Your part of the world


So it seems like a vast majority of people are here to talk about Project WT, which is awesome! However, I’d like to get to know more about your part of the world. So, my proposition is this. Everyone tells an interesting fact, scary story or cool landmark located in their vicinity.

I’ll begin. I live around Tulsa, Oklahoma (it’s the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere) and we have this really interesting landmark called the Center of the Universe. It’s a stone circle in the middle of a bridge. When standing inside the circle, your voice is echoed back to you amplified rather impressively. It’s kind of like being in an echo chamber or listening to your own microphone delayed just a fraction of a second. Everyone outside the circle gets kind of a garbled mess of distortion. I have heard it referred to as both an acoustical anomaly and an acoustical vortex. Either way I think Axis Mundi (Center of the Universe) is as good a name for it as any. Because of this interesting location we also have a Center of the Universe Festival and a Ms. Center of the Universe contest every year.

Who’s next?


I’m down. Near me in an area of Los Angeles known as San Pedro, we have our very own Atlantis …sort of. In 1929 there was a landslide that destroyed one of the nicest pocket neighborhoods of San Pedro and Sunken City was born. It is now a place where people do a little urban exploring, some scrambling, and take a look at rapidly changing street art. Just hop the fence and you’re in. You do need to be careful though. Every so often there are people that either fall or jump off the cliffs nearby.


Now that is awesome! We don’t have any sunken cities around these parts being land locked and all. We do however have a massive number of lakes, rivers and creeks that like to flood anytime we get the slightest bit of rain. Your comment about urban exploring reminded me that we have some real cool urban exploration areas in Tulsa. One of them is the Underground. They are this not so secret collection of tunnels that were built to connect all of our high rises downtown. There is normally a new bit of street art every time I get down there. Creepy place at night if you don’t know your way around.

Might be fun to climb down there with some paint and add some cyphers to the wall just to see what comes of it.


This might be a bit generic, but its the best i got. Down in Pennsylvania, we have the Liberty Bell. Its a very complex thing, but all in all, represents America’s freedom. If you really want to know more for some reason, here’s a Wikipedia page for it that is way too long:


Hey fam

I’m from Brisbane, Australia, which is about a days drive north of Sydney, and the third most populated city in the country! Despite that, nothing much interesting happens around here. Best part about living here is being close to the nice beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Last thing we did of international notoriety was host the 2014 G20 summit for some reason :laughing:.

Coolest land mark we probably have is this artificial beach they made along the river, but don’t go in there cause its probably a little unsanitary. It’s situated right along the lovely Brisbane River, which we here call the Brown Snake cause its always a nice brown colour from mountain runoff XD.


Well I’m from Australia, Perth specifically. Nothing ever happens in my part of the world unless you’re right in the middle of the city center, where all the overpriced food places and bars/nightclubs tend to be. on weekend nights, you’re bound to hear drunken people shouting what seems to be obsenities at eachother, but they aren’t really, It’s just aussie banter.

In an attempt to gain more tourists, the govornment decided to make its own landmark called Elizabeth Quay, Pretty much an extension of the city half built on the water. It’s only really used to its fullest potential when festivities are happening though.


I’m from Edison, but I’m living in London now. I think my favorite thing I’ve come across is a commemorative statue of Samuel Johnson’s cat.

And, @Orioncrush we also have a spot like that here! In St. Paul’s cathedral there’s a ‘whispering gallery’ where you can hear sounds from across the dome perfectly, because the dome itself is acoustically perfect or something like that. :smiley: I haven’t visited, unfortunately.


Hey guys, Dwarf here.
I live in Melbourne, Australia, down in the suburbs. I am only about a half hour drive from the city, and go there rather frequently. The city itself is pretty great, Melbourne was voted the world’s most liveable city for six years running and we are probably going to get 2017 as well.


Expensive tho hence Brisbane>Melbourne


Pretty sure theres a similar effect standing under the dome in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C, but only from the right spot. Physics is pretty cool sometimes


@Emily I had never considered that a dome would be capable of carrying sound that way. That would be an interesting anomaly to experience. My family and I have been planning a trip across the pond in the future. I’ll have to make sure to make it to St. Paul’s.

Out anomaly is open air outdoor.


In your case, I think that the sound probably travels along those curved, low walls. Physics is fascinating, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around some of it!


I’ve always wanted to do some of that urban exploring abandoned tunnel stuff.


I’m from Salford, United Kingdom but since nothing interesting has ever happened here, I’ll talk about Manchester (in essence they’re the same place). At first Salford was a larger city, but during the Industrial Revolution, Manchester became the first industrialised city in the world. After that died down we went on to make some pretty great technological discoveries: the first stored program computer (also known as Baby) was invented here as well as the first splitting of an atom & the discovery of the nucleus of the atom. We’ve had some of the most popular UK bands come from here eg. Oasis and The Smiths.


Here in Daytona Beach, Florida. A LOT of tourists mostly so the only thing I would consider a cool thing in my vicinity would be St. Augustine. They have some very interesting history related land marks but one of the cooler things in the Ghost tours. Which is where you go for a walk at night to see some ghosts. Never did it personally but I know a few people who have said they saw some and were very scared.


I’m from the Washington, DC area. Some visitors may have heard of the National Cathedral, but did you know that one of the “gargoyles” that adorn the towers is Darth Vader? Technically it’s a “grotesque” since it doesn’t spout water. He’s located on the shadow-covered northern side, or as one might say… the dark side.


Another Florida person here. I’m out in Panama City. Not from here, just stationed here (I’m in the military). I’m originally from Pennsylvania and I think the creepiest thing we had was the Pennhurst Asylum.


How long have you been stationed there? My dad was military, and Gruffham used to be. I remember how tough it was, moving around so much.


Been here a little over four years now. It’s been a nice duty station. Having the beach two blocks away doesn’t hurt :wink:


My dad was army - I was born on an army base in Alabama. None of my sisters ended up following in his footsteps and going military. Guessing you didn’t either @Emily?