Desert Island Survival Game! - Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a game about surviving on desert islands after your plane crash-lands. I am having a lot of fun with it!


This game is free for PSN subscribers for this month. I downloaded it, but haven’t started it yet given the game backlog I am still playing through.

Thank you for posting videos of it. I have move it up in my game schedule largely due to you rdemonstration. It reminded me a lot of Subnautica.


Don’t mention it…
If anybody would have told 12-year old me that I’ll ever have too many games to play, I don’t think I would’ve even understood the concept.
Now I’m being annoyed by HG pushing their next expedition right after the previous one, when I finally wanted to see a stellaris game through to the bitter end, and wanted to finally finish subnautica so I could download below zero with a clear conciense. And that’s not counting me wanting to put aside enough time to play star traders frontiers for serious for a couple of years now because it’s one of the most awesome (but also time consuming) games ever, wildermyth is still lying around largely untouched, as is objects in space, and I haven’t even considered re-installing elite dangerous now that I got horizons for free because I know I won’t get around to playing it anyways.
Plus the backlog of games that I never bought because the backlog was already too long, with disco elysium being on the top of that list.
Could I have a clone that does my job and takes care of my family for two months or so? :man_facepalming:


I know the feeling. I’m currently playing NMS, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, The Forest, Green Hell, The Long Dark, Subnautica Below Zero, Stranded Deep, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps and RDR2!
I have 39 new games that I haven’t even started playing yet and 117 games on my steam wishlist. Then there’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on my Ubisoft account which I can’t play yet until I upgrade my PC.

12 year old me would have locked his bedroom door and left a note saying to leave food outside the door. It’s no wonder I didn’t have a gf until I was 15 :slight_smile: