doing what I did for Atlas Rises…stay up all night to not miss when it goes up for download and then fall asleep soon after because I didn’t sleep all night…genius plan all around.


I think on Monday, we should start a thread and get it ready for before and after pictures.


First thing I want to do with NEXT(after creating my Korvax character) is figure out how the new revamped freighters work and go looking to buy an S class mega freighter(which hopefully by now will have been upgraded to be allowed to have 48 slots) and then to figure out the new fleet content and mechanics…though I might have to set up a farm to make more money first depending on how much it all costs.


I’m out of likes (shocker) but I have been taking a few pics of my base and planet to see the changes



We need to find a streamer to represent this community on Friday for the extraction event but it’s a bit more convoluted this time around: