Beyond BEYOND - wishlist

I have an old long list but since Beyond VR these are ones that jump right out.

  1. Support MODS!!!
  2. Give us a body the way that Lone Echo does.
  3. Give us a thigh holstering like Robo Recall.
  4. Put more interactable surfaces in cockpits to take controls away from…. Well controls!
  5. Make the colossus an amphibious duck, more ground speed, obscene water surface speed.
  6. Bring back zoomable binoculars in VR
  7. Obscenely deep oceanic trenches.
  8. Maps!! Compass!!

I just have a couple

  1. Ability to remap the controls on a DS4 or use trigger buttons for accelerate and brake in exocraft.
  2. Revision of the build menu/interface to either allow glitch snapping again. Or enable vertical rotation of building pieces with at least double the rotational lock points.

I want the compass back but with more detail. And bring back altitude, its a bugger flying in bad weather.


I know the post is three days old and I’m slow to the new stuff, I just got my nutrient mixer thingy and I noticed it comes with its own storage. I haven’t tested it out yet but perhaps building multiple nutrient machines will give you even more room for food storage?


Here’s one:
Imagine you are poking around planet-side doing traveller stuff & a small alert pops ups. You scan the skies above you & spot a lone starship as it sails through, billowing smoke & in need of serious assistance.
You quickly scan & lock it in but of course it sails out of sight but it’s now being tracked.
Upon returning to your ship, you track the stricken vessel much like as is possible now. You help the stranded pilot, get a small reward as thanks & your standing goes up a notch :grin:

Of course this would need to be a rare thing (like Runner Rocks) but would just add to the list of possible experiences.


No Man’s Sky INFINITY :infinity: 2.5



No Man’s Sky INSANITY :exploding_head: 3.0

❝Insanity provides a broader foundation for radical things in the future. Insanity is just another step❞


Some things I’d love to see:
-In the Discoveries tab, selecting a system will display distance to the center
-clouds cover the sky during a storm
-able to carry more multitools
-and lots of stuff you guys mentioned above :slight_smile:


re crashlanding, isn’t it already the case that when you loose a dogfight, you respawn on a planet in the system with your ship broken?


I have not died yet in BEYOND but, the last pirate fight I lost respawned me on the Space Station. It was in space and not planet side


is not respawning the same thing? lol


A respawn is what the Gek are…if I respawn, do I become a Gek? :upside_down_face:


I only have one wish currently:

Fix current issues in Beyond, fix pre-existing issues, finish up present features.

In above order, before continuing to add new goodies!


Yes Please!!!


Oh man, that would make so many people happy if it happened. Why did you do this to us? Now I want it so bad! :joy:

So I have been spending some time in the nexus with our new friends, and I noticed they refer to you as iteration-iterationnumberG or iteration-new or sometimes just iteration-traveller (I might be getting some of that mixed up) and it had me thinking.

I wonder if in a future update, will we be able to choose a name for our traveller?

After all, new dialogue from Nada mentions that Polo does not like to see the iterations as numbers and never calls them by their numbers (unlike a certain pink faced cat eyed traveller who I won’t be naming here :smirk:) so instead of iteration-numberG, they’d call you iterarion-name.

I like the sound of Iteration-T0dd or iteration-Umptious :relaxed:


Turning in completed jobs at the Space Station.

I’m sure that someone(s) asked for a little additional time after selecting the job to turn in - so that the cursor can be manually returned to the center of the screen. But, now the time is too long. Please shorten it a little.


Same when hiring your base workers now. I thought my game froze but it was just taking a loooong time for my construction overseer to tell me what he wanted next.


Or as an alternative, perhaps the game could draw our name from our Steam or console ID (the chosen username we’re playing as), just as our inventory does, and this could display in Nada, Polo, Traveller or other dialogues.

I have to say, it is always a nice personal touch when this is added to games.

Traveller Orca (NPC): “Hi, my name’s Orca. What’s your name?”

Click: “Choose to Share Name”

Traveller TOdd (Player): “My name’s TOdd.”

Traveller Orca (NPC): “Hi TOdd, can I offer you a multi-tool?”

In real life, knowing and calling someone by their personal name, feels warm and inviting.

To say, “Hey guy” or “Hey Mr”, is not quite like, :sparkling_heart: “Hey Crim”.


It’s been a while. I got lost in Fallout 4 for the longest time again. I want:

  • Ship construction. I HATE not being able to locate a vessel I want, namely fighters. It shouldn’t be cheap, but you shouldn’t have to be a billionaire either. Maybe include supplying resources to make it more affordable. Include elements of Police / Sentinel fighters in the ship design algorithms.
  • Ship paint jobs / liveries, including freighters and frigates.
  • Police fighters, and the ability to build one in the offhand chance Team Mercury implements that. Maybe finding a crashed one on a planet could happen every so often.
  • Multiple Multitools. And to follow my previous wish, buildable Multitools.
  • LONGER shielding / support for our upgrades. For crepe’s sake, I’m out of shape and I can almost hold my breath as long as the breathers last underwater.
  • More tech slots for our suits.

I HATE weather too. I grabbed a mod to reduce its likelihood. There is way too much survival in this survival game.

And for those wondering, I assume this is what a Police / Sentinel fighter is:

Whatever it is, I want one!


Sometimes I feel like a crazy person because I really don’t want ship acquisition to change at all. I love hunting for em, chilling at trade stations and seeing if the local system has any sweet deals.

I think being able to just build a ship will take away that feeling of uniquity. Same with paintjobs and finish etc. The one customisation I welcome is decals and maybe additions to the basic ship models that wouldn’t spawn on them naturally except in the rarest of cases.

I also love walking through hazardous storms :see_no_evil::joy: don’t lynch me!


Makes two of us. In fact, I would have loved it if they did the same for exosuits. And Exocraft. Yeah, doesn’t make much sense as long as there is only one of each type, but a man can dream, right? Finding that outback garage with that crazy stylish S-class pilgrim with a ridiculously long fork in chrome and gold… yeah, I could go for that.

I could live with them adding customisation for the colors. I don’t care so much about colors anyways, so no big deal for me. But a complete ship building mechanic, where you didn’t have to go out exploring to find the ship of your dreams, instead having you grind for more resources? Yeah, that might actually ruin the game for me. I guess I could live with it if it was completely optional and the old system is still in place.

Well, the Vy’keen will just go on calling you interloper in any case :grin:

I can only take this to be sarcastic…?