It is sounds like a lot of V4 passes


10000?? I think is more than the size of this and reddit community.
Maybe the intention is to give it to everybody?
What do you think or am I wrong with the numbers?


I thought so too, especially considering how many websites were happy to report NMS’s community was dead going off of steam usage. But looking at it now there are at least 1000 players active on average with huge peaks around updates and the occassional swell. Waking titan didn’t even seem to cause much of a peak, considering, there was even a slight dip cos we were all outside of the game solving and repoting :slight_smile: it doesn’t even take into account the people on ps4 where I have a hunch, the majority of players still are (just going off reddit post frequency/platform mentions etc).

I thought 10,000 was a very large number but it would seem this ARGs userbase is much larger than it would seem, plenty of silent participants and observers no doubt too.


This forum alone has 600 users. Now most ppl who are following this ARG are probably not even registering but just reading topics every once in a while. Then there is the discord and reddit communities, which are presumably far larger.
So I suppose it is possible that the amount of email addresses registered are already in excess of 10k. Though that would indicate that a very large group for some reason is lurking, but did actually register their emails. Now I think the first handout of codes got a fair percentage here on this forum, but the second way less, meaning perhaps a lot of people did indeed register. 500 users on 10k is 5%, 5% of 100 keys is 5. I think there were 3 mentioned on this forum. Which is a good deal less than the 7 we got in the first round.
Then again, statistics on this (fairly small group) might not be the most solid thing to go on, but it’s certainly possible.


I’m sure there are loads of NMS players that aren’t even aware of this ARG too! Or like you say haven’t registered.


i am a PS4 player, have been since launch. no idea how many of us there are, but i will be OVER JOYED if i get an atlas pass in the mail.


So if any of us are lucky enough to receive a v4 will they send an address request??


Presumably, yes.
And there is the tricky part, do you want to let the Atlas Foundation have your name/address? :stuck_out_tongue:


do you want to let the Atlas Foundation have your name/address?

I certainly don’t want Atlas to think i’m working against them, for I fear the punishment :joy:


Hmm yea I see your point @Shota but like you @SlowRiot4NuZero I would be scared not too lol, besides, those passes look so shiny!!:grin:


There could be consequences to @Shota just for having said that. Are you scheming against the singularity? Hardy fool!


Last night in the Game Detectives Discord we were talking about the prevalence of “16” in all of this, and someone mentioned that 16 is 10000 in binary.

Maybe we got conned by Elizabeth.


Dude if I get an Atlas Pass v4 I’m totally gonna laminate it and carry it everywhere IRL


There could be consequences to @Shota just for having said that. Are you scheming against the singularity? Hardy fool!

Well… I did write in the survey that I do not believe it is my duty to assist any singularity. They can very well do their own work. That being said, I might if I see a good reason for it, but not just because it’s a singularity. ^^

And indeed @solarparty might have a good point too. It would be quite a logistical operation to actually send out a full 10k cards, even though it should be very doable for larger organizations like that.


I hope they look at all the emails I’ve sent from day one saying how much of an amazing experience it’s all been :sunglasses:


Only if they’ll come 'round for tea. Would be rude not to.


yea look what heppend to poor emily :weary: