X-post from Waking Titan subreddit "Frank Potente link on Echo website is also an IP address"


https://www.reddit.com/r/wakingtitan/comments/6hi5ca/frank_potente_link_on_echo_website_is_also_an_ip/ The guy who posted this claims the Franka Potente link, when used as an IP address, points to a location in Germany (Run Lola Run was a German movie) that is by a park with a statue of Poiseidon (child of a Titan). Do you think there is anything to this? Is there any point in trying to get someone to go to this location?


Also, he said this is where the movie was filmed, so it does sound rather important.


The ‘84.190.188’ has been researched as an IP address due to its dot-decimal notation. It is however missing one ‘octet’ (0-255), so assumptions will have to be made when interpreted as an IP address. We do know that this results in a geo-location in Berlin when any number (0-255) as an octet is added at the end. @doctordevice has checked the full range for 84.190.188.(0-255), but not a single one of them resulted in a valid IP address. The full range will return Deutsche Telekom AG in Berlin, with a variety of geo-locations. Considering only 3 octets, we should likely assume that a full IP address is of no importance.

The fact it returns Berlin as a geo-location could certainly be a reference to the film location of ‘Run Lola Run’ (Lola rennt) considering it links to ‘Franka Potente - Believe’ on YouTube, which is from this film. I do however not think we need to physically search the geo-location. There is no additional info found that points us in that direction. Even less likely due to the fact the exact geo-location returned, varies. For that matter, when interpreted as an (incomplete) IP address, I believe this should only be interpreted as a possible reference to the film location.

A couple of links showing a few of the filming locations:

Wikipedia list of locations:

On a side note: Other interpretations are possible for ‘84.190.188’ as has been pointed out in other topics on this forum.


I definitely agree we shouldn’t bother trying to get anyone to Berlin to wander around aimlessly. And after checking the full range, I don’t think we’re supposed to interpret the numbers as an IP address at all. I think the RGB interpretation is the most likely one.


Thanks for explaining it to me. If we get another clue with the 255 later, that might be when this location will become more relevant.


I’ve already checked 84.190.188.{0-255} and {0-255}.84.190.188, neither range turned up anything of interest. Here’s my comment about it.


I’m fine with the idea that 84.190.188 represents both a RGB value and an IP range. I think the fact that it points to a German film makes it a bit too coincidental that the numbers are also part of a German IP range. It may be that we use this down the road when getting an additional clue – either the last part of the IP address, or a geo-location in Germany. Let’s keep it mind for now.


Maybe this means nothing, but on the Echo site, they mention the establishment of Geneva as an international support branch office. Yes, Geneva is not Germany and the IP address range contains 81 not 84… but maybe this is our first connection with the area?


CERN’s Large Hadron Collider resides in Geneva, Switzerland. Can’t imagine a better instrument with which to probe the multiverse.