Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion


Never saw mine or the one for the ETARC Hub…:disappointed_relieved:


Same here. But I truly sent mine in so that there was a record of my cool fiery planet before the universe ends.


Yeah, I sent in 6 galleries of 6 planets with 9 shots each, and didn’t make the cut. I may have sent them too late though. I wasn’t able to finish putting them together until shortly before the countdown. Oh well, I enjoyed everyone else’s screens. Thanks to everone who capped and posted as many as they could here! I’ll post some links to my own galleries in the screenshots thread later.


GUYS! I notice something:

Are missing some planet on this photo?


@LPlaysGaming @MacForADay @MZK (speculation)


Of course, it could also be obscured by the gorgeous clouds. But nah, I think it is rotation. Wasn’t there rotation originally?


Please, watch this trailer again:


Yes, I see what you are saying. The planet does seem to be higher in the sky when he takes off in his ship. :sunglasses:

edit: I might add that it also seems to be further away…being someone who watches the night sky, that is actually very realistic. Things always seem bigger and hence closer when they are low on the horizon…:sunglasses::sunglasses:


There is only one thing that worries me about the clouds. Just like real life…every time I want to go out and view some celestial phenom, it never fails to be cloudy. I hope that malady does not follow me into the sim. :scream: :laughing:
Can you imagine what those rings must look like when the planet is laying just over that rise? I have a feeling we are in for some spectacular views.


I was thinking about that. Hope it wont. :grin:


Iteration boundary failure :upside_down_face:


I’m wondering about the guy sitting down. Some are saying it could mean we have emotis (sp?) in the game.
I’m wondering if that particular player is either not available at the moment (bathroom break) or has not been taken by another player and is available.


I’m almost certain there’s emotes. In the same scene, the Gek (I’m assuming player) waves his hand.


I’m thinking that it is a pose that is adopted when temporarily unavailable…ie setting a comm or in menu.
Be interesting to see if we can just emote off a menu. I noticed the one character pointing or waving…


He’s not waving he’s actually starting the race if you look it’s a racetrak


Maybe it is just a random character behaviour when they stand still for a while (like in other games) or when another player moves quite close?
Just an automated friendly character response…
Can’t wait to find out :smile:


There were a few hours when nobody was taking screenshots of the images shown on stream so hopefully yours might have shown during that time. I don’t think my entry was shown either afaik but I submitted it something like three days after they opened the site because I kept being hit with errors so they probably had a zillion submissions to read before even getting to mine so I didn’t really expect to see mine there.


Maybe, but he’s still waving his hand. And we see them sit in many places, like on the nose of a ship in a screenshot (someplace someone like me would emote sit for looks :yum:) or in that group on pink grass, where on is sitting and one is waving normally


You mean like this:


Or this: