#231197661T - some questions

I’m wondering about the mention of #231197661T in node 7500 in the uplink app summarized it’s in this google doc.

It seems to be a direct connection to NMS and I find it puzzling that this doesn’t provoke more of a reaction - since it really is on par with the comm ball being droppen way back in Phase 1 of WT (in the sense that it is a direct reference to something within NMS). Don’t you think so?

So, if I understood things correctly there were several nodes that mentioned names, presumably of dreamers. These are node(2245), node(2547), node(4272) and node(7500). The names appearing in these nodes are listed in a pastebin file that was found independently on discord but they are not the same names as in the pdf memo giving names of lost people it seems.

What puzzles me is that all names in the pastebin list are identical to the info in the nodes except for #231197661T which is replaced by “Fai”. So #231197661T = Fai ??? What does that mean? If this iteration is the “previous Traveller” that gets removed from the game when we start a new game, what happened to Fai and why is this character singled out?


First of all, the Pastebin link you are referring to is NOT from A&S, it was created by a user who decided to go through the Javascript code in the satcom website. This is somewhat frowned upon, although it doesn’t require anything special besides looking at this code to find those names.

Secondly, the list this user came up with includes the name ‘Fai’, which is misspelled, as it should be ‘Fei’. It is however interesting how this 12th name apparently replaces the previously found #231197661T.


I remember on the Echo website, the first echo ever made was named “Fay”. Probably not related.


Possibly a girl’s name. Unusual, and outdated, but it appears to exist.


These names are certainly missing people from Myriad sublocation after the explosion, not dreamers.

Of course it exists :smile:


If you copy, cut, and paste the redacted name from the PDF into a text editor, you get:

“Nice Try NIce Try”


Forgot to add that “Faye” is also an old word for fairy, also used as an adjective meaning “anything to do with fairies” Famous example: Morgan la Faye from arthurian legend, literally meaning “Morgan the fairy” or “Morgan the fairy-like”. Tended to be used in a context where “this is faye” could essentially be translated to “this is fishy” in modern language.
Which would certainly be applicable in this case.


@DevilinPixy Well well look at that!
I honestly thought that pastebin was a part of the ARG and not mined info… this actually helps a lot since I was confused as to how on earth that file was “found” :slight_smile:
Just like you however, I do feel it is important like really important the fact that an ARG dreamer is identified inside the game NMS, as a part of the lore itself. It ties the W/ARE headset directly to No Man’s Sky for the first time, and I’m honestly perplexed as to why the lore fanatics seem to be sleeping…

Ohh I would LOVE to see the source of this @MacForADay … I realize the website is dead, but do you have a screenshot? Leave NO STONE UNTURNED!! :+1:


Faeries are basically Irelands version of demonic lore. Most people associate faeries with the little spritely nymphs made famous by Hollywood (Fairies)

But really, fairy or Faeries is a catch all term for spirits or demons or gods. They’re not all tiny people with wings :slight_smile:

It’s our folklore from before the British invaded and forced Catholicism down out throats. Or maybe the Romans beat them to it first, I don’t recall. Something to do with a man named Patrick symbolically getting rid of all the snakes (“pagans”) in Ireland. And for some stupid reason everyone around the world celebrates the day Catholicism came and fucked up our ancestors :see_no_evil:

As for Fei, still quite a common name in Ireland, I happen to know three :slight_smile: though one is spelt Faye.


All redacted texts in the memos in fact :wink: Since phase 1.

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Oh, I’m well aware of that.

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Echo 1, “F.A.Y.”, made in 2009

But F.A.Y is not Fei

No, but the same name has alternative possible spellings. Tentative, I know - but it could lead somewhere.


F.A.Y is more an acronym than a word. maybe a project name ?

The other exemple we have:
Second echo ever created: Gerry Mishrason mother’s echo
is a name, not acronym.

If in the dashboard code it is “fei” (chinese name then) i’m not sure there is a link with F.A.Y.
And it was in 2009, i don’t believe W/RE had any headset 9 years ago :wink:

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Echo was a project to create simulations of dead people. Apparently this could be done from as little information as a voice recording.

Atlas Foundation were using Echo data (i.e. simulations of dead people’s personalities) to boost Loop 15’s predictive powers:

Loop 16, the successor to Loop 15, developed a personality of its own.

Isn’t it reasonable to imagine that the personalities fed into Loop 15 might have a bearing on the issues?

We know Atlas were feeding personalities into the computer. We have a list of names. I’m not saying that there is a connection - only that there might be.


Well, that blows! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
When I pulled up the worksheet on my desktop, last night, the names are mentioned there. It seems like GD should remove any bogus information that isn’t A&S related.

Perhaps this is where our voice recordings come into play?


Yes, we’ll all be eliminated - then our personalities will be simulated in a computer somewhere.

Or maybe they already have been…:open_mouth:


yes, because we are in a simulation where we try to save people stucked in a simulation in an ARG but it is us. Emily is the real puppet master and we’re all Mr Noodle in a maze and … and…