Development update 1.59

They finally share what they are working on


A spitting attack for biological horrors? Looks like I wasn’t the only one suggesting that :smile:
Now, since you’re at it, how about listening to my other suggestion and make predators more hostile again in survival mode? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, body types… Coooool! I hope they’re also used in NPC generation (don’t see why not). Keep it up HG, both updating the game and the community. You’re on a roll here!


Cool. A sneek peek too.
Thanks for sharing this :+1:

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Seconded. I used to die in the past. It’s been a while now.


I really hope the quality of life improvements finally includes a better way to scroll shop quantities up and down quicker.

I’ve been using the “go into sell and then switch to buy so quantities match your current stock” trick for nearly two years now waiting for a better solution XD (that tips for free for those who don’t know it :wink: )

Was very sweet of them to share what the teams up to knowing how much doing that terrifies them now.

Spitting xenomorphs… My Glob!!! :scream:


Same, I’m on PC and I’m really not sure why the mouse wheel is not utilized better for menus. The mouse wheel button is used so… yeah it just seems very intuitive but it either got overlooked or ignored for other improvements.

I remember back when one of our own suggested that. Even in my good save those beasties give me a run for my money.
If they are going to start spitting and blinding you (or whatever beasty spit does) I’m going to get my ass handed to me.
The ‘How Did You Die’ thread is going to get a few death by monstrosity slobber reports me thinks.

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I think because it can actually be a bit annyoing to implement (the middle mouse button isn’t a problem, that’s just a button). Now, not exceedingly difficult or anything, but I strongly suspect that their UI framework is a bit of a mess, and they’re only touching it with a long stick. That’s what ususally happens when you suddenly realise halfway through developing your engine that “oh crap, I guess we’re going to need some kind of user interface”.
I kind of had that happen to me once in my life, and I decided to scrap it all and “just quickly write a basic UI-framework that handles all that stuff in a generic manner so I can reuse it anywhere and not bother with special cases ever again”. I’m still not finished :smile:


I get that, but they need to shorten that stick! Another game I putt around with, BeamNG, ( although it is in admitted Early Access) is suffering from similar UI problems.

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I agree, but it might be a task that takes quite some time.

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Well if they are listening to the community, I hope that they bring back hostile predators and they vary the planet generation while also giving us more variety in general when it comes exploration like new biomes and colors. Basically I want it to be similar to how it was before next.


Hostile predators still exist sort of, they just seem more interested in their prey now. I always felt it strange before NEXT how they’d just drop what they’re doing and make a bee line for you soon as you’re near, whether they see you or not.

I’ve noticed the larger predators however, raptor type dinos etc, will go for you from quite a distance away. It seems the smaller the predator, the less likely they’ll go for you. That’s just from my own observations though and like with all things in no mans sky I’m not sure if it’s functioning that way or just in my head.

One thing I’d like to see a return of is more planets without fauna. I have yet to find a planet devoid of life that wasn’t an airless planet in NEXT.

The size of the predator makes sense as to whether a predator will go for you. However, I think there should be a mechanic for pack or swarm hunters being interested when in numbers.


Exactly it’s so disheartening that every single planet that can have life is full of life.


That would be really cool!

Well it seems they’re going to be doing more with the bio horrors attack mechanic so maybe they’ll do more with the general wildlife actions as well. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve only been attacked by a predator once in NEXT, after I killed what I assume was its mate. No predator has ever shown any interest in me without provocation, and even when attacked all but that single one ran away.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s bad that predators don’t launch immediate suicide attacks. It’s even pretty realistic that they don’t attack you. But… NMS is essentially a schlock scifi simulator, and getting eaten by weird critters on strange planets is pretty much a goto scenario of the genre. I do miss it right now.
Appart from that, there’s so little unpredictable stuff that can happen in NMS. Predators were at least some unknown in the equation when you explored a new planet.