3xperimental (Steam)

Basically a complete reinstall of the entire game. Downloading now

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Lots of references to Cross Saves via the cloud and some sort of HG Account created / logged into using a QR code the game will generate. The good thing is, HG seems to be logging your used platforms, and theres a mission condition added to check if Settlements were ever disabled, likely to allow for the smooth conversion of a switch player’s save.

The update itself is pretty heavy because it looks like they rebuilt the shaders and audio files, again…


So Cross-Save is definitely coming ;-;

I can predict some folk already getting riled up by the discovery of a “HG Account” because it is the vogue thing to do now; absolutely lose your marbles when asked to log in to a secondary account on steam. Two games have been review bombed to hell in recent weeks for such a thing '^_ ^

Can’t wait for “I don’t trust these LIARS with my DATA!” comments on steam discussion boards, negative reviews and community updates. Stupid, predictable vocal minority gamer fringe. You’d swear email addresses were hard to come by.


HG is so subtle at adding tiny touches they make a person doubt their sanity. Was this already this way? How did I miss it? Or was it just tweaked…
When did the Anomaly portal room get a ceiling? Did the simulator room always look like it was about to spin up another reality?

Is everything a little steamier, smokier and sparkly than before?

And when was this added in the Space Station vendor area?


During Singularity expedition it was mentioned the colours pulsing through the Nexus had changed to reflect the Atlantid but also nobody could really remember if they were always that colour or not… I can’t recall where we landed on that one.

I think we’re going to have a similar issue with the ceiling :smiley: I’m sure theres a wonderful Venn Diagram of “No Mans Sky”, “length of time a person has been playing” and “the Mandela Effect” out there somewhere.

Edit: I thought a screenshot of the Interstellar Terminal room with the ceiling in view would exist out there somewhere but having trouble finding one that does. I think that means you are the first person to look up in that room, you get to name your discovery! :tada:

Ediit: Hard to tell but I’m gonna say the ceiling centre chonk is new /??

Ediiit: Most of the images showing up, including the one I used above, when searching “interstellar terminus” or “iteration mercury” in google image, are mostly coming from our posts here on Etarc <3


I think sometimes it is just the graphic quality they keep tweaking and everything looks all new again. During some updates, graphic quality has been known to tank. Then along comes a big update and :sparkles: everything looks wonderful again. Really messes with our heads. Or at least with mine.


That would be weird, considering people have asked for cross-saves. There’s no way to do that without platform independent savegame managment, so what the hell do they expect? Magic?

In the case of HG, I could imagine that the account is optional for those that actually want the capability.


Meant to post another pic here. Save menu has been rearranged again. Will post it as soon as I drag myself out of bed…
Does anyone know how to make your screenshots show in the steam app on your phone? So easy with PS5 and XBox…but not Steam


Click the ‘Menu’, then select ‘Library’, then select the game, then expand ‘My Game Content’, and you’ll find ‘My Screenshots’. Just make sure those screenshots are actually uploaded.


Experimental Branch 13/06 :link:

  • Fixed a crash in the game mode selector.