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This is an idea, and I’m not too experienced with the politics of No Man’s Sky. Hell, I’ve never even been to the Hub yet. But… just check this out.

In Next, let’s say you can demand units from another player. Or atleast initiate a trade. To help those that want to be pirates or traders. Cool, cool.

Taxes and toll fees for the Hub and other civilizations, hear me out.

What if, in order to travel in the hub as a regular “citizen”, you have to pay like, 50k per jump. Mid game, that’s pocket money. I mean, who’s even reached the hub without having a decent farm. The Hub police enforce this tax, and will attack those that don’t pay.

Okay, so the Hub (or other large civilization) gets an income of units, now what?

“Trains” and new player support.

The Hub officials now use this money to… buy cheap-ish (like, B-class explorers) ships, and/or multitools, or even trade for resources. Then, they donate it to new players. But that’s not the main point. “Trains” are.

Let’s assume Next adds multiple-personnel freighters, and other people can land in your freighter. Now, this is where stuff gets cool.

The Hub hires players with good freighter warp drives to ferry newer players, or just those that have gotten bad with the rng, to systems that have anomalies, higher level stars, you name it. Maybe like, a freighter ticket is 10k, along with a single warp cell for fuel. It would add a ton to the rp, and make multiplayer interactions really cool. Imagine being a high level player, and seeing 5 other noobs jump into your home system. Do you attack them as easy cash, or guide them along?

But then again, I know little about the Hub other than it’s got a lot of people in it, and it’s charted a ton of space.

-Main point over, closely related ideas below-

Trade routes where players from the hub jump onto a freighter and are carried to high profit systems, and share this with the freighter pilot. High money gains, but as a pirate, seeing tons of ships packed with liquid explosives (or other popular trade item) is a good gain. Large profit, large risk. These systems would be packed.

(Proper) Capital worlds. If Next adds large-scale buildings to the game, like they said you could establish colonies with other people, then we could see planets like Coruscant (obviously not that big, but you get the idea).

Proper wars. Again, I’ll restate, I know little about NMS politics, but I remember something about a war between two civilizations. That’s cool, but without pvp, that was all roleplaying and meta stuff. What about large, orchestrated battles with like, 50v50 fleets casting huge shadows over planets, setting whole systems ablaze with conflict.

Hub economy. If we can trade, we might see a new barter for players where rather than units, we’re trading ships and multitools for items and units. Let’s use this as an example:
Person 1: I don’t have a ship that has an upgraded drive, but you do.
2: And I don’t have a blaze javelin with all of it’s upgrades on my multitool.
If the hub taxation happens, we might see the hub providing ships for sale with better hyperdrives and such, if players don’t have enough money to buy the ship, we could see…

Hired services. Say someone just wants a single blueprint. Like… let’s say a warp drive theta upgrade. They pay someone credits, and hand over their ship. That person works on the ship, builds a theta, gives it back in exchange for money. “But then aren’t you just trusting someone to have my ship”. That’s where the Hub police go into play. You could report a stolen ship, and get the cops with you. However, if the other person is advanced enough, you might get your ship stolen completely.

-End of main discussion, just Next ideas below-

We need some kind of distress signal implemented in-game, or in a mod. It would add a ton. If we go back to the idea of hub police, we could get the police in on something. But if you’re just exploring, and see a distress signal, you go and investigate. It could be a player in distress, who might compensate your generosity afterwards. Or it could just as well be a squad of pirates waiting to jump you.

Please keep in mind I know little about the politics of the game, I’m just speculating.


Hmmm… I just want to comment on the trains. I like that idea alot. Or perhaps a “highway” of sorts. Something similar to Cowboy Bebop’s space highway. Its like a space tunnel and those inside it get taken to the other side of the tunnel, but if you try to leave the tunnel early, you fall out of the warp and end up who-knows-where.

It would be cool if the tunnel can be a sort of “mini-game” in itself where you can fly your ship/freighter to some defined place and actually maneuver it while the end destination is loading. Maybe if you try to leave the tunnel too early while still in warp, you end up who-knows-where tossed about through space with parts of your ship destroyed from the sudden stop in momentum.

Now, what to do with them?
Players can create them themselves(like Sean Murray said “colonizing”). These tunnels can link to valuable trade routes players have found on their own and others can take these highways too if they choose. These highways can come with a player-defined price to use it, again, if they want to set a cost. Like a ticket or a pass. After all, others will be able to get resources faster this way, people would be paying for convenience and it would add to creating a space economy.

Just an idea with not much thought into it.

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I won’t be playing in any system that invokes this type of “real world” control and politics. Maybe they appeal to many (CoE will be using it and I’ll be playing there as a farmer) but I play NMS to escape the BS of the Real World. I am too much of a rebel than a toe-the-line that society requires.

While I like the creative input and ideas, I don’t want NMS to turn into EvE.

Have fun in your controlled taxation player hub! -)



Yeah a constructable tunnel would be cool, although it’s such a specific thing I’m pretty sure it’ll have to be community based. Like the civilizations right now. But I mean, like the civilizations right now, it could definitely happen RP-wise. It could boost the player economy, but also encourage pirates among large trade routes.

Oh I’m not suggesting that Hello Games should include this. It’s just stuff for the hardcore civilization community to do. All Hello Games is adding is multiplayer. It won’t turn into EvE, trust me. But I’m just thinking that the Hub could see serious changes because of the introduction of PvP

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I see your viewpoint and I share it. Thats why i mentioned “player defined”. I wouldn’t charge anyone but there may be some who want to make their own trade routes and not want to share it with anyone, for those who reaaalllyyy want solidarity, but want a warp tunnel and want to discourage people from finding them. In that case, they can set a huge price if they choose(if they are the type that can be bought. Lol). Or perhaps just a setting that doesn’t allow anyone else to quick-warp to their home.

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This will definitely never happen in the Etarc/CSD hub, it really doesn’t match up with the vibe around here.

Space taxes? No thanks.

You keep referring to the hub but never specifying which. Is it the original galactic hub? Etarc hub? Amino hub?

Multiple freighters? Large city buildings? 50v50 dog fights and systems ablaze?

Look I don’t mean to be a buzz kill but I’ve seen what imagination and hype can do to a person’s expectations come release. We all seen how that went down.

People are starting to expect and assume a lot of things and I’m worried we’ll have another fallout like the original launch

Multiplayer will no doubt be continually expanded upon after next releases and it has tonnes of possibilities, but out the door it won’t be too overcomplicated with new features, bite off too much and you could spend forever debugging everything, it’s better to get the basics down first and add to it later while the community send in bug reports.

Im sure after next launches and with community feedback, we’ll see more multiplayer elements and forms of interaction be introduced with each core update.

I still don’t think we’ll get the Nms 1.5 Toll Bridge Rises update though :stuck_out_tongue:


I could see other hubs offering, chargeable ‘Ferry Services’ from designated outlying systems coming into play, offering routes like a bus service to their hub but that removes half the fun of NMS and the whole exploring for yourself feeling.

Taxation for visiting? Sorta takes away from the ethos of the game that the Sky belongs to No Man, (or woman).


Idk, this whole idea doesn’t sound like NMS. Most of us have spent the greater part of 2 years going anywhere we want in NMS freely.

This whole idea of taxing people to go to places or to stay in a hub?? That kind of taste would make me leave the hub that I’m in and take my explosives farm with me… I personally went there to be part of a larger group and I set up a farm to help get people free units just for visiting.

Taxing people would make it kinda sour for me.


I’d much prefer a ‘voluntary donation’ system. All the farms I’ve visited and pilfered, (cause that’s what it feels like) it would be nice to leave some units to show my appreciation for the work that has gone into each farm… and much easier on the CPU than yet another comm-ball saying thank you!


If it’s possible to set up a commercially based hub (which I doubt), you could set up one of your own.

If the idea is popular, people will come and join. If they don’t come, then the idea never had legs in the first place.

The galaxies are huge, and there are lots of them. If you think the idea could work, then give it a try. What have you got to lose?


Personally, as long as it’s an optional system, I could care less. If someone wants to tax me to visit their system, that’s fine. I won’t go, but they can have the option.

I think the idea of using a freighter for mass transit sounds good. There are plenty of people who don’t want to spend hours looking for that last multi-tool upgrade or s-class ship. I can see this being used/useful.

I totally agree. I often wish I could pay back all the farmers that helped me afford my freighter :grin:


Good concept Nysn,
I do think you have pointed to a big issue with the game and even try to offer a solution to it. Once you have all your mods, freighters and starships there is nothing to spend units on. I never thought I’d say this, but there needs to be a money sink in the game and taxation and donations would be an excellent way of dealing with this.

I like the idea of helping new players and kind of policing the systems, but I think our tax dollars can go further. Maybe hubs will need a consistent flow of income which will allow the hub to expand its border by purchasing other star systems. As the hub expands more money will have to go into maintenance and policing to ensure a safe pirate free transition through the hubs space. Units can also go into infrastructure creating richer systems which will turn higher profits on sales of commodities. Units can be invested into an NPC military defense force as well. This kind of gives a reason for players to continuously contribute to their hub. It also opens the gates for possible full scale wars like you mentioned and possible star ship production at a later date.

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I agree with @l2619 and @Nysn that its needed.

Also, I like the idea of the Hubs and all, but many of those in the hub don’t seem to like any change at all. I see how they like the game as-is and understand their viewpoint completely, but visiting other player’s farms and getting unlimited supplies for free to make millions, even billions per hour, is what “breaks the game” for me. I feel like I don’t deserve the things I got. Its too easy. And then, after having everything I want, thats it… thats basicly the end of having much more reason to farm or make credits at that point.

That’s just how I feel… It doesn’t mean that I want everyone else to feel the same as I do. It’s just my personal opinion.

Something else needs to drain our credits to create some sort of “balance”.

Lets face it, the majority of us have a few hundred million credits laying around not being used. I know I do. And I know its easy to get another hundred million.

So, fee’s to use highways and tax on using other peoples things would not change the game in a bad way. I think the mass majority of people wont even feel the difference much.

However, considering what we somewhat already know about the coming update, I think that in this coming update there will be more use for farming explosives now rather than just to sell them. I think they will be used in the new battleships(or so we think they are battleships). So this would be something that could deplete our income. There are many items we can craft and many of them have absolutely no use other than just to sell. So these MAY begin to have actual use in building, upgrading or repairing the new battleships in the future. And that may be the balance we needed.

The tax idea is cool, but forcing us to make a choice to either use the explosive device or sell the explosive device would help players not be billionairs so easily and to help billionairs to actually do something with thier credits.

(Edited for clarity)

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I’ll be making a new discussion on this, as the input was really good. Itll be a similar idea but more clear and consise, once I figure out how to add photos that is. Once I get it up this’ll be marked as closed. I feel like I didn’t explain my idea well enough, and it was too general. It’ll be up by tonight.


The new discussion is up. I’m new to the site but I think you can see my posts so check it. Thanks for the discussion on here, but I feel like I was too vague and off topic in my post. All in all trains in space are cool.

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