How does the Waking Titan subscription work?

I’ve subscribed to the Walking Titan primary site (the one with glyphs and sigils) before the 1st July (according to my time zone - Central Europe, UTC +1). I’ve got the confirmation from the Old Gods hours (~6-8) before we got to listen to the radio add, but didn’t find any e-mail in my mail box with a notification to turn on the radio. So, I’ve missed it.

My question is, am I missing something, or this is not how the subscription works? Or was I too late with my subscription - not signed in right after beginning of this ARG?

The mailing list does not notify of when the broadcast will be. The site already displays the date, and that is as specific as it will get.
You do however get free NMS steam keys through the mailing list (or at least, a few have been sent out so far, meaning if you get lucky you can get one.
It does also occasionally send additional information. An example of this is the “Sequence Break Error” we got by mail to give us hints to… well, not sure what they lead to anyway. :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining this to me :slight_smile: I’ve subscribed hoping to be notified about another broadcasts, but apparently I misunderstood it completely :smile: So, it’s all about waiting for another puzzle now :slight_smile:

It might be used for an unscheduled broadcast or additional puzzles, but the main broadcast is already announced, and won’t (or at least hasn’t been before) announced by mail.

Regarding the puzzles, there are some open issues still. Whether they are red herrings or not still remains to be seen. There are those who believe we are already missing part of the puzzles/answers, so if you agree with that statement, there already is a lot to investigate and/or look into.
Otherwise, it’s indeed just a matter of waiting. (And being very fast when something does happen :stuck_out_tongue: )

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