Beyond BEYOND - wishlist

It’s been a while. I got lost in Fallout 4 for the longest time again. I want:

  • Ship construction. I HATE not being able to locate a vessel I want, namely fighters. It shouldn’t be cheap, but you shouldn’t have to be a billionaire either. Maybe include supplying resources to make it more affordable. Include elements of Police / Sentinel fighters in the ship design algorithms.
  • Ship paint jobs / liveries, including freighters and frigates.
  • Police fighters, and the ability to build one in the offhand chance Team Mercury implements that. Maybe finding a crashed one on a planet could happen every so often.
  • Multiple Multitools. And to follow my previous wish, buildable Multitools.
  • LONGER shielding / support for our upgrades. For crepe’s sake, I’m out of shape and I can almost hold my breath as long as the breathers last underwater.
  • More tech slots for our suits.

I HATE weather too. I grabbed a mod to reduce its likelihood. There is way too much survival in this survival game.

And for those wondering, I assume this is what a Police / Sentinel fighter is:

Whatever it is, I want one!


Sometimes I feel like a crazy person because I really don’t want ship acquisition to change at all. I love hunting for em, chilling at trade stations and seeing if the local system has any sweet deals.

I think being able to just build a ship will take away that feeling of uniquity. Same with paintjobs and finish etc. The one customisation I welcome is decals and maybe additions to the basic ship models that wouldn’t spawn on them naturally except in the rarest of cases.

I also love walking through hazardous storms :see_no_evil::joy: don’t lynch me!


Makes two of us. In fact, I would have loved it if they did the same for exosuits. And Exocraft. Yeah, doesn’t make much sense as long as there is only one of each type, but a man can dream, right? Finding that outback garage with that crazy stylish S-class pilgrim with a ridiculously long fork in chrome and gold… yeah, I could go for that.

I could live with them adding customisation for the colors. I don’t care so much about colors anyways, so no big deal for me. But a complete ship building mechanic, where you didn’t have to go out exploring to find the ship of your dreams, instead having you grind for more resources? Yeah, that might actually ruin the game for me. I guess I could live with it if it was completely optional and the old system is still in place.

Well, the Vy’keen will just go on calling you interloper in any case :grin:

I can only take this to be sarcastic…?


You know… I never noticed it or was bothered by it before but now that you mention it…

Where are all the purple ships? Why no purple ships? Its my favourite colour…

Okay now I want colour customisation for ships :joy:


Do you remember this glitch I had a long long time ago…it was purple.
I’d love for some wild & rare ship paint-jobs to pop up sometimes.


I have my own theory about ship customization and I have had it for a long time.
For example, see the pic below.
My ship on the left currently has 20 slots but you can see they are in an area that is within a bigger area.
It looks as if my ship could expand to 25 slots. But that has never been possible.
For comparison, the ship on the right has 25 slots and looks as though it could be expanded to 35 slots.

Yesterday I found this hauler with 41 slots which looks like it could expand to 48 slots which is the maximum of the outer area.

I would be happier for this feature to be what ship customization is about rather than just color. Or course, each slot would cost, just like in our suits, and would give us something to work for. If you look at the tech slots on ships, you will see the same kind of situation. So hopefully, they would be expandable as well.


Maybe I have rotten luck, but every ship I’ve come across since a month ago has been ugly or otherwise unappealing. But since the class has infinite patience, or way better luck, how about SOME crashed ships being something special? I haven’t found one I’ve wanted since the first month playing the game at release.

Another thing is that, and maybe it’s the star system I’m in, but there has been almost zero traffic at the space station. To see any ships, I’ve had to go to a trading post.


There are. The problem with that is, of course, that you might not get lucky. I’ve never found a really worthwhile crashed ship, but others have. Sucks to be me, I guess.
In my current game I haven’t found any crashed ships at all yet. I’ve found several transmission towers on various planets, but they all pointed me to the player crash location that doesn’t have a ship. I really wish they’d fix that…
I know they are around because I can see them in some missing person missions, but then I can’t take them. That’s the trouble with procedural generation. Statistically, someone will draw the short straw.


❝Games as a Service❞ Games (つ▀¯▀)つ

Indie 30+ Hello Games with Procedural, be like: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

“Get exclusive access to an ever evolving and near infinite universe in an app, for as low as $30-$60 with no hidden fees, no DLC and no in-game purchases. But wait, there’s more! That’s a 1× membership fee, good for life. We offer 1 service pack: Good, Free & Semi-Fast, all included.”

:astonished: What the Living Sci-Fi! ∙ Faints on the Hype Train!

Only 1 catch. — Our “ever evolving”, introduces new bugs and issues, so please do play and report.


I have to say after playing over 50 hours since Beyond dropped, I am dropping my original post about being very disappointed with Beyond for the explorer. Even though the terrain still needs some work (more complex, more relief, bigger mountains, more jagged mountains and such along with more and varied weather, clouds matching the weather and so on), I have to say some of the stuff in Beyond is simply amazing. The new colors, lighting and building thunderstorms are awesome!!! I still want to see a lot more to explore for and to see the terrain get a lot more complex and bigger, but I’m loving this Beyond update!!! And I’ve loved NMS since DAY 1!!!


Well, I found something I have to complain about. :disappointed:
In the past, I always made my Units by exploring. Scanning and especially turning in a complete fauna list was how I made a living. Now, you only get nanites…? This is a real bummer. To make Units, I now need to farm. I never really enjoyed farming. It means watching the clock, returning to harvest then standing around making things just to sell them.
The reward for finding all the fauna, which is difficult to do as it is, is just not rewarding enough.
Please, bring back the 100k Units for all fauna discovered. I have over 10k nanites and I don’t know what to do with them. Can I sell them?


Where are you with your multi tool and scanner upgrades? If you can get yourself an S exp or alien and fill out the scanner modules you’ll get between 200k-450k units per scan on fauna, depending mainly on size.


Just upgraded to an A class multi-tool. It has some upgrades. Will work on that. Thanks! (Still want my 100k reward for all fauna discovered) :wink:


I hear they pay good now if you dig up and turn in incomplete fauna remains :stuck_out_tongue:


ha, 100k… I currently get over 50k for a common plant and almost 400k for a rare creature, and my scanner isn’t even quite maxed out yet.
If you want to earn money just by exploring, get those scanner upgrades, and you’ll have no trouble at all. I have never farmed nor mined for money (well, except emeril back in the early days, where earning money was still somewhat of a grind). All I do is scan things, send out a few frigates, and dig up treasure, and I have some 50 million lying around that I haven’t yet found a suitable thing to invest them in…


I wish that the more challenging finds like Hadel? Cores and Larval Cores were worth a bit more for the effort it takes to acquire them.
Surely taking on a horde of monstrosities with only a few upgrades is worth a few extra pennies for your trouble?
It’s early on in the game where you are prepared to take risks for some financial benifit but it isn’t worth that much risk for the poor value.
Later on, when wealthy and nicely set up, it then becomes a bit of random fun…I don’t even bother grabbing the larval core because I don’t desperately need the funds.
Needs to be balanced a bit differently to reflect the danger.


Don’t mind me, i am just spamming the love. :heart::heart::hearts::two_hearts:
I am catching up.

I am out of wishes, there must be something I want. :thinking:


The following is provided as an accessory to this wishlist;
And due to its nature, offered as a separate discussion…


You know what else No Man’s Sky needs? !


…which opens up to a very popular genre

Hello Games, please do consider bringing “Transformers in Disguise” to NMS :robot:

Why Exocraft Rocket Leagues, when you could have Mega Man ROBO Leauges?

Image Source

Built from logic circuits, mechanical parts, (perhaps base-building parts) and a new assortment of robotic parts… With the optional ability to transform on the fly, into a another megabot; or did I just go too far… Make players really have to work to build this thing, so we have a great sense of accomplishment in having crafted such a masterpiece :hammer_and_wrench:… But do allow for both simple designs and complex; small-scale and large-scale… Something you have autonomously walking around at your base, :scream_cat: perhaps guarding it, or performing other tasks, even just companionship, or that you hop inside and grab the controls… Can’t wait to hop inside my “UserGen ExoBot” and take on a “Procedural Bipedal”… Wouldn’t stand a chance! … Which leads me to thinking, perhaps there should be an even higher level of Elite Sentinel Force, the large-scale “Procedural ExoBots”…

…or was that PvP?


Sean’s PlayStation Blog post:

“When we sat down to write those first lines of code I could never have imagined the kind of trailer we just recorded. A multiplayer game, with base building, trading, space combat, ❝GIANT MECHS❞, economies, freighters, first person, third person, and so much more, all set in a beautiful procedural universe.”

Sniff, Sniff… Giant Mech Easter Egg? :egg:

Dr. Crim suddenly falls into a deep sleep, and the wild dream that follows, awakens…


…mobile base computers …or was that hyperdrive engaged? … :thinking: :rocket:


Nintendo & Mobile

The following is provided as an accessory to this wishlist;
And due to its nature, offered as a separate discussion…


Steeper Mountains


Plus… Waterfalls and flowing Rivers and Creeks… And denser forests :palm_tree: