Game Progression — Voyage to the Center & Galaxy Back-Travel

This is a most important subject, as it is central to the very heart and soul of NMS. Why do so many keep begging for unique exploration & travel on the infinite level? — Is it even possible to provide “endless variety”? How could such be achieved? — Adjust the code to procedural in such an infinite way? Should they add some things and then add some more things? Realistically: What are the options?

Game Progression

❝An epic voyage to the centre of a shared universe awaits, allowing you to explore, trade, fight and survive alone or with friends. At the centre of the galaxy lies an irresistible pulse which draws you on a journey towards it to learn the true nature of the cosmos.❞

Grasping the cosmos happens en-route to the center of the 1st galaxy, Euclid. The center merely drives the point home. So… What happens at the center of the 2nd, and so forth? Grasp the point so many light years further? Or… What if that “irresistible pulse” then rewarded you with an entirely unique experience? — Suddenly I see myself seeking out something only found within galaxy 116 and then teleporting back to galaxy 42 for that other thing. :dizzy:

Galaxy Back-Travel

:infinity: This could be the #1 most exciting refinement, introduced with BEYOND v2.0!

Just 1 multi-year-old ambitious problem…

Voyage to the Center

What’s at the center? Everything — Yet, nothing new!
Each galaxy feels like a replica of Euclid - Am I wrong?


Make all 256 galaxies a unique experience — How?

Add at least 1 or 2 or more, unique…

  • capital & regular freighters, frigates, starships, multi-tools, customizations, etc
  • biomes, planets, aliens, fauna, flora, food ingredients, blueprints… :astonished: Hype!!!

To do so, would be a massive undertaking, for sure.
Thus… Is anything anywhere close to that worth it?

As of v2.0, UserGen hubs & discoveries provide points of interests, and thus a unique experience.

What’s your thoughts on the living core?


I’ve been all the way to #255 (Iousongola), and except for raging or ancestral Galaxies they are all similar. I have to believe they will consider making adjustments to the game, so that there is a reason for traveling out of the first Galaxy.


Missing : Galaxy 256

Odyalutai (256) cannot be reached through normal gameplay since the Atlas Rises v1.3 update.

Previously, players started here after reaching the center of the Lousongola (255) galaxy.

During NEXT v1.5, I used a “save file edit” to crosscheck single coordinates between galaxies 255 and 256, and what I found is that 256 does certainly exist and “IS” seeded different than other galaxies, just as is the case with all other galaxies.

When I edited into 257 however, it merely displayed 256 - same base, same planet, same everything.

I haven’t yet checked this with BEYOND v2.0, so for now I assume it remains as v1.3 and v1.5.

:dizzy: Question: Hello Games, why remove “255 to 256” game progression?

Which Galaxy?

Shouldn’t Discoveries, Teleporter & Galaxy Map…

  • state which galaxy we’re in? !
  • clearly define other galaxies
  • say which galaxy “each system” is in
  • display galaxy as a discovery

It’s about to be 2020, Hello Games — Should ❝Galaxy❞ remain a taboo subject? ??

IDEA: Reveal galaxies as discoveries only as each is discovered :id:


At some point, which I believe was with the release of NEXT, they changed something which actually resulted in looping back to Euclid.

Most of us know that galaxies are using the variable ‘RealityIndex’, which is likely an integer, at least in the save file. I am not sure how this integer is calculated, or defined (type), or what behaviour (code) comes with it, which is the important part for how this integer will behave.

I’ll show an example of types used with C# below:

I personally believe they not only changed the type for this integer, they likely changed the behaviour/code with it as well.

Currently (BEYOND), without editing, the ‘RealityIndex’ goes from 0-255 (256 total), to then loop back to 0, which brings you back in Euclid. This behaviour was introduced with NEXT.

Previously (pre-NEXT), without editing, we would not be able to loop back, but go beyond Lousongola (255).

When editing your save prior to NEXT, we were able to use not only values larger than 255, but also negative values, to apparently result in different ‘new’ galaxies. The engine certainly doesn’t appear to be limited to a total of 256 galaxies, or at least not for ‘naming’ them. I doubt anyone has actually checked if it was only the name that changed, although I can imagine well over 256 ‘seeds’ (variations of galaxies). It could also have been possible, that values greater than 255, were actually ‘flipped’ sign values, internally being negatives. Basically entering 256 (integer overflow), could internally result in flipping the sign, resulting in a negative value. Possibly reason why negative values entered, would previously work as well prior to NEXT.

When currently editing your save file, results are different for values that used to work previously. Unless you know how entered values are internally interpreted (behaviour/code) and assigned, you can not be sure of the result you get. I have no clue what actual internal value is being used when entering 256 manually, nor do I know how negative values are treated. Behaviour could now simply just assign a specific value when out of expected range, always showing the same galaxy for example.

According to results posted by others in various social platforms, I do have reason to believe they not only changed the type from ‘signed’ to ‘unsigned’, but also changed the behaviour to further limit the actual possible results. I have not seen anyone fully research this, but I am sure there are a few ‘modders’ out there who have full insight of both internal type and behaviour of the value Reality Index.

Note: It is likely a bit more complicated than described above. Integers are ‘easier’ to understand for most of us, but I would complicate it by introducing (Hexadecimal) Integer Literals or bit-level functionality. So take it all with a grain of salt.

My initial thought would be to introduce a ‘proper’ way back to Euclid.

Many players had ‘complained’ about not being able to get back to the most active galaxy Euclid once they had moved on. So making this possible seems a logical choice, at the same time stimulating players to move on, especially if you wish to get back.

Even with the introduction of Beyond, which now allows you to teleport to other galaxies you have previously explored, it is still NOT possible to ‘properly’ go back to previous galaxies. Hello Games may still be working on this, but currently not everything functions as you’d expect, you are still partly visiting a previously explored galaxy. They would first have to fix the issue where ‘RealityIndex’ does NOT match ‘HomeRealityIteration’. Sounds simple, but may not actually be as simple as it seems, as there is likely more involved than just changing that value to match.

Besides, isn’t 256 galaxies total, more than enough, at least for now? Do you know how long it actually takes to ‘legit’ make it that far? We already have plenty of complaints of how ‘similar’ same type planets look. Most players wish for more variation, even within a single galaxy, let alone 256 of them. There is basically NO incentive to explore, or at least not until you find out that the next, or the one after, turns out to be more of the ‘same’. There is no end to this sandbox game either, it just ‘used to’ seemingly go on-and-on. I am not saying there should even be an end goal and I am pretty sure HG never planned for one either. So why not limit the amount of galaxies to 256 total, especially when it offers a solution to an often heard complaint.

Of course this solution could just be temporary, as I have no clue what else HG have in mind. They may plan for more ‘variation’ and possibly affected by the Reality Index, which I have been hoping for ever since they first mentioned ‘scaling difficulty’. I can certainly imagine how getting closer to the center of a galaxy can alter various variables, and similarly variables can be altered the further you get into the galaxies available.

Lastly I’d like to mention performance, especially when it comes to data that is required to be stored on the servers. With the introduced changes to multiplayer, I can understand their servers to have a lot more work to do now than they ever had to do before. Can you imagine how the amount of data would scale when you do not somehow limit this. No doubt the amount of galaxies available is part of required limitations to keep performance at least somewhat under control.

Either way, I am sure that 256 galaxies is more than enough for most players. There are only a few who have ‘legit’ made it all the way, which is quite an accomplishment! Sure enough many were curious, with only some actually tempted to find out, with or without some help. To me, the limitation and ‘loop’ back makes perfect sense and I am sure Emily agrees!

I agree, with the ability to teleport to other galaxies (Space Station/Nexus), I expected some additional changes to better reflect our new abilities. Previously we were only able to see what Galaxy we were in when entering a new system. Now you’d at least expect it to be visible in the Galaxy Map as well as in your Teleport list. It feels like the consequence of this change has not been well explored at all.

In all honesty, I feel Beyond has been rushed to basic feature requirements, to (hopefully) be fleshed out after, including bugs and issues. This time more obvious than any other major update so far. I hope they’ll sort it all out before moving on to another period of silence for new planned features. A familiar ‘loop’ I have so far failed to understand.


I have been playing since day one (day 2 to be true) and now have reached galaxy nb 34 (Ehbogdenbu)… my initial goal was to reach galaxy nb 256… after all what’s the point of creating 256 galaxies if 99.% of the players never cross Euclid’s core ? I really wonder how many players have reached the point I am at or beyond and btw (spoiler) there’s not much difference between g the galaxies I have seen …:slight_smile:


Galaxy Variety

system to system ➠ edge to center ➠ center to center

NMS needs more variety, through n’ through. Why? :milky_way: Because it’s a universe!

  • Systems need more variety
  • Galaxies need more variety

Planet types, color pallets, terrain variation, weather physics, fauna & flora, animations & sounds, etc.

Only thing with - “getting closer to the center of a galaxy altering various variables” - is that, players might have a tendency to cluster around the center, if that’s “Where The Wilder Things Grow”.

Center would be ‘prime real-estate’ — That concept is good, but lacks moderation.

Intergalactic Concept

IDEA: :bulb: What if some things start wilder at the edge, and other things finish wilder at the center? This would leave the in-between with a perfect balance, and ensure an entire galaxy more readily populated, with players choosing their precise level of desired balance, or wilder extreme.

This concept appears to work well within a single galaxy, but I can’t see how it would be variety enough if carried into progression between galaxies, like traveling between Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 256.

Multigalactic Concept

IDEA: :bulb: What if some things are found in one galaxy, and other things are found in another galaxy? This could be done by procedurally scattering all known ‘game assets’, and would ensure each galaxy feels like a fresh and new experience, encouraging travel to each galaxy center.

In other words - Some galaxies would share assets and others not, it’s based on random placement. Granted, Hello Games would have to ❝add a whole lot more assets❞, otherwise galaxies might face ‘asset anemia’. So balance is sought, each galaxy need not be an entirely unique experience, nor a replica re-seeded, just enough extra assets to reward exploration - to provide incentive to explore.


The above scenario brings up some interesting questions:

Who can ever ❛really❜ see them all?

  • 256 galaxies
  • more assets

Q. How do we ensure everything is enjoyed by everyone?

Wouldn’t it feel more natural and ensure all is seen if players spawned to life…

  • as different alien varieties?
  • in different galaxies?

Should everyone keep spawning in Euclid Galaxy and as an orange astronaut?


  1. Should Traveller alien varieties be procedural and dominate Regions of Space?
  2. Should character-customization be procedural per System & Region of space?

Every Alien Procedural :infinity: Every Galaxy Procedural

❝An infinite universe with infinite exploration❞


Galaxy-Type Loops

I’m going to present the original concept, a new concept and then a merged concept. Merged presents a ‘best of both’ in the form of loops, enabling both forward progression and procedural progression, seeking infinite variety.

:dizzy: Original Concept…

Atlas Rises v1.3 introduced Galaxy Types. So as of v2.0, there are presently 4, these are Norm, Lush, Harsh & Empty. When visiting a certain galaxy type, the probabilities of discovering various planet biomes, vary accordingly.

Concluding the Atlas Path, players are offered a 1x opportunity, a shortcut to another galaxy-iteration. We’re presented with a choice between these 4 galaxy types. Basically, players who choose to ‘reset the simulation’ into a specific galaxy type, during the ‘New Beginnings’ primary mission, will start again in the chosen galaxy type.

Otherwise, “Voyage to the Center” results Galaxy 2, which starts a loop from Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 255 and back to Galaxy 1, which provides a predictable ‘forward progression’. As mentioned before, Galaxy 256 is still inaccessible in-game. And since the offering to choose a Galaxy Type is a 1x opportunity, it is therefore not a loop.

There’s presently – 178 Norm, 25 Lush, 26 Harsh & 26 Empty, Galaxies – of Galaxy-Types.

:dizzy: New Concept…

Atlas could offer a “Galaxy-Type Loop Choice” en-route to the centers of ALL galaxies, and our choice could be procedural, meaning being sent into a random galaxy, within our desired Galaxy-Type loop.

  • Prerequisite: 100 Warps (or less) before Atlas contacts ?
  • Purpose : Encourage Intergalactic & Multigalactic Progression
  • Enables progression within a specific galaxy-type loop
  • Spread players across an infinite universe…
  • That feels like infinite variety… for infinite exploration…
  • Most effective with the ❝Galaxy Variety❞ concept – (as prior described above)

But… all of this needs documented within our Discoveries & Catalouge - for clarity.

:thinking: Comparing Concepts…

The original concept offers advantages…

  • ‘forward progression’
  • preset n’ predictable
  • starting with Galaxy 1
  • ending with Galaxy 256
  • 1x shortcut to another galaxy
  • a desired ‘galaxy-type’

The new concept offers advantages…

  • ‘procedural progression’
  • random and unknown
  • starting with a random galaxy
  • ending with a random galaxy
  • infinite shortcuts to other galaxies
  • within desired ‘galaxy-type’ loops

:dizzy: Merged Concepts…

All advantages combined

Galaxy Centers (Voyage to the Center): a predictable loop

  • ‘forward progression’ from present galaxy
  • within a preset 1–256 galaxy loop

Atlas Offering (Infinite ‘Atlas Path’): chosen random loops

  • ‘procedural progression’ offered after every 100 warps (roughly)
  • within desired ‘galaxy-type’ loops

‘Merged Concepts’ offer the most variety of galaxy progression

  • forward progression
  • procedural progression


The above is a substanctial edit from what I had before. Woke up with a fresh mind. Hope it helps! :smiley:


℞ - When ‘Quality of Life’ gives you ‘The Loops’ - ℞

Posh Procedural Loops

Scream at the loop or embellish the loop?

Trapped in the loop or embraced by the loop?

The meaning of life is ❝To Love and Be Loved❞…

So… Love the loop and be loved by the loop. :sparkling_heart:


Infinite Items

The above concepts lead me to wondering:

  1. Should Quicksilver and the Synthesis Bot offering “ALL” exotic collectibles and advanced customization items, across “ALL” galaxies, be a temporary solution?

  2. Should the merchants at the Space Anomaly offering “ALL” general items, blueprints, technologies and products, across “ALL” galaxies, be a temporary solution?

  3. Should all items be “DIVIDED” between galaxies, and spread out across the universe, so that different things are found in different places, but all things are still found at the Space Anomaly?

Would not the above encourage ❝Infinite Exploration❞?


A Lesson in Living

In No Man’s Sky, we don’t just use our imaginations, we open our lungs and breath, we inhabit. And 18 quintillion planets in ‘Virtual Reality’ feels like the very personification of, ❝Living In-Game.❞ So for developers playing the role of God, so to speak, comes unique challenges, that feel akin to real-life.

❝Anomalous Interdimensional Multiversal Cohabitation❞

I have come to learn something — Many things hold true in the real-life physical universe, that also hold true in the Sci-Fi digital universe, that is No Man’s Sky — And I read these comments, players say it all the time, yet it is always clear to me, that I do not think most know quite how to put “the root” in words.

These odd comments flow something like:

“What’s the point in exploration & making all this money, if we’re just here to survive?”

You see, we inhabit a ‘dual universe’ - people are born looking for something in real-life and players spawn in NMS looking for exactly the same thing… Genuine Fulfillment.

We want a deeper meaning for — “Why do we exist?”

  1. The Purpose of Life is ❝To Serve Our Creator❞
  2. The Meaning of Life is ❝To Love & Be Loved❞
  3. True Purpose & Meaning in Life = Genuine Fulfillment

In real-life, we know that for many, the Bible or other self-help books, answer the need for enriched understanding. We learn, “God is love”, and 1st “you must love your God with your whole self”, and 2nd “you must love your neighbor as yourself”, and “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving”. Or the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Removing the ‘Concept of God’ becomes: The Purpose of Life is ❝To Serve Each Other❞

  • Point is ⦂ “Balancing self with God &/or others even ‘sounds’ responsible”

1 John 4:8; Mark 12:30, 31; Acts 20:35; Matthew 7:12

And then there is Simplicity…

“Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little” — Why?

❝The Less you have, the less you have to worry about❞

Otherwise, there’s always the modern and more popular hedonistic alternative…

  1. The Purpose of Life is ❝To Serve Ourselves❞
  2. The Meaning of Life is ❝To Do Whatever We Want❞
  3. Our fulfillment is thus based on “Desire & Pleasure”

Sounds very selfish. :money_mouth_face: Check long-term fulfillment value — What’s the rating?

  • Point is ⦂ “There’s more to life than simply enjoying oneself” (see source)

Psychology Today — Why Hedonism Doesn’t Lead to Happiness

In No Man’s Sky…

Combining its lore with the Waking Titan ARG, we come to learn an important truth — The ‘Atlas Foundation’ has created a supercomputer they call by their namesake Atlas, running Mercury OS with a certain Loop16 App installed, containing a Sentient ‘Emily’ AI Persona App and the Official NMS App — ‘Emily’ serves as an internal protocol for external interactions, a mouthpiece for the Atlas.


We find ourselves facing a moral dilemma and a broken game-directive.

The Atlas Path

There is this desire to serve Atlas, seeing such as our Creator, only to find that such is merely a piece of corruptible hardware, a product of creation unto itself, that it’s Creator is ‘none-other-than’ man, existing outside the simulation that our player-character calls home.

And in order to serve Atlas or its Creator, we are to “Voyage to the Center” of the galaxy.

It is the will of the Atlas, or the will of its Creator.

So… What’s at the Center?

  • 256 galaxies — And yet a v2.0 feeling of “finite” exploration
  • Reset the sim: “Plunge yourself into the Atlas at the Center”
  • Atlas has become self-aware of its problem of eventual death
  • And desperately wishes to rid itself of this unavoidable outcome
  • And is left with no other hope but to keep infinitely purging
  • And in doing so, destroying vast galaxies of infinite life…
  • And so it is that we are tasked with a great moral dilemma
  • Do we try to save Atlas, at the cost of our life and others?
  • Or preserve all present life leading to Atlas eventual death?
  • …and therefore the eventual death of all present life
  • We are stuck. Our dilemma feels more like… A paradox!

Although, it is strange — If we manage to reset the galaxy 256 times, we find ourselves having looped back to Galaxy 1, where we initially started, and come to see that all life still remains, just as before. We come to see that we never really did reset or purge anything at all, and all is well — We are suddenly free of guilt.

  • Or, Is it that we stepped back in time, to a point before all was lost and renewed?

Atlas directive: What does it mean? — It is as if Atlas is stuck in a routine, and we too are stuck in it’s routine likewise, a simulation with a pre-programmed directive to see how players respond within a dilemma, a paradox and a loop, call it a Sci-Fi experiment — And so it is that our existence is confusing.

So how do we respond? — Steam, PlayStation & Xbox Ratings v2.0 = 50% to 70% MIXED

Atlas says, “The universe is yours to explore” and we get bored fast — Why?

❝Variety is the Spice of Life❞

We then horde up money with our ‘Capitalist Ambitions’ and we get bored even faster — Why?

We see all and buy all, or so it feels ⦂ “End of Game” — Or we then find other things to do, like survival, base-building or we just restart the game, so we can make more money . . .

:thought_balloon: Question: Is there a subliminal object lesson for those who choose to listen?

What I find is, just simply ‘living in-itself’ or exploration, just serving ourselves and doing whatever we want, seeking our own selfish desires and pleasures, is not in itself enough to satisfy our natural desire for ‘Genuine Fulfillment’.


Should No Man’s Sky encourage LOVE :sparkling_heart: — The spirit of kindness, giving and generosity?

  • What’s the reward for such good behavior, or heroic deeds and peaceful conduct?
  • Reward ⦂ Access to the Trade Terminal, Traveller Merchants and ability to trade?
  • Access Portals, the Space Station & Space Anomaly Teleporters, and Galaxy Map?
  • Should we maintain our standing with ❝The Travellers❞ & ❝The Friendship Guild❞?

Infinite Giving can bring Infinite Tingles — Would this alone satisfy ‘Genuine Fulfillment’?

There is a great need we humans wrestle with, unlike humanoids under a Puppetmaster. Cause unlike humanoids being held under strings, we humans desire to love and are granted the gift of freewill.

How do you choose to use the gift of freewill?

:seedling: ❝One root. One tree. One love.❞ :palm_tree:


Galaxy Seed


Unrestricted Portal Travel

  1. What if we could be granted unrestricted portal travel, teleporter, base computer and galaxy map access, on the other side of the portal, multigalactic, as long as we reach the center of all 256 galaxies — AND, keep our standing up with ❝The Travellers❞ &/or ❝The Friendship Guild❞ — Meaning such players are less likely to “grief” with the gift of such unrestricted portal travel, while feeling a great sense of accomplishment?
    • Should these be titled, ❝Legendary Travellers❞?
    • Example ⦂ “Iteration: Legendary Crimsontine”
    • In fact, the Menu’s ‘Milestones: Lifeforms & Guilds’ already has 2 empty spots. :thinking: Why?
  1. Accomplishing the above could reward a ❝Galaxy Seed❞ blueprint (resulting a non-tradable tech), requiring a Star Seed and a Remembrance Seed to craft - and 256 ‘galaxy-specific substances’ for it’s initial charge. ('Tis no joke, my friend! lol) We’d then always carry around only 3 seeds and 3 passes, with each seed providing a ‘1 unit of core health’ upgrade, and bonuses if touching.
    • The above mentioned ‘galaxy-specific substances’ could also be used as a crafting requirement for any ‘galaxy-specific customizations’ that could be exclusive to each galaxy.
    • Example ⦂ ❝STARSHIP & MULTI-TOOL CUSTOMIZATIONS❞, meaning parts, pieces & colors scattered throughout the “multigalactic”. That’s at least 128 for Starships + 128 for Multi-Tools = 256 customizations!
    • This concept works best with the ‘Infinite Items’ concept. :gun::man_astronaut::rocket: See above!
  1. Upon inserting a Galaxy Seed into the Portal’s control terminal, as long as our Traveller standing is maintained, the user would then be granted unrestricted access to all 256 galaxies!
    • In fact, the Portal’s control terminal already contains a spot to insert a seed. :face_with_monocle: Why?

Add a new game badge: ❝Legend of the Universe❞

Description: “Reach the Centre of all Galactic-Iterations” or “…Galaxies” :vulcan_salute:


Infinite Trading

AND NOW :money_with_wings: Add to all the above, the ease of trading - the logical next step…

  • An ❝Official Trading Screen❞ for safe, clean and efficient trade negotiations
    (access via cog :gear: &/or inventory menu)
  • Ability to add our own items for sale — Displayed & managed in…
    • Official Trading Screen &/or Exosuit Inventory Menu
    • Global Trade Terminals - when in multiplayer sessions - across all players
    • Separate Trade Terminals - ability to designate terminals for specific item(s)
  • Ability to view surrounding player’s sale inventory, via Official Trading Screen

Wouldn’t this satisfy the need for ongoing trade negotiations? :moneybag: We’re waiting!

:gift: The Space Anomaly — A Buy, Sell, Trade & Gift Marketplace :gift_heart:

Maintaining ❝The Travellers❞ &/or ❝The Friendship Guild❞ Standing = Flourishing “Gift Giving”!

Infinite Giving

As this concept has become a recurring theme across this and the past 2 replies, here’s a crazed and wild ‘example’ of what it’s like to read a story that ends in the kindness and generosity of strangers…

‘Infinite Trading’ and ‘Infinite Giving’ go best with the “Infinite Items” concept! (see above)


Below explores practical usage for the ‘Galaxy Seed providing Unlimited Portal Travel’ Concept.

Reaching Systems & Expanding Hubs

A - There are 3 ways to get there, v2.0.

  1. If you can find a Portal and have unlocked the Glyphs, then use the Glyphs in the Portal Address to Portal to ‘SYSTEM’. Go to B.
  • Note - You arrive as strictly ‘Visitor’. This will not allow you to build a base there. You will have to go back through Portal, then return to ‘SYSTEM’ via normal Teleporter usage or by joining someone.
  1. Join someone in-game within ‘SYSTEM’. Go to B.

  • Note - Joining or warping are the only ways to gain access to teleporter, base computer and galaxy map within a system, or to warp freighter in.
  1. Warp towards the Center or travel in a spiral using Black Holes until you get about “# of LY” away, then Search in the specific ‘Region’ for ‘SYSTEM’. Go to B.
  • Note - Have fun searching for the ‘needle in the haystack’ - ❝My God, the Stars!❞

B - Once you get there, interact with Space Station or someone’s base Teleporter in ‘SYSTEM’ so the location gets added to your Discoveries. Then you can just teleport there next time — Teleporting, warping or joining someone will allow you to build a base. Portal travel doesn’t allow these options.

So the v2.0 concept of ‘Reaching Systems & Expanding Hubs’ relies entirely upon ‘mutual friending’ and then ‘joining’ someone in-game. This is no-doubt due to location-based player griefing, as it was a major issue and complaint in our early multiplayer days. My idea is merely to expand the concept.

What if… Reaching all 256 galaxies results a ❝Galaxy Seed❞ and maintaining standing with ❝The Travellers❞ &/or ❝The Friendship Guild❞ altogether provides ‘Unlimited Portal Travel’?

Again, this concept has already been stated above, I’m just adding some visualization for context.



Mort Walker and Dik Browne’s Hi and Lois for November 1, 1960 and reprinted April 30, 2018

Infinite Activities

What I’m hoping is that the above combo of concepts just auto-deliver upon this.

  • Galaxy Variety across the Intergalactic and Multigalactic
  • Every Alien Procedural :infinity: Every Galaxy Procedural
  • Galaxy-Type Loops of forward and procedural progression
  • ‘Infinite Trading’ and ‘Infinite Giving’ with “Infinite Items”
  • Standing with ❝The Travellers❞ & ❝The Friendship Guild❞
  • Galaxy Seed providing Unrestricted Portal Travel
  • Galaxy-Specific Customizations and Substances

Hopefully the above embellishes NEXUS missions with feelings of infinite variety.

IDEA : Provide ❝Galaxy-Specific Missions❞ highlighting ‘Galaxy-Unique Aspects’.

Infinite Levels

Leveling-up is very common in games, because it rewards progression while guiding a player along. So… Could 256 galaxy progression be the ‘loosely-woven’ equivalent of progressing to the next level? Wouldn’t this basically provide the feeling of infinite leveling? — Why? Because…

Who can ever ‘REALLY’ experience all 256?

These concepts, as with all prior mentioned concepts, work best when applied together.


  • Wouldn’t it feel more like leveling-up if ‘Galaxies’ could display under Discoveries?
  • Wouldn’t scattering assets and items across the multigalactic extend such leveling?

Infinite Exploration — So much to get, so much to see and therefore so much to do, because it’s all spread out and thus not consumed in one ‘greedy gulp’, but instead savored, right along with all the preexisting features and coming new features. So that after experiencing all forms of variety across a vast 256 galaxies, we’re ready to go at it again - or basically just continue — Why? Because…

We ‘FORGET’ and are ready to refresh ❛ A L L ! ❜

B E H O L D :infinity: I N F I N I T Y


Solution to the Universe

An Illustrated Dream of a Prophetic Hyperbole

Guy picks up a novel and begins to read…

It is many years later, now - On the verge of a Sci-Fi 2020… There is rioting in the streets, sounds of sirens, a baby cries down the corridor and a mother passes wearing not much more than rags.

And when she turns, she is an alien. :alien:

Chapter 2.5 ⦂ ❝INFINITY❞

An exploding population of 256 galaxies come to the now-retired doctor, and beg, “What mad universe!”

There is a grunt and a shuffle, and a few things pushed aside - much of which was pushed to the floor many eons ago, and now there is much more where that came from. Checks his Stasis Device, seems to keep kicking. They still address him as ‘Dude-Man’, but he doesn’t really notice… The tired old man with his scribbled hair pushes up his glasses and writes a prescription…

Diagnosis reads: “Same. Old.”


❝All things procedural, and procedural personified❞

When they question him, he hands a half-rotted paper to them, which reads…

If one level of procedural proves not enough…

  • then enrichen it with another level
  • repeat as many times as necessary

It is then that the Doc falls dead to the floor. :rose:

Chapter 3.0 ⦂ ❝INSANITY❞

Upon regeneration, ❝Iteration #-kzzzt-❞, location of his grave and retrieval of all that cluttered inventory, he then promptly ditches the Stasis Device for some proper upgrade modules. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Appendix A ⦂ ❝Redefining the Infinite❞



(of a series) able to be continued indefinitely.

(of a simulated universe) able to be ‘enjoyed’ indefinitely.


Or was this phrase by mystery novelist, Rita Mae Brown’s fictional Jane Fulton in her 1983 book Sudden Death

INFINITY v2.5 + INSANITY v3.0 = either…

  • Infinite Insanity

Here’s hoping for the later :pray:


Hello Games, were you too ambitious, can you handle 256 galaxies?

℞ Underlying condition reads: Ambition

As long as there is…

❝A Secret Order to All Chaos❞

…the more unintentional and well seasoned something is, the closer its tangible reality reaches the perception of a great work and genius masterpiece — Dr. Crim

Modesty — Recognizing one’s own limitations and seeking a healthy balance.

Avant-Garde — Pushing the boundaries of what is and thus leading the future.

Appendix B ⦂ ❝Reaching Singularity❞



Do we break the loop or be embraced by the loop? :ringer_planet: Or should we slam dunk it in one giant hoop?

We come to see that there are many loops, and that such is an entirely normal and even necessary game-play element, and that such is even desirable / palatable if a loop is given ❝FLAVOR❞.

  • Finite = One Playthrough = Game Over = ⧜
  • Infinite = No Conclusion = Endless Play = ∞

No Conclusion — Prior to release, NMS was heralded as “The Game to End All Games” — Why?

It would seemingly go on forever - But, while you can code infinite space, can you code infinite variety? Can you code infinite activity? Can you code an infinite amount of things to do? - The answer is, “Yes!”

We come to see that the answer depends entirely upon how you — “Define: Infinity”

Infinite Variety & Infinite Activity

  • Game Assets = Handcrafted
  • Use of Assets = Procedural

Handcrafted x Procedural = Finite ⧜

  • Literally Finite; Feels Finite

Handcrafted x (Procedural x Procedural (2 x 256)) = Finite ⧜

  • Literally Finite; Feels Infinite

Feels infinite because we forget and are ready to refresh all.
Why forget? — Assets scattered intergalactic & multigalactic !
Note: The 2 means intergalactic, an edge to center variable.

Hello Games, if you find that you were too ambitious, and can’t handle 256 galaxies…

Solution ⦂ 1 Galaxy of intergalactic assets scattered in all 8 points of the compass. :compass:

Just note that beefing up multigalactic maintains a much stronger sense of infinity. ∞

Now that we know the solution to the universe, let’s take the concept well over the top.


Can procedural code create procedural assets? — Would solve everything, if quality!

  • Game Assets = Procedural
  • Use of Assets = Procedural

Procedural + Procedural = Infinity ∞

Only limitations: Hardware, code, time & money — Thus…

❝Can procedural code create procedural code?❞

  1. And then… Can hardware create hardware? …AI Robots.

  2. Can robots source, process & utilize their own materials?

Would it be safe if Atlas wrote it’s own life-script?

SUBATOMIC :boom: SUPERNOVA = ANOMALOUS :business_suit_levitating: SINGULARITY

Dear God, we’ve entered singularity. :astonished: Careful not dual singularity!

  • The last thing we need here is,
  • ❝Rage Against the Machine and its Old Gods❞
  • for creating monsters - OMG!

Behold - An army of self-replicating ‘Atlas’ supercomputer AI robots of infinite procedural universes!

The problem with a preset and predictable loop, is that it feels like what it is, it feels prebaked. It is that feeling, whereas procedural feels “loose n’ casual”, very unintentional, just as with nearly all aspects of real-world nature - the trees, the grass, the universe - our hair in the wind.

:diamonds: ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸ ★ :. . • ○ ° ★ . . . ¸ . ° ¸. * ● ¸ . …somewhere ° ☾ ° ¸. ● ¸ . ★ ° :. . • ° . * :. . in an infinite universe ● ¸ ° ☾ °☆ . * ¸. ★ ★ ° . . . ☾ °☆ . * ● beyond the invisible… ° ☾ ★ °● ¸ . ★ ° :. . • ○ ° ★

❝Clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness❞ ╭𐎸