Do we need something like this?

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I disagree with this type of game jacking and meta-play approach. Yes its possible in the gameplay constraints and mechanisms and of course the psycho/sociopaths out there will exploit this and transfer their issues into the virtual game world/s to precipitate conflict and destructiom.

I just do not believe in being sucked into someone elses drama and hope CSD never stoops to that level.

By all means if this kind of negative meta gameplay appeals to anyone they should join in and delight in the mayhem , the multiverse is a big place in NMS and everyone (regardless of motive) is welcome.


As far as I remember, the Etarc Citizen Science Devision Residents of the Etarc Hub are a non-political but peaceful collective of cross-console NMS enthusiasts with no governing body beyond voluntary instigators.
It is unlikely there is a call for such a unifying policing force for our tiny hub nor is it likely it would be possible for us to accumulate an efficient number of volunteers to initiate such a strategy.
I’m also of the understanding that the majority of Etarcians are not interested in any PVP interaction.
That’s not to say a similar idea hasn’t crossed my mind but I’m of a (possibly mistaken) belief that we will not need such a militarised group, unless we choose too via an in game option & put ourselves in jeopardy.


I think this is needed.
We have to be vigilant and cautious when ever help is offered, sometimes the help is working with the problem causers. Also, There are some folks using popular ps4 communities to recruit potential rebels. They accumulate them by inviting multiple people into organized group chats. They then send full name friend requests… Do Not let them have any info about your real life, they will try and trick you into giving it to them. Some of these people play another game called DOX and its disgusting.
Another problem is that these ‘rebels’ will help ignorant people get rich quick, find cool locations, cool ships… except the process will involve the destruction of another players base or something else bad. The players asking for help may not even know what happened, or weather or not they did anything wrong. Those rebels are very sneaky.

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As far as an internal policing force goes? I don’t think we need it. We have very few (if any) rules, and as many people have pointed out, it is difficult/impossible to enforce said rules.

Now if we’re talking a self-defense force? I think it’s a good idea. I like to think of our Hub as a colony of scientists. Unfortunately, scientists make good targets for raiders :disappointed:

I have little interest in PVP, but I could be persuaded. If I found out one of my fellow Etarcians was in trouble, I’d be there in a heartbeat :wink:







I’m sure there will be no need for our own organised and dedicated defence force but my mind can’t help but plan for every potential outcome and eventuality.

I was merely pointing out that other Hubs are thinking and planning… just incase.

I strongly believe that PvP will not happen in a way that changes the way anyone plays the game.

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I think that it’s a good gesture. Though the extreme majority of NMS players do not have malicious intents, every game has its few trolls. And, even though fighting intergalactic wars is probably unlikely, having a group that could be on call is reassuring, even if they don’t see lots of action.

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I remember before the game launched I used to see a lot of people trying to make giant armies saying they were going to “own NMS”. It scared me a bit at the time as this was not what Sean Murray had been talking about at all during his interviews. Luckily the game released close to what I wanted rather than what others were talking about.

I hope stuff like this is relegated to a very small part of NMS


My thoughts exactly. Just a list of volunteers you could message if you happen to be attacked by griefers.

If you look at the interview, you can see stars in SM’s eyes when he’s talking about exploration, discoveries (he said “the game I like”) and only a poor smile when it’s about PvP “if you want to be that guy”.

So i have no worry with PvP, it will be totally optional and nothing will change for peacefull players (but coop of course :smiley: )


Ugh, disgusting, i hope not. If it turns out we need that after next, i’m out.

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Guys, gals , remember, Universe sized game here with planets as maps…That can be in 1-1 scale the size of Texas, and Alaska, combined. These planets and moons are so much bigger in Sq km compared to an ARK,Fortnite, or PUBG map, it’s insane. I think most here are thinking in terms of maps and predetermined game spaces in a conventional MP PVP game. Now enters NMS NEXT, i.e. NMS with PVP, even so,it isn’t H1Z1 or FN. Even if you somehow knew a player was in a system, which they might not even notify you in NEXT, how would you find their base/them in lets say, a 6 planet system with no way point or tracking device or something pointing you towards them?

Assuming HG doesnt feed trolls by having bases give off some form of beacon or something.

Only one way, by scouring the skies and the soils of each planet, Space Station, and whatever other space POI’s for all we know are added in NEXT, which would take hours…

So your average meanieface will have to:

• Drop $60 on NMS, ( cuz lets be real, no one here is a SOS type player I’d assume, so those PVP SOS KILL KILL KILL kinda players will likely be newcomers.)
• Gear up for at least 5-10 hours to get proper upgrades, money, resources, etc.
• Then somehow track down an unsuspecting player, somehow find their base or mode of operations. Even with portal addresses some bases can be 5 hours away on Nomad, so even if the address is handed to them on a silver platter, more effort will be needed from said hypothetical griefster.


A complete Universe Reset is probably coming like in Foundation as well, which’d mean The Hub will have to be reestablished,and all these locations and portal addresses will be meaningless to griefers, since they actually need to look for players.

All these things must work % 100 in griefers favor, when in fact NMS pretty much by design is anti grief with Real World Scale , as in Gigantic Unexplored Maps, no determined map size and memorable POISs like a DAYZ or PUBG where u can just spawn camp players, so insta griefing is kinda hard by default… Unless NEXT’s MP is No Mans Sky Battle Royale, which i dont see them doing.

All of this must go perfectly right for griefers…
All w hen Fortnite/PUBG is free/cheaper than NMS, are on both major consoles,Mobile, and PC.
And are designed directly for the kinda InstaKill PVP gameplay that grifers and stream snipers look for.
Tbh, i just dont see them infiltrating No Mans Sky.
I could be wrong though. Which then, i agree, we have a problem.


Something I have been thinking about: In-game hubs should have a “Wanted List” for people who are griefing and making life miserable for others in the hub. People on the wanted list will be shot on sight until they agree to stop griefing others. You know, like law enforcement always is on the frontier.


I was thinking that the “wanted” mechanic can actually help prevent certain “pirates” from being too ruthless without consequences also. Such as, if you get robbed or killed, you get a notification of who did it and you can report the player by adding his user ID to the galactic “Wanted board” and putting up a reward for his death and/or capture. If he does it to others, then other players can add to that bounty reward, thus, increasing the desire for others to want to hunt him/her down. Also, if someone is near the “wanted” pirate, anyone near will know about it. And the more your “wanted level” increases, the further away others can detect you in their galactic map.

Such as:
Level 1 - can be found from 500ly away.
Level 2 - 2,500ly away
Level 3 - 10,000ly away
Level 4 - 25,000ly away
Level 5 - 100,000ly away
Level 6 - 250,000ly away

Then, players can make a thing of this, hunting down pirates.

To be honest, I’ll totally be hooked to NMS even more if I can be a bounty hunter. That would be so much fun, finding and hunting these kind of people.

Edit: one more thing, the caught/killed pirate would have random upgrades on his ship and multitool removed similar to how the blackhole damages your ship, but instead, have random equipment removed entirely.


IMHO: The problem with police forces is… Who decides? Who are the outlaws, who are the citizens? What determines the two groups?

I say this because: In any organization, there will always be those who want to play both-sides-of-the-table. So when elements of a group go rogue but hide behind a “veneer-of-good” and get away with it, more people want to play the “bad boy” side. And the balance tips to Bad-Cops-With-Badges.

The gaming guild in which I belong, The Older Gamers, plans to be more Mining, Transport, Support in Star Citizen. But an element IS going Rogue…it is already planned. But within the guild, IF your rogue group starts actively attacking/disrupting the Normal Players of the Guild…You’ll be Kicked out of TOG as a whole…there are consequences to their actions within TOG. TOG plays 100s of games and has a membership base of over 30,000 world-wide.

Being kicked out of a small player-founded guild won’t be a big deal…in fact, it may be a badge-of-dishonor that many may try to attain! >.<



What are you talking about? I’m king of the mountain!! Don’t forget your place, wyrm!

Sorry I couldn’t resist but yes, that is very much the etarc ethos I know and love :slight_smile:

I think our lack of organisation is our greatest strength and has helped us be as productive as we are.

If we have an organised defence force, those involved could feel stress or pressure to be around and respond at all times and people requiring their services will only grow disdain should none of the anointed defenders be able to come to their aid.

With the way we are now, the “whoever is around that can help, but lie, no pressure I know you’re busy” mindset would serve this purpose very well.


I agree with your frontier approach. It is not that we need dedicated police forces, but the community can form a posse when there is threat to peace (griefer).


I’m hoping it’s a whole separate mode that both players would have to opt in. Or a separate galaxy is maybe even better. Either way, don’t make us explorers stop sharing bases or planet addresses just to avoid these types of people. That’s all I ask!


We could just call in some help

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs


Marshall Bravestarr

Or G Force