Check your emails! 100 steam keys were sent out from Mercury Subroutine 2 of 3!


I was #88/100. :smile:

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I’m just glad I didn’t ruin everything by telling people to vote for pink.

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Did the email with the steam key come from old gods?

i wonder does anyone that own a copy got another one?

It did seem to happen once or twice, but I’m not sure if they used a different account to register for this than they use for steam.

I was lucky enough to receive 33/100. Here’s the email for anyone who is curious. I’m part of NMS history woo :smiley:

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Worry not. still no key here so I still have time to keep the forum clean :sweat_smile:

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God bless you sir
So yea ,i gonna say it again
there was no luck for me,so if anyone dont know what to do with their copy of nms ,feel free to gift me :laughing:

I bought it on the steam sale so if I get a key during the arg at some point (assuming there will be more eventually?) I will share it here.

Playing on ps4 since launch, always wanted PC version to try mods. Just finished downloading and installing all the mods I liked the look or idea of, bout to fire her up :slight_smile:

As someone who has played this on ps4 pretty much almost every day since launch, this will be like visiting a whole new dimension,
smoke me a kipper I’ll be back in time for breakfast!


This! I’m playing on PS4 too and have the same plan! I’m building a super rig as soon as I move into my new place (August/September) and I’m so happy with the fact that I can eventually play again in a whole new way with all the mods I want!
I’m saving a few other things too like joining some of the communities and going to Hub areas etc… I love the game so much that I like the idea of having completely new things to do tucked away in case the game ever does start to get old for me (although by this point I don’t think it ever will lose it’s magic for me aha)!

Enjoy your new adventures! :smiley:

#87/100 here! Wow, I am absolutely floored by the generosity of Hello Games. I had NMS on my wishlist as well. I’m beyond stoked to get stuck in.


I was 23/100. Thanks Hg!

Hey, just so I’m 100% that I have my email registered with this ARG, where is it pooling the emails from to send the keys?

It appears to use the email addresses people have left at the site (you can leave one in the last red sigil where it reads what radio station is going to broadcast next).

It is not known if it uses any secondary selection criteria or is just plain random.

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I think that almost certain there are some minimum criteria (maybe days present on this forum,or on game sub) , so I am extremely mad on my self for lurking all of this time ( in the bigining i was very happy just to follow what is going on which is pretty much also what am i doing this days, just with registrate email ).

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There are various people who have no account on this forum (mostly redditers) who have gotten a key.

When i said game sub thats what i meant

waking titan has no access to the reddit user database, thus it is highly unlikely it would use their users activity as a requirement for keys. Most likely it is actually just random. Maybe with a slight bias to early registrations (on the WT site).

You are probably right