Concept Art: Clues of the future?

I’m sure most of us have seen the original concept art and promotional photos for No Man’s Sky that was released to the public about 2 years ago. Here is one from a gaming magazine:

Notice the blue ship on the bottom-right and the ship on the far left. Two designs/versions we have yet to see.

The Blue ship seems like a type of shuttle. Perhaps the original look of the current shuttles we have today? If you ask me, I think that blue ship looks quite nice. Almost like the A-wing from starwars.

The ship on the far left looks like a starwars B-wing.

I can see how there would have been additional work for the ship on the left to be animated to land, but with the new exotic ship animations, might they apply this to the original ships to allow more variety?

What are your thoughts?


Are the Travellers attacking the Atlas? or racing to protect it?


That pic is my new background, thanks


Awesome! I saw this picture around here a long time ago. It’s been my wallpaper ever since.

I’ve been waiting for the day I could actually make this happen :smiling_imp:

I was under the impression this was fan art, didn’t realize it was official artwork.


This was the image for Game Informer magazine. It looked more like this:


These degails seem minor, but due to being so kinor, do you guys think this, or something similar, will be included in a future update. Not necessarily in this “Next” update, but just in a future update in general.

Hello Games also have some concept art of some very nice looking ships. Only two if them, if I am remembering correctly, are actually seen in the game. The others look far-off, in terms of style, from the other ships that are in game.

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This might sound stupid and if so just over look it but maybe they can’t use some of those ship designs because of how close they resemble ships from Starwars.

I was watching old videos of early ingame footage (2014), and I thought that it could be great implementing them now into Next.

For example, watch at the beggining of the video. There’s 4 spaceships leaving the space station and than flying around pretty close to each other. I was imagining a 4 travellers squad flying around, … awesome!

When I look back at those videos, I am like, aw man, they had pretty good ideas that we still never saw…

Look at beacon scan at 05:08!! -->

Or at 1:31… that huge snake remains a mistery…

I have also seen on these old videos, a freighter moving at the speed of a space ship… just like you could drive them…



A very reasonable supposition, @Sith921, and not stupid at all.

It would very much behoove Hello Games to be very careful not to replicate too closely any other “identifiable” IP from other major / well-known sci-fi assets.

I note to @Jupiter.blues that whilst the left one DOES v much resemble a B-wing (with K-wingtips applied to the horizontals), the overall look – including position of thrusters, since we “know” that the “top of the cross” is where B-wing’s COCKPIT POD is usu. located – differentiates it “sufficiently” that it would not count as “copyright infringement”, and does not carry any name similar to "B-wing"in any case. Similarity / reminiscent is all it’s got.

The right-hand / blue ship IS much like the (earliest) Shuttle craft, and far less “pointy” than our A-wings…

It would be a “safer bet” to avoid creating spacecraft which come “too close” to well-known & -accepted Star Wars craft, but otherwise I daresay the ones pictured would not be a big deal.
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