Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion








Tick Tock


and the latest player pic is one we have already had isn’t it


I was just wondering that!
Edit: yep that’s a repeat
Edit 2 scroll up


Does that clock put the Friday event at about 4pm Fri central time?


You trying to make me math? 5 est


So the answer is yes. Yeah, math…:crazy_face:


So the countdown clock on the Noodles has made me rethink the meaning of moral support. I thought one was support for the other…mr/ms which is true but, just maybe, the Noodles are there for our moral support. :blush:


Yep, it’s looping the submissions now


At least we can take a break now. :smiley: I have a snake-bitten dog to tend to which means a trip to town. Don’t worry, she has pulled through the worst of it. Just needs to heal now.
See you later!


Glad to hear she’s getting better


When did the new countdown start? I was up till 3am sharing screenshots. I might have been too tired to notice new stuff. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh no! @sheralmyst Wishing your doggie a speedy recovery. I hate snakes.

Edit: I’m glad the Twitch is looping. I agree, I think we’ve earned a break. LoL!


The timer popped up about 30 minutes ago, it wasn’t on the noodles screen before that one

Edit, that’s the third one in a row already shown-I think we are safe in our assumption


I think there was a few hours missed between ScienceofArt and when I started posting. I should be able to cover some of that time today. Unless it speeds up or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like the stream is now repeating images that have been already shown so this is probably it.


Wow. Just wow. From possibly thousands of submissions, they included mine within those few?!? :scream:

Thank you. Thank you so much! :grinning: