Anyone already listening to WAEL?

I started my stream a couple hours ago, and I will admit I am not a spanish speaker, but man the last 30 minute block has been really good. I think in the chorus she’s singing “Paramar”, and in one of the refrains she was talking about the moon. I’d really like to know what song this is. I found Paramar by the Brazillian band Los Prisioneros, it’s not an exact match. Anyone know what song/artist this is?

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I just started listening. Definitely need to work on my Spanish…

Up until about an hour ago it was kinda reggaeton and EDM stuff, but in the last hour or so there have been some gems. Welcome to the show:)

So I wonder what the chances are the clue will appear in the next hour or so? Or will it more likely be later in the day?

Honestly, no idea. I haven’t witnessed any of the other broadcasts. Has anyone been first-hand at the others here?

Enriqio Iglesias confirmed

EDIT: Now a track that sounds suspiciously like Stevie Nicks

Deja Vu by Shakira, as it turns out! Shows how cultured I am

Haha… Shakira Nicks?

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all I got from that one is that something is your fire, fire fire


Okay, he said this was another Shakira track right?

I’m having a hard time trying to translate… my wife is watching the final episode of Breaking Bad. I’m pretty distracted.

oh man, you should just spoil it for her. Say spoiler

Oh my god. I hope I didn’t spoil it for you too. I’m so sorry if I did.

I love her way too much for that. She would be devastated!

I can’t, because I am on PS4 only, and it doesn’t support the radio app. Do you know if anyone is livestreaming it on youtube? (is that even legal?)

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unknown mac, but it’s wholly possible. lemme dig around. Check for edit.

EDIT: gracious. Seems ps3 had the ability but it was nerfed in PS4. I could party with you on PS4 and give you a microphone stream?

EDIT2: yeah, iheartradio has an app on ps4 but I can’t find WAEL in its streams.

I like this honkey tonk guy

commercial time!
EDIT: nevermind :frowning:

maybe at the top of the hour :slight_smile:

Oh, I guess it is technically the 17th there now, since it’s the same time zone as the east coast of the U.S. Is someone recording the stream so that everyone can listen to it later?

I’ve got audacity armed and am actively listening.

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For some reason I can’t make my rig record and play through the line out at the same time. So, no for me.

Surely someone is… right?!