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Hello to everyone. I’m a newcommer, from NMS.

I saw this thread from YourBasicMaths on the reddit of NMS, and i think it would be useful for further search:

It talks about a hidden youtube video that points to a dropbox file. It would be useful to be focused in this as well


Perhaps the numbers found earlier would be of some use in the dropbox URL? It’s a bit of a reach, but then again, just about everything has been. No stone unturned!

The url would have letters, too. You can’t choose what your url is, either, so it would have to be something with a mix of letters and numbers.

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Make sure to always check the wiki before you post - chances are it’s already been discovered and documented.

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You’re mistaken, it’s exactly the same as what I just posted about.

Really nice find! I’m going to add it to my ‘to do list’ in a bit!

After seeing this topic, I spent a good amount of time last night combing through the HTML looking for either another YouTube link or some sort of hint to the meaning of the Dropbox link (potentially a fishy alphanumeric sequence that could comprise the end of a URL to a Dropbox file).

Has anyone else had any luck looking through the HTML for any clues? I even started looking through the HTML of the default Wordpress pages you can find by just randomly adding words onto the URL. The ones I found were:

http://www.echo-64.com/atlas/ (as Dolnor pointed out)
http://www.echo-64.com/hr/ (same page that /echo/ leads to)

However, I don’t believe any of these are important. I also found an administrative login page, which I will not link since I’m fairly certain we are not supposed to use it. However, the link is a bit odd, since instead of the default WordPress login URL it uses a hex sequence. It is (8 digits)-(4 digits) which could be part of a UID (e.g. for a PDF), but I doubt they would use their login page as a clue for something like that.

On all of those pages, you can find the link to the gravatar for the Old Gods (this is the default sizing, you can get it in different sizes via a link like this, change the number after “?s=” to request a different size).

Edit: added a few more (most likely useless) links that I had forgotten about before.

Edit 2: Apologies if this has been found already and I’m just catching up to old news, but I found the source of the Old Gods avatar. Unsurprisingly, it’s from Lovecraft: Nyarlathotep - Wikipedia


Possible new line of attack for investigating the website: I noticed that all of the pages have coded “shortlinks.” You can see this yourself by going to any regular page or “blog post” type pages linked above and looking at the page source for a line near the beginning (~line 37) starting with: <link rel=‘shortlink’

The links are of the form echo-64.com/?p={decimal number}

For ?p=5 through ?p=237, you just get what appears to be default Wordpress junk. For numbers above that, most of them just lead to 404 error pages. I have not exhaustively searched these numbers by any means. The working pages we’ve found so far have the following shortlink codes. (Right click and “copy link address” to get the shortlink, otherwise the URL will update to the full URL.)

Main site pages:

  • /our-services/ = 318
  • /about-us/ = 320
  • /history/ = 312
  • /our-team/ = 317
  • /careers/ = 309

Blog posts (note that even though /echo/ and /hr/ look similar, they actually have different shortlinks, also the /hr/ page has a working image, while /echo/ does not).

I have already tried 1799, 1802, 1808, and 1974 with no luck (numbers from Careers and History). Similarly, I tried 2211, 1350, and 1351 (numbers potentially relevant from the Hamlet quote). I’m kind of inclined to believe I’ve strayed down yet another dead-end, but I figured I should share this in case anyone else has any ideas how to use this to find secret pages on the site.

Edit: Added in /time/


p=0 seems to be BLOG & STORIES but there’s nothing there

I think you found something, those numbers at the bottom seem to work for it

It’s just another dead end
we must not search for meaning where there is none

Has anyone done the obvious and visited the office? I live in TX and have no way to get to San Fran.

?p=84 leads to http://www.echo-64.com/callout1-svg/

That contains a link to an svg image that is fully white. If you fill it in this is what it looks like. Looks like a genereic icon.

In fact these continue if you go to callout2, callout3… This is probably some Wordpress crap or something like that. The file link contains 2015/08 which means this is some old nonsense or some internal WP/plugin stuff.

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I wanted to bump this up because I am really wondering what this dropbox video means and if anyone has any more ideas, found anything, what have they been trying.

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Like I said, for p=5 through p=237 you just get WordPress garbage. I think the idea that those are RGB values is probably our best bet, though I’m not sure how we can use that. It’s just a coincidence that the numbers for the WordPress junk happen to roughly span the valid RGB values.

Regular pages have shortlinks in the hundreds or thousands. If we find anything with them, it’ll almost certainly be with a larger number (>1000 probably, possibly even 5 or more digits).

The only place I can find the word “box” on the website (outside of HTML jargon) is also on the careers page, where it says

If you often think outside the box, look for creative ways to use artificial intelligence, or feel that you can connect with clients easily, we need your expertise.

Doesn’t seem relevant to me. :confused: Maybe we need to somehow use the suspicious numbers on the website to construct a Dropbox link? Some pairs of numbers within them could be converted to letters? If that is the case, it doesn’t seem like we have enough data to go on though, since we’d have to blindly try a ton of possibilities.

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Hmm so think outside the box on the page where the dropbox video is hidden… this makes me think of the Arrival Movie “mini ARG” where we found a secret dropbox and watched the characters talking to one another on a dropbox page over the run of the pre-launch buildup.

Yea I was thinking about that. If it was decimal to ASCII we would need about 30 or more digits to get 15 characters long alphanumeric string.