Wishes for Update 1.3, 1.4 and beyond

Before I get the wrong end-of-the-stick… what is your point with all this?

ye’ol Holly was a bloke! :scream:

…That picture!.. It’s the birth of procedural generation!
…And Holly Moses… He was the first traveller!
… Its all true, just read the ‘Holly Atlas’ 1:6:16


That Ode to Snappies gallery makes my skin crawl, I would have named it Chamber of Horrors :worried:


True, but that’s in the spirit of the 60’s SciFi books that No Man’s Sky was premised on. It does make me chuckle to see “bovine-ish” creatures flying with tiny wings. But hey – it’s a completely different universe. Maybe those suckers have big “lighter-than-atmosphere” gas bags inside. :wink:


Moooo… flap, flap, flap, flap …Coprite


Crashing Waves & Vibrant Seas

And who said “1:6:16”? Genesis’ account of Noah?

I’m inspired!—Eons ago: Divisions of waters and dry land occur. 8k yr ago: 1st travellers appear. 4k yr ago: God parts the waters of the Red Sea through Moses. Joana is swallowed by a whale. Jesus walks on water. 2k yr ago: Noah and his family build an ark, fill it with creatures and together survive an earth-wide deluge; …waters upon waters.

Hello Games…

What if water in NMS tousled quite like in “Sea of Theives”?

What if oceans were quite as vibrant as in “Subnautica”?

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Underdeveloped Aliens

Adding to my prior concept…

What if…

Regionally Local Aliens and Visitor Aliens appeared “barely” different
than creatures, mecha, plants and maybe even rocks?—Strange indeed!

Maybe we could have a “lower intellect” communication devise enabling interaction.

And perhaps only those “realistically” capable could fly starships. Some can; Others can’t. With the incapable found only as rare discoveries, during treks deep in the wilds. Maybe throw in some unique drewling types for these. Perhaps some don’t require dwelings.

Why?—Because this certainly explains there only being a few Dominate Alien Races, while filling the universe with more intelligent lifeforms than ever. Variety! And this could require “less” extra work from the art department, if simply sticking with creature designs that already exist.—Welcome to the bazaar!

Btw, Should some be hostile while others nice?—Ground enemies?

Unless, of course, you decide to create an entirely separate art pool to draw from. :astonished:

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Save Bugs, Freighter Colors, Cooking & Accesories

I was present (not in chat but lurking) when Twitch Streamer QEHLImonkey’s save corrupted. After faithful months of gameplay from way back when, his new goal was to portal jump to Galaxy 256, and see what’s next. Everyone showed up for the live party as he sat stairing at the center of 255. And just before he hit the button… He lost everything. Gone!

Many others have complained of save issues. Please fix this!

Note to all: Back up your saves!


Why do Capital Freighters change colors upon base building?

Don’t know if it happens to all, but has affected many.

And btw, since our Famer NPC Gek Employee at our base says he cooks for everyone, why not actually introduse eating into NMS. We could bring the farmer food to prepare. And we could cook stuff ourselves. And others could bring a dish or two. And when friends pop over in multi-player for a meal, their hunger meter could satisfy likewise.

In fact, what if base building accessories stepped beyond simple décor… Beds satisfy sleep requirements, multitool racks for actual storage… Perhaps even a stove? etc.

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I think I’ve reached a conclusion here:
It seems ProcGen is NMS’s strong point.

random (parts n’ pieces) x “∞” = excessive variety

more randomization added >
more parts n’ pieces >
increasing variety unknown …maths ℞ omni

bonus: more features, customizations,
options, refinements… “wow n’ flutter”


✨ No Man's Sky—In-Game Civilization Building ✨

A near infinite universe; But alone. Yet together.
If only we could find each other! —initial release.

Player-made Traveller Civilizations were never directly intended as part of NMS. But you see, humans have social needs. And the NMS universe provides a 2nd home, a home away from home, for thousands of dedicated fans; Myself included. So players imedately set forth to map the stars, to find each other… Somehow.

Came v1.3, Portals were introduced together with basic multiplayer.

Gamepedia has served the unoffical outlet for Civilized Space…

What if Hello Games built into No Man’s Sky
official Atlas uploadable civilization building?


PvE vs PvP :man_technologist:t4: and :woman_technologist:t3: Co-Op vs MMOG

While we’re on the subject of “Civilization Building”,
Came portals, shot your friends or explore together?

Let’s discuss the civilized-space community of NMS;
Better yet, let’s hear our entire community reason…

@CobraTV, I strongly believe that Player vs Environment,
And Cooperative Multiplayer, foster stronger Community.

Player vs Player = Competitive Gaming

What’s the difference between…
Racing Starships & Exocraft -vs- Blowing each other up with them
Who can shot more Drones -vs- Who can kill more players n’ bases
K/R Kills per Round; D/R Deaths per Round; K/D Kill/Death Ratio

The very reason why NMS and our Atlas CSD forums are peaceful,
Is because this game and our community starve hate, and feed love.

NMS PvP is a delicate matter. Proceed with Caution.

  1. Sales will gush -but
  2. Player turnover

Separate mode or menu setting -vs- Just don’t do it !


I’d like to see more variety of space-station layouts and buildings on planets. Even if you have specific building types for the various races it would help break up the ‘sameness’ of each planet.


No Man’s Sky—Civilization Toxicity and WAR!!!

Update NEXT v1.5 : Multiplayer PvP Confirmed

⇩ It started w/ early co-op, then > {multiplayer PvP announced} > and, real-life division ensued ⇧

Once the E3 dust clears, what can we all learn from 1955?
For starters, better guardrails. NMS, 2nd home for 1000s.

Sean’s tweet of encouragement…

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NMS PS5 VR and NMS Xbox One VR

Hello Games, please hear our request… NMS VR at E3 2018.

Or realistically a coming update. :pray: We do understand. Truly.

We’re bracing to cope w/ PS4 Pro VR; Less worries w/ PC, but,

The Graphics: Downgrade? or better optimization? You pick!

QP0: Wishes I’m rubbish at everything, especially the Dualshock Controller, so why do I have everything?

Yes I know I do not have literally everything but there is nothing more I think I need to continue. As far as I know I haven’t used any cheats and only started at 1.38 by which time many cheats like “Reloads” have gone. I do not play online.

Two earlier threads I started brought some interesting comments so I thought I’d throw out everything I have thought about this game to see if there were other ideas we should get out there.

I should say that I DO NOT want more slots. I want to make it harder to manage resources. Perhaps a second galaxy would be the place for that. i do want to increase RISK which is where the exitement really is.

I am definitely not a pilot or even much of a shot on the ground or in the air. Until very recently I only had a B Class Rifle, B Class Hauler & an Infra-Red Accelerator. Yet I have :-

34 Slot S Class Freighter
24 Slot S Class Alien MultiTool
1 S Class 48 Slot Hauler
1 A Class 48 Slot Hauler ( I traded a 48 Slot S Class for it. Really !)
1 Exotic Mosquito (49D 59S 64H) (Trying to trade for the Red 49D 59S 64H Squid I’ve seen once)
1 Exotic Squid (48D 59S 61H) (If I get the Red above then I trade the other Squid for a 48 Slot)
999,999,999 Units

If this does not prove that the game is too easy I do not know what will.

I found myself responding too often to comments on earlier threads so I have broken things down in to 6 threads discussing everything from Flora/Fauna to Game Play to Network Play & Spoilers.

To be honest If I could have had only 1 change in game play it would have been “Less would be More”. Less slots or more critical items in the same number of slots would make life interesting. Maybe this should all be in Galaxy 2 so newbies get to learn like we all did.

So please have a look at the threads QP1-QP6 I have posted and hopefully there can be a fruitful discussion…


This kind of discussion proves to me that there are specific gaming “styles”.

I play games to relax and "escape’ from the traumas, hype, advertising, politics, brutalities, and whatever other dark and painful stuff RL (or TV and Movies these days) has to offer.

Normal Mode has just enough challenge for me and those like me, thank you. I don’t need less slots or “more challenge”. I personally want to “chill”, enjoy the scenery and wildlife, gather materials and craft stuff (perferably without portal and harvester bugs --lol)

This is why I’m so happy that HG gave us the separate Modes in game.

I will be happy to know that you too will be happy if you get the kind of game (in a separate Mode from mine) that you want.


I loved watching the big friendly dinosaurs in Jurassic Park but hell those Raptors did it for me.

PS They should have got that last big one off before the lava got it.

QP1: Wishes RISK: Fauna & Flora

Once you are fully tooled up you can ignore any predator. One shot and they are dead.
The one aggressive plant life is only a nuisance and even the weather, although a pain, cannot kill you if you have that one correct MT.

So I have a few ideas on how to add spice to your life, and give you what you really really want! RISK.

Triffids. Plants that surround you quietly.

More deadly underwater life. Just watch Attenboroughs Blue Planet II. I have yet to have any underwater predator attack me with a speed you would see in our own oceans.

Speaking of Attenborough. Those snakes would be really spooky.

Where are the insects? You just cannot have large animals without smaller food sources. Killer Wasps (enough stings to kill you) and maybe another weapon (bug spray).s

Pterodactyls. / Killer birds.

Bird Strikes. Now you have to repair your starship.

Locusts to destroy farms.

LESS SLOTS would really make it interesting. Less power but more creative option (bug spray).

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You are making a huge assumption here. lol

Risk is something I don’t want in a game I play to relax.


I play on permadeath and the wife plays creative - we both love it. I would like to see create-a-mode where you can tailor settings to your wishes. Sliding scales for Ai , amount of pirate interdictions, etc.