Any fellow ETARC member live in Space City?

I refer to Houston TX, home of NASA Johnson Spaceflight Center, also known as mission control. I live close by and it’s been ages since I’ve gone there, too long really. They offer a special “Level 9” tour of their facilities which is a 5 hour behind the scenes look at their operations which I’ve always wanted to do. Might take the plunge here soon, I’m certain it would be worth the time. I was thinking hmmmm, a place like this, access behind the scenes… Might just be an ideal setting to somehow pick up on clues or new puzzle pieces for the fine folks at ETARC. The James Webb Space Telescope is currently here, undergoing cryogenic testing before it voyages into space and reveals more of the grandest cosmic mysteries to humankind. I can’t help but feel some strange connection to all this.

I’m an Okie, so I’m close enough to dream. The James Webb is an interest of mine, and a trip to the spaceflight center is on the list. One day.

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James Webb is gonna be unreal. Bigger and badder than the Hubble Space Telescope!! I get really excited thinking about the pictures it will take, and the new questions it will raise. Johnson Space Center is definitely worth seeing. They have a full size Saturn rocket which is too big to accurately describe in words. I looked to see if they also had an Atlas rocket but I think only Cape Canaveral in FL has one on permanent display.

I know that past mysteries similar to Waking Titan were run by a group of people behind the scenes pulling strings and that the nature of the puzzles or dead drops are determined by the audience trying to solve the mystery. I was sort of hoping some mysterious characters might take interest in the suggestion of NASA sites like JSC as a poetic tie-in, apropos to the subject matter in WT. If any such characters happen to read this posting, let it be known you have a willing investigator in Space City. Searching for clues IRL would be awesome, and who knows, a space-exploration agency link might generate more buzz, pull in more interested minds to help solve all these puzzles? Just thinking out loud here. :slight_smile:

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28 minutes until I can like that post :rofl:

Because I do.

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