Would you buy a Star System for 1 billion units?

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Owned star systems could be used to rank high rollin’ players. Maybe it would draw other players to an area and establish high end regions of space for different commodities.

Comment how you think this could work please.


If they ever add faction wars, this could come in handy. The player could use they’re system to build ships, or giant combat freighters. Or something less speculative, like having a base inside the space station.


If I actually had a billion units :confused:

If you’re asking about possible features? Well…

Keeping the system clear of pirates by force, managing trade in and out of the system to offer better prices on certain items, terraforming of planets to produce specific plants or the creation of "zoo"planets with exotic animals, manipulating the dominant sentient species by clan warfare, IFF signals for incoming NPCs and players? All done from a personalized space station.


Yeah cool idea! You could set your own quests for people to complete, e.g. Pay other travellers to gather resources/high value items to resell or stockpile, trade items you need for items they need, maybe the ability to craft the parts to build you own custom ships in a shipyard for resale :+1:


Yea this would be great if they gave you a type of editor tool so you customize the system exactly the way you want. Imagine having the power to choose what is on each planet. And to have color sliders for everything too… It may not even be possible but I can dream :stuck_out_tongue:


If I get the means (preferably in form of an epic quest) to throw the sentinels out of my system, I’d hit it. Once I had a billion Units, that is. Never been even close to that, but then again there has never been a real incentive to get there.

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For sure. Buy a bunch of verdant planets for 1 billion. Turn into terraforming catastrophes and sell for 2 billion. Or should that be the other way round?


I don’t see who, in the simulation, would be able to sale a System. But let’s say it’s possible, it would be an empty system then, without space station, trading post etc… Not sure that Emily is dreaming about such things :wink:

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There are dominant lifeforms in a system, and they could be driven out by money, or services bought?

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Huh… that would add another layer to it. If buying a system means displacing its current inhabitants, I don’t think I’d do it from a roleplaying perspective… Just write me the deed, let me have administrative control and collect taxes. I’d like to keep the workforce, thank you very much… :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to displace, could just hire the lifeform like we do in bases. Could tax all the manufacturing facilities, and require player to locate and enable them manually in order to get them up and running and producing goods. Other players could get a cut for enabling them also, but not receive ongoing revenue.

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What I would like to see for owning a system:

  • The ability to activate at least 1 habitable base per planet (or maybe 5 per system) that affects what products are sold in the space station. Perhaps this would be different from a player base with a teleporter (like a glorified manufactory).
  • Customizable space station
  • The ability to generate rare items or special affects at the pinacle of the build path you choose: such as S class MTs, certain ship types or changing some of the planet classifications by terraforrming.
  • The borders of owned systems are shown on the galactic map as a sovereign borders. Perhaps these can combine for larger borders if adjacent systems are owned.
  • The ability to transport from your base to any system (space station) you own (with owned systems in a separate listing perhaps).

What would the consequences and benefits be for someone visiting a player owned star system?

  • Incentives for driving out alien scum with dogfights, assign bounties.
  • Payments for finding/enabling manufacturing facilities.
  • Trade prices could be set higher for certain goods.

Benefits: better trade prices on certain items, protection from pirates/offered bounties for pirate kills, terraformed planets offering specific plants/animals, protection from hostile factions.

Consequence: if alliances exist perhaps a player might not be affiliated with the local faction and be attacked, if you can ally with pirates maybe the system is full of them, how about taxing travel/trade routes.

Edit: being able to manufacture black holes with specific destinations?

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The question makes no sense at all…“buy it” in what sense? What would buying be supposed to accomplish? Keep other players from naming stuff in that system? Prevent others from setting up base in it? Kick out NPCs? There are more star systems in each galaxy than we could explore in a lifetime and there is an infinite number of galaxies…it’s too easy to find a system nobody will ever find. And NPCs are unobtrusive and provide only benefits. There are no leaderboards in the game and if there were it would be much easier to rank total units earned…there would be no reason to literally burn billions for no reason other than to participate in a meaningless d___ waving contest. Making units provide plenty of benefits…the best freighters cost around 500 mil…48 slot haulers can cost over 125 mil and the best of the fighters and explorers come at high price tags as well…not to mention you’ll need 18 to 20 mil to max out suit slots…there’s plenty of use and benefits to be had from having top credits. My 48 slot freighter cost me around a billion…back before the pathfinder update when the game could legitimately spawn them…my ship collection cost well over 400 mil…and then another 100+ mil after 1.3 when I had to replace them to have tech slots. But there is a lot more to the game than units earned and/or spent…there’s hours played, tech collected(200+ pieces of tech costing tens of thousands of nanite clusters), product recipes, portal glyphs, alien languages, guild and race reputations to max etc. etc. etc. etc. Excelling at every aspect of the game is a lot more than just units.

Maybe read some of the comments for the answers to your questions. The bought systems would act just like named systems but if someone drops a billion on a system, then it must have something of value to them or is just for colonizing a hub, maybe trade hub, etc. It sounds like you’re upset about this concept, but there’s no need to be.


They would never go there…if it cost a billion to name a systems almost nobody ever would…because most people never got far into the game at all and those who did make billions have far more tangible and meaningful things to spend those units on. Hell even the hubs have far more systems within a jump of the hub’s center than there are people populating the hubs…and even then the game has no way of distinguishing what is a hub a what is not much less what is a hub’s center and what isn’t or any way to define a very specific few regions where occupying would cost vs not…any system would have to treat all systems by the same standard. Plus there is already a way to claim a system all for yourself while making sure nobody else can leave a mark on it…discover and name/upload all planets, moons, animals, and plants…done…others could visit but never make a lasting impact. Or simply leave Euclid…most never will…less than 1% of NMS players left that galaxy…less than 5% warped 60 times for the level 10 milestone there. When talking about people who have all the truly high end high value ships/freighter and top completion you’re talking about an insanely tiny fraction of 1%.

No, I’m not proposing it cost 1 billion to name a system, 1 billion to have it recognized as a premium system. And then set trade prices to lure others in, and possibly make it a booming system. Maybe even have someone outbid you for the system, do I hear 2 billion? :stuck_out_tongue:

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But “premium” in what way? By what standard? Pay 1 billion for what benefit exactly?