3xperimental (Steam)

Topic for posting and discussing Steam 3xperimental updates or patches for NMS Waypoint.

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Experimental Branch 07/10 :link:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Change Craft Amount” option from working when crafting products.

  • Fixed a number of issues affecting base power when enabled or disable the Auto-Power difficulty setting.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented ship and Multi-Tool trade-in prices from being calculated correctly.

  • Fixed an icon inconsistency in the Journey Records page.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pinning a completed journey milestone.

  • Fixed an issue that caused audio corruption when upgrading inventory slots.

  • Fixed a number of issues related to selecting the next inventory slot to be upgraded.

  • Fixed a UI issue that could make it difficult to expand inventories up to their intended maximum dimensions (of 60 for technology and 120 for items).


Sean is the cowboy who patches faster than his shadow


And some more.

Experimental Branch 07/10 :link:

Fixed an issue that caused some doorways in freighter bases to become blocked.
Fixed an issue that made it difficult for the living ship to land on planets.
Fixed a crash related to upgrading Multi-Tool inventories.


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Experimental Branch 11/10

  • Fixed a number of issues where old Cargo slots were visible in the UI, such as when viewing ships through the Analysis Visor.

  • Players upgrading their save to Waypoint are now awarded additional free technology slots (this fix will also apply to players who have already upgraded their save to Waypoint).

  • Fixed an issue that could cause broken tech to permanently block some inventory slots.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause freighters to be missing their hyperdrive after purchase.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the correct charging of Exocraft technology.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent large inventories from being fully displayed in some circumstances (such as when using storage containers).

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate hyperdrives to be found in crashed and NPC ships during the tutorial.

  • The photon cannon can now be deleted from the ship inventory, providing at least one other weapon is installed.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause volcanoes to pop out of existence.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Livestock Unit to display too few inventory slots in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue that caused predatory fish to move too slowly.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause improbably large numbers of Sentinels to spawn at player settlements in particular multiplayer scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Neutron Cannon to deal nearly no damage.

  • Added a confirm button to the “Delete Base” option when interacting with the Base Computer.

  • Fixed a number of visual issues with freighter engines.

  • Improved the Trade Rocket engine effects.

  • Fixed a number of rendering issues with particle effects.

  • Improved the text displayed when viewing cooking items in the catalogue.

  • Fixed a number of text scrolling issues in the info portal.

  • Optimised the rendering of a number of particle effects.

  • Optimised star and sky rendering.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented FSR 2.0 from being enabled while using HDR.

  • Fixed a number of networking issues.

  • Fixed a crash related to Multi-Tool rendering.

  • Fixed a memory issue related to squadron icon rendering.


Steam Experimental branch has been updated, awaiting patch notes


Another update and no notes


Another new update to Steam Experimental branch, this time WITH patch notes:

Experimental Branch 12/10 :link:

  • A new difficulty setting has been added which allows players to lock themselves out of any further difficulty settings changes. Once enabled, this action is permanent.
  • The strength of starship specialisation bonuses have been increased, so that higher-grade ships receive greater inherent bonuses to their stats. This scales steeply with both class and ship specialisation, so that eg the Explorer class ships will have significantly further warp ranges.
  • As well as damage, shield and warp bonuses, starships now also have an inherent agility-based stat, which benefits all maneuverability upgrades in the same way as the other specialisation stats affect their relevant upgrades.

  • Stat bonuses on procedural jetpack upgrades have been increased.
  • Stat bonuses on procedural hazard protection upgrades have been increased.
  • Stat bonuses on procedural pulse engine upgrades have been increased.
  • Stat bonuses on procedural hyperdrive upgrades have been increased.

  • The drop rate of Spawning Sacs retrieved by the living frigate from fleet expeditions has been increased.
  • Significantly reduced the likelihood of incoming damage to break a piece of technology while the Exosuit shields are charged.

  • Fixed a number of issues where different popups would take the same scrolling input.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing tabs in the freighter inventory while hovering over an empty slot.
  • Fixed an issue that caused critically damaged Hazard Protection to appear to become recharged and functional when sitting in the starship.
  • Hazard Protection now notes on the HUD when it is critically damaged.
  • When reporting a base, the owner’s name is now more clearly displayed in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue that caused missions to fail to recognise when Exocraft technology was correctly charged.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some items (such as projectile ammunition) to build the wrong amount when first crafted.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to salvage their only operational starship.

  • Fixed an issue that could strand players on the space station if they managed to dock with a broken pulse engine.
  • Fixed an issue that could leave some players floating in space when reloading their save.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players with very large inventories from seeing all their items when transferring to another inventory, such as a storage container.
  • Fixed a number of clashes between changing inventory tabs and changing stack sizes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some newly acquired inventory items to be visually missing from the main inventory.
  • The “Starting Slots” difficulty setting now adds additional inventory slots as well as additional companion and squadron slots.

  • The visual quality of stars has been improved when using TAA and FSR 2.0.
  • The visual effects for the final Atlas Station of the Artemis path have been improved.
  • Fixed a network matchmaking issue.

  • Fixed an Xbox Series S/X crash related to the file system.
  • Fixed a PlayStation 5 crash.
  • Fixed an inventory-related crash that could occur when loading the game.
  • Fixed a memory-related crash on PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed a crashed related to the recipe page within the information portal.

Hmmm… I have discovery services active but I am always alone on the Anomaly.
I heard Beeblebum talking about possibly being on different servers if our difficulties are set differently…Does anyone know more? It did not seem to matter before this patch. Perhaps the servers are just not working correctly right now.


Not sure, but I have just posted about another likely unrelated issue here:

If your issue persists, or you get additional confirmation, you may wish to report it as well.
For me Multiplayer appeared to work correctly yesterday while on the Steam Experimental branch, in a few different game modes even


Experimental Branch 13/10 :link:

  • Player difficulty settings are now visualised next to their name, including a note if they have previously changed to easier settings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented technology attachments from appearing on Exocraft.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues with inventory slot unlocking.
  • Fixed a number of issues that caused Journey Milestone guidance missions to end too early.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause starship salvage to return an invalid price for the ship.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from loading their manual save in Permadeath.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent bases from correctly uploading.
  • Fixed an experimental-branch only issue that could prevent ships from being salvaged.

  • Fixed a memory-related crash on all platforms.

Where is this visible?
I like the idea of players having a distinctive ‘badge’ so in multiplayer other players can see just how easy or hard you’ve chosen to make your journey.
(Would give some bragging rights to those opting for a real challenge)


I will check to see when I load up the game in a bit

Ok. Permadeath and custom mode.


I understand the idea because now MPs can pick a group of people who are playing the same way they are. Although it does not really state what your custom mode settings are…and how could it? Too many combos.


Steam Experimental branch updated, no patch notes just yet. Will update if these arrive shortly

From Lo2k on the NMS Modding Discord:

new experimental 9725137 (95017)
Only 2 files have received changes (+ probably the exe) :

So it seems likely we may not receive patch notes (again)


The game difficulty icons are gone. I know there was concern among players of being ostracized for adjusting certain settings… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…like I care about what people say about my settings…anyway, I wonder if removing them was intentional


Since they are allowing to play in the same instance with players with various custom settings, I really don’t see the harm allowing players to decide if they want to team up to do weekend missions with another person who is essentially god or the reverse a dainty soon be be crushed flower lol.

Yes people will be dicks about it. but unless you keep everyone on custom settings playing together only its gonna cause issues. And how to you keep players playing together when settings are all custom and so many different possibilities.

I think the only some what fair way is to force everyone to be “normal” settings when teamed, and custom when solo…

But then you get PVP griefers

Custom settings are awesome…but allowing the feature your essentially forced to piss off one play style or another. You cannot possibly make all sides happy.


So here is an example from Beeblebum of someone who lowered their settings. I assume the skull is permadeath.

But I saw no level markers after this last small patch.
I assume the gravemarker I saw earlier is actually an Atlas icon and must be what? Normal?
Now that I have seen this, it does rather seem like you are being called out for shaming.


Experimental Branch 15/10 :link:

  • Technology inventories now have a chance to contain supercharged slots that offer substantial boosts to the stats of technologies deployed to those slots. The number of supercharged slots is tied to the class of the starship, freighter or Multi-Tool in question, with 1 slots available for C-Class and 4 for S-Class.

  • An icon reflecting the player’s current mode is now visible alongside the icon representing their current platform.
  • Players who elect to permanently lock their difficulty settings will have this reflected in their mode icon.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause technology items to fail to install correctly in some weapons or ships acquired from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion .
  • The technology research trees now stay open when purchasing multiple parts with the difficulty set to zero costs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cursor to reset to the centre of the screen upon certain button inputs on the storage container transfer screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Exosuit Upgrade Chart hints to continue displaying after the chart had been used or sold.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Paralysis Mortar not to be known by default when opting to start with all technologies known.

  • Fixed a number of visual issues related to purchasing new inventory slots.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with mission icons during Journey Milestone guidance missions.
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause asteroids to appear the wrong colour.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a softlock on load after triggering a Journey Milestone guidance mission involving the mission board whilst within a pirate-controlled system.

The level icons are back

And cheaters be cheaters and nothing will change it. So here is an example of actual cheating.
This guy
Let’s put aside the fact that he calls himself ‘Immortal’ despite the fact that he changes settings, no, what makes him a cheater is that I worked a very dangerous infestation mission. One that had me destroy the giant worms things that pop out of the ground and then a ton of nasty critters pop out of the ground and chase you around and on top of that, it was a frenzied sentinel planet so I had a crew of those trying to gun me down as well…anyway, he did not join my group and help me fight. No! He cheated and was on the list as having joined by group but did not! Was he there to help gun anything down? No no no…he cheated!
This is real cheating. And this issue has been around for a while. People do this to me all the time. Sometimes I simply do not turn the mission it but, abandon it instead. No matter how hard it was to complete.