3xperimental (Steam)

Yes! The visual pollution alone is reason enough


Still waiting for the patch notes for yesterday Steam experimental. I suppose they might have just patched the last patch and had nothing new to add?


Well, they fixed the O2 recharge in the Quick Menu. It was missing. It is back in the Quick Menu now.


That could be it!

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On PC, I find the “quick” menu a lot slower than the regular one. And if I don’t press the right button within 5 seconds, it all disappears and I have to start again. I find it so awkward that I only ever use the quick menu for things that can’t be accessed any other way.


It improved a bit by them finally fixing the suggested item. I.e. you’re now a lot more likely to have the thing preselected that you actually want to charge. For hazzzard protection it works fairly well, so not having to tab into the menu while standing in a storm is definitely helpful…

Now, if only they would also suggest things like gel or batteries, which you only have for this purpose, over raw resources which you might want to use for other things, that’d be great… :rofl:


Another new 3xperimental update was just released. Hopefully this time Patch Notes will follow soon.


So they just released last 3xp patch to all consoles. I guess we 3xp peeps just have to take the hand dealt us and wait for patch notes…really need to know what is being patched to be able to test it out lol


I’m not an experienced gamer, so sometimes I reach for the wrong key. By the time I realize that and start to choose the right one, the menu has disappeared.


Experimental Branch 02/06 :link:

  • Added support for reflections on PC VR.
  • Improved the appearance of rain.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause missing or corrupted text in the Analysis Visor on the Space Anomaly or derelict freighters.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause stars to disappear when looking out the side of the ship in VR.
  • Fixed some mistranslated text in the ByteBeat Library.

Experimental Branch 04/06

  • Significantly improved and streamlined the freighter upgrade control menu, which includes access to the options to reset the freighter base.

  • Improvements to ensure more consistent behaviour across the different photo mode settings.

  • Made a change so the cockpit remains visible when transitioning to the Galaxy Map in VR.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the transition to play twice when entering a vehicle in PSVR.

  • Improved the appearance of the UI in VR when using a refiner or performing a maintenance interaction.

  • Fixed some clipping text in the inventory screen in VR.

  • Added a popup for players running outdated drivers on compatible NVIDIA RTX cards, encouraging a driver update in order to enable DLSS support.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause photomode screenshots to appear black with DLSS enabled.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent mission notifications from displaying.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent build menu tutorial hints from displaying.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented display of the player’s balance of Salvaged Data when using research trees, such as the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly.

  • Updated the in-game patch notes to reflect the Prisms update.


Experimental Branch 07/06 :link:

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the SSV Normandy SR1 frigate reward from being redeemed if it was first redeemed with a full fleet, or before acquiring a freighter.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause music to stop playing in the Space Anomaly and photo mode.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the death quote screen to display at the incorrect size when running with DLSS enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some planets to not look wet during ambient rain.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause photo mode screenshots to get cut off in VR when running with DLSS enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the stars on some planets to appear overly large with some resolutions and DLSS quality settings.

I keep expecting an announcement for AMD Fidelity. I mean it is coming to Xbox June 22nd I think. I cannot see them not adding support for it after DLSS. Especially with the expected improvements it could bring to both console and PC.

I expect community events will go on for a while yet, but maybe will get another prism type update


There was an experimental release today, no patch notes though.


We just had another 3xperimental update, once again without patch notes so far.


Happy cake day! Thanks for your work here. :clap:


cake is delicious. :yum: Can’t believe it is anniversary time again. So many updates!


they updated precache.txt from the Globals PAK
entries are identical, just in different order…very strange to update globals twice in 2 days…wonder if its more to do with some kind of internal test for content release more so than actual changes, as this must be the smallest file they could update, that doesn’t actually have changes…but would appear different…dunno maybe I crazy lol


Changes were only for the executable, which is not part of the .paks


ah Never checked the exe. never even thought lol.